Simon Compton_4

Several readers asked what I was wearing in the video we produced recently for Begg & Co scarves. So here they are, one by one. 

In the jacket shots, above:

  • Navy cashmere jacket by Solito.
    • Not a great level of finish, but one of the most useful jackets I’ve ever commissioned. One to keep in the office. 
  • Blue spread-collar shirt by Luca Avitabile
    • Still my go-to-guy for shirts, and the spread collar style is what I wear most of time, give its ability to be worn with or without a tie, with a jacket or knitwear
  • Grey cashmere tie by Drake’s
    • One of the aims of the outfit here was to be a classic but unremarkable background, to enable the scarves to stand out. A grey wool tie, with blue shirt and navy jacket, creates just that. A nice everyday office combination
  • Coffee-coloured linen handkerchief by Paul Stuart, with white border
    • A slight variation on the classic white linen hank, adding a touch of personality
  • Pale-grey flannel trousers by Hardy Amies
    • As mentioned before, my favourite shade of flannel – probably even more useful than the classic mid-grey. The jacket effectively separates the grey tie from grey trousers. If I thought I’d be likely to take the jacket off regularly during the day, I might have swapped for a dark tie
  • Crocodile dark-brown shoes from Gaziano & Girling
    • I rarely wear exotic-leather shoes – these are my only pair. But the deep, deep brown of the leather prevents them being showy 
  • ‘Army’ green scarf from Begg & Co
    • As frequently mentioned, green is the third most important colour in male clothing after navy and grey. Given it hasn’t been used elsewhere, it makes a great accessory to the rest

Simon Compton_2

As above, with the addition of:

  • Cifonelli navy-cashmere overcoat
    • Previous shots of this wonderful overcoat didn’t show the lapels folded down. Here you can see the horizontal, great-coat style lapels, which prevent the points from poking into the chin when they are flipped up
  • Pale-brown gloves from Bill Amberg
    • I have three pairs of these, splurged on years ago when I finally found ready-made gloves that fit me well. Although not as well made as the Merola ones I now prefer, the colour of these is lovely (even if they do rather resemble an old banana poking out of my breast pocket, as one reader pointed out).
  • Grey and white reversible scarf from Begg & Co
    • A very formal colour of scarf, particularly in the brushed, ‘ripple’ style finish. But also quite versatile

brown shetland sweater and washed scarf (1)

Lastly, with the same flannels and shirt but adding:

  • Shetland crew-neck sweater from Anderson & Sheppard
    • My favourite knitwear at the moment. A bit rough to wear over a T-shirt, but lovely with a shirt and with a riot of colours in it
  • Grey washed ‘Kishorn’ scarf from Begg 
    • As mentioned in the video, a washed finish is a good way to make a scarf more casual, giving as it does a more uneven surface. Pattern is another