Video: Sartoria Ciardi in conversation

Wednesday, March 21st 2018
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This is the film of our small presentation with Sartoria Ciardi a couple of weeks ago - at Mark's Club in London.

We had 25 readers in the audience, with Poppy Charles kindly translating, and the result was a nice, intimate-feeling event with the Ciardi brothers, Enzo and Roberto.

We cover everything from the childhoods and their father Renato, to how the Neapolitan shoulder originated, to Roberto's new electric-blue mohair suit.

Thank you to those that came, to Mark's Club for hosting us, and to the Ciardi brothers for their time.

There was a trunk show the next day, and the brothers will be back in June for fittings. Contact for them is [email protected]

I am wearing:

  • Sartoria Ciardi suit in VBC four-ply worsted
  • Luca Avitabile spread-collar shirt
  • Tom Ford silk houndstooth tie
  • Permanent Style pearl cufflinks
  • Anderson & Sheppard grey/white pocket handkerchief