How to polish shoes: Part 2, polish and mirror shine

Monday, October 22nd 2018
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As with the first in our shoe polishing videos, this film is more discursive than most, with context and analysis around both the talk and the demonstration.

Most videos on polishing just show one person doing what they do, and coming up with a great result. This is fine as it goes, but it doesn’t give any consideration to alternative methods (and importantly, whether they achieve anything different). Nor does it deal with questions or problems viewers might have.

To try and address this, these shoe-polishing tutorials are split into two halves: first an interview, where we discuss techniques, and then a demonstration of them in progress (and even that, with questions).

Hopefully this provides some broader perspective.

The downside to this approach is that the coverage is long, and it is therefore split it into two films: one on products, preparation and cream; and the other on applying polish and achieving a mirror shine.

The second is published here - the first was up last week and can be found here.

The techniques are demonstrated by Pete Bultitude of Gaziano & Girling, and so the points are a mix of our experiences.

Do ask questions in the comments here, or on YouTube.