Special order of Friday Polos – including XS and XXL

Wednesday, June 28th 2017
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As promised during conversations around the last batch of Friday Polos, we are now offering special orders - for the next two weeks only, until July 12th. 

This is primarily to give readers that require an XS or XXL the opportunity to buy a Friday Polo. 

However, the offer is also available to anyone that would like to fill in their collection, with a polo they previously missed out on. 

Orders are open for long-sleeve or short-sleeve polos, in any size, in one of the following four colours

  • Navy
  • Green
  • Brown
  • White

We have to restrict it to these four colours as those are the only cloths available on order in small batches. 

Purchases should be made as normal through the Shop, stating size and colour in the Notes section.

We will collect everything together on July 13th and begin production. The polos should be complete within a further two weeks, and begin to be sent out to readers. 

As these are one-off orders, we cannot accept returns based on fit, so do please consider the measurements of the two new sizes carefully. They are:

XS (36cm neck)
  • Body length: 75cm
  • Chest: 100cm
  • Waist: 90cm
  • Yoke: 40cm
  • Sleeve length: 60cm

XXL (45cm neck)

  • Body length: 84cm (same as XL) 
  • Chest: 134cm 
  • Waist: 124cm
  • Yoke: 53cm
  • Sleeve length: 71cm (same as XL)

The polo shirts will also be slightly more expensive, given they are each one-off orders rather than bulk. 

The long-sleeved polos will be £175 and short-sleeved polos £170. 

Our next bulk batch of long-sleeved polos will be available in September. We will be introducing one or two interesting design developments, so keep your eyes peeled...

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man

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hey simon, between navy and green, which is the more versatile colour to choose to wear in winter (with tweed jackets, sleeveless cardigans and grey/cream flannel trousers) ?


I did send you an earlier post asking how a self appointed style expert could mix light gray with dark brown, but it obviously didn’t reach you first time, so here it is again.


Sorry no intention to be derogative but very surprised by such a color mix. Dark brown with stone, beige, sand, tan, tobacco or olive works easy to my eye, but surely not with pale gray.


Inspired by your polo I already order it from D’avino))).


Dear Simon, I have been reading your blog for some months now, as I am researching options for my next suit. I have come across the Cad and the Dandy, and am intrugued by their business model and price point. It appears you have not yet reviewed them. I am wondering if you have any thoughts on this tailor? Thank you.

Alexander Boyes

Hi Simon,

This may be a slightly odd question, but I recently purchased a Fedeli/Drake’s olive polo, and was curious if you could draw some comparisons/contrasts in terms of fit/structure? The buttoning is the biggest obvious difference, but I’ve found it’s not as versatile as I would have liked (I don’t feel it works under jacketing, for example).


Thanks for replying, Simon, your views on the Fedeli/Drake’s polo pretty much echo my own. I’ve been toying with purchasing one of your long-sleeved Friday polos in navy; the only thing keeping me from doing so was how much use I would get out of it. I typically restrict my use of polos to the brief periods I get away from the UK in warmer climates, but something that works well under an unstructured jacket would definitely be of use at the moment.


Hi Simon
Will you even make Italian cut polos that don’t require tucking in?


Hi Simon
My question should have been ‘will you ever’ not ‘even’.
Lacoste used to make nice shorter polis but no more. Not sure who still makes the shorter style.

Laurent Müller


Would you consider doing specific sleeve lengths as well or is this pushing it?

Best, Laurent


Hi Simon, well done on the Friday polo project! Marrying a closet staple with a well thought out re-engineering proposition of well-structured collar you end up with none other than a product much more versatile, and ultimate popularity. I am on my 3rd polo, and that’s a lot of Fridays! Quick question, What is your experience with gentle washing? What’s the shrink and fade like? And to what extent does the extremely soft material change, if at all.


It’s a good looking cut – especially like it in brown. As for a contributors ‘self appointed’ comment I know you are too grown up to worry about such a comment but worth pointing out that with 300, 000 regular readers, multiple books, articles and probably one of the widest contact books in the industry the title of ‘style expert’ has been well earnt – it’s an appointment made by the audience of readers and followers.


Hi Simon

Where can I see the Size Chart?
Thanks !!


Hi Simon,

A question on sizes: The XS looks larger than the S in both yoke and sleeve.. Is that right? I’m looking at these measurements for the S: Chest 102 Waist 92 Yoke 40 Sleeve 61 Body 75. The orginal four sizes (S, M, L, XL) should remain the same as before right?

Thanks for keeping up the conversations (and their quality) on the blog!



Thanks for checking Simon. In the end I’ve decided to sit this out as the proportions of chest/sleeve look too big/short for me.. Ah well..



The measurements for the sleeve length listed may be slightly long for me.

I was wondering if you know any good alteration company for shortening shirt sleeves? Is shortening the sleeves a big job? Do you know how much companies normally charge??A


Hi Simon,

Love your Friday Polos.
I have 4 colors of the long sleeves in medium.
Would I be the same size for the short sleeves version?


Excited to see the design developments in the next bulk run. Will it bring new colors as well?


If I may suggest a few colorways, it would be sand, plum, burgundy or powder blue (think A&S shawl collar cardigan). I do realize these colorways wouldn’t neccessarily go as well with tailoring, but they would be a very smart addition to the weekend or less formal offices.


Hi Simon,

I missed this the last time, was wondering if I can order XS for this and also the one piece polo…