Hello one and all,

It has always been my policy to allow all comments, unfiltered, to appear on this blog. The only ones that have ever been deleted are those that have been obvious advertising or spam. I always liked the fact that my comments appear immediately on some blogs, rather than taking a few hours. Feels more like a conversation.

Unfortunately, the level of advertising and spam has reached unmanageable levels. Having spent the last two hours manually deleting 30 pieces of advertising from various old posts, I have regretfully decided to switch to an approvals system for comments.

I hope this does not affect your enjoyment of Permanent Style. My approvals policy will be the same as my deletion policy. All genuine comments are welcome. I am an explorer, a relative beginner, and always want to hear other people’s opinions and experiences.


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Kent Shaffer

It happens. I completely understand.

Thanks for bringing style to the masses.

Mr Brown

More than reasonable and balanced as ever.

In fact almost as balanced as the Just for Two meals at M&S. Yeah that’s right the essential nutrition and fibre for two from everyone’s favourite grocer.

It’s the few that spoil it for the whole a bit like that those supermarkets who don’t care about our future and still give plastic bags away.

Stuart Rose was talking about them… etc etc



It most certainly won’t! It might even improve it, at least when reading the comments.

As this is my first comment, I just have to compliment you for this excellent blog. It levels equally or even higher than the respected ASW. That might also be because my personal taste seems to be closer to you vs. Wills.

Keep up the good work!


A pity that this is necessary for such an enjoyable site.


Dear Simon Crompton

You shouldn’t appologize for anything- it’s your blog.

Keep up the good work!


Ryan Waggoner

I don’t know what capabilities Blogger has with regard to anti-spam, but a few things that have been tremendously useful on my various blogs include:

1. Akismet for spam filtering (tremendously useful and accurate)
2. Moderation required for 1st comment by a user, then unmoderated
3. Moderation required on posts older than 30 days
4. Moderation required if links contain certain words or more than 2 links

Stuff like this usually gets 99.9% of spam for us.