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First off, a quick update on the situation with the Robert Noble mill – as readers seemed quite interested in news of the closing down of the historic site in Peebles.

As suggested then, the Robert Noble name, designs and some staff (including sales head Alistair McDade and design head Elspeth Anderson) have been bought by Magee Weaving in Ireland. Magee is an old name (1866) for weaving in Donegal, and mostly weaves for the womenswear industry. Hopefully it should be a good fit. 

In other updates, thank you all for orders on the Tote Bag. Orders on this will close tomorrow, but can be made on the Globe-Trotter site now – here

We also have about 15 places left for the book launch of the Finest Menswear in the World, which is next Wednesday in the Royal Arcade, London. Cleverley have the whisky coming, A&S the food, and there will be books available to be bought and signed. Please do come along. 

Thanks all for pre-orders on the polo shirts. They should be ready in about two weeks’ time. 

And finally, someone asked recently about Permanent Style 2015 – the best-of-the-blog book we published earlier in the year. This is still available, and can be bought here. Remember that you can get local shipping in the US or UK (where I know most readers are); just make sure to select that as your country.