The future of media and fashion: Handcut Radio interview

Friday, May 3rd 2019
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This was a very good talk. I don't mean to sound surprised - I wasn't - but it's worth stating plainly how good this podcast interview with Aleks Cvetkovic was.

It was fun - we laughed and said 'exactly!' a lot. But it was also substantive. Not too much about how I started (which everyone's heard by now) but about whether honest reviews have a place in fashion; about Aleks's experiences of working at menswear magazines; and about our aim for sustainability, not profit.

I want to do it all over again, but I'm not sure I can. At least until Season Two.

What does my average working week look like? Why am I writing about Margiela and Givenchy? What were Aleks's two beloved velvet jackets?

Hear it all in the podcast, embedded below.



Of course you can also hear the talk anywhere you get your podcasts, by searching for HandCut Radio.

This is episode 1 in Aleks's new podcast series, but he has actually release episodes 2 and 3 this week as well: with Isabel Ettedgui and a combined one with Tony Madsen-Sylvester and Scott Fraser.

I particularly recommend the second one. Neither are obvious people to get on a menswear series, but they're great value. Voices like theirs should be heard more.

Good luck to Aleks going forward, and I was honoured to be episode 1.

More on the HandCut Radio website here.