Davide Taub left Maurice Sedwell a few weeks ago to become senior cutter at Gieves & Hawkes. He replaces Kathryn Sargent, who left at the beginning of the year to set up on her own with a board over at Meyer & Mortimer.

I know Davide relatively well from various MTBA dinners; he is a man who says little but cuts with flair. That much should be obvious from his blog – there is a tendency there for sharp cuts, shape through the waist and real innovation. I’m a particular fan of the quilted bib.

It is Gieves’s stated aim to create an identifiable house cut and Davide is certainly the man for that. He is also known for fastidious tailoring, which will be a great strength for Gieves too. I very much look forward to seeing how Davide and Gieves develop over the next few years.

Davide knows Russell and Dan well from his days at Kashket’s – he was there from 2001-2004 before joining Maurice Sedwell, where he also won the Golden Shears in 2005. Davide was then director and assistant cutter at Edward Sexton from 2008, before becoming head cutter at Sedwell in 2010.

Davide was effectively running the show at Maurice Sedwell, so the change has brought back Andrew Ramroop from sunnier climes to take over more of the day-to-day business. Let’s hope he finds a strong replacement.

Davide won’t be going on the next Gieves trip to Chicago and New York for the Spring US trunk show (dates below) but will be in the future. The trip is a great opportunity to see Carreducker bespoke shoes too, which have been written about on this site before. Again, a distinctive style.

USA Trunk Show 2012 – Booking now
Carreducker bespoke shoes and Gieves & Hawkes bespoke tailoring
(along with made-to-measure shirts/suits and accessories)

March Monday 19th and Tuesday 20th
June Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th
October Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th

March Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd
June Thursday 7th and Friday 8th
November Thursday 1st and Friday 2nd