This is the first in a series of videos – made in conjunction with Richard Anderson – on maintaining, brushing and pressing a suit. 

[It’s worth enlarging to full screen if you want to watch it all]

They are practical guides to regular maintenance, each including discussion, a video demonstration, and narration by myself and Richard.

The first begins with a discussion of the main points of daily maintenance – hangers, steaming, dry cleaning – before going into detail on brushing down a suit, with a demonstration by Brian Lishak of approaches on a navy worsted, a corduroy and a cashmere coat.

Interestingly, the methods are often particular to the individual. Richard, for example, tends to brush strips of sellotape down the cloth, rather than picking off individual bits as Brian does. The latter is more precise, but more time consuming. 

Videos are pretty time-consuming to put together, but I hope the series will prove to be a useful resource. I’ve certainly changed a few things about how I look after my suits as a result, such as brushing cashmere two ways (against and then with the pile).  

The next two installments will look at pressing a jacket at home and pressing trousers. 

I am wearing:

(I would have worn Richard Anderson of course, but I think my tuxedo would have been a little too formal…)

With many thanks to Richard, Brian and Krishan. Film by Charlie Parish.