Someone has to come up with a realistic competitor to Amazon. You can’t help feeling this is incompetence born of market domination.

Le Snob: Tailoring, my first book, is available for pre-order on Amazon now. Apparently nothing actually changed on August 1, despite Amazon saying it was available and the publishers telling me the same. It is now officially released on October 1, but the first people will start receiving their copies from mid-September.

The German version is, however, available now. Usefully, Amazon does not mention which is the German version. The only way to tell is by the retail price (£10.64 rather than £8.99) or by using the Look Inside feature to see the pages.

Amazon regularly makes this kind of mistake. Apparently the emails sent to those who have already bought the book apologised for the error. Whatever that’s worth.

I thank you for your patience.

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I was able to purchase the English version at a store inside of Terminal 1 at Melbourne Airport in Australia; perhaps your readers should scour their local stores for availability?

Richard Ginsburg

Hi Simon,

I ordered your book last week from my local bookstore (also in Melbourne, Australia) and it arrived about 3 days later. I think its also currently available online at when I looked last – not sure if they ship outside Australia.

The book is fantastic! There’s a lot to be said for blogs and alternative media but paper pages are still hard to beat. This is especially true when the book is beautifully written, easy to read and most importantly has a vast amount of usable information and advice. Hopefully there will be more to come on shirts, shoes, casual wear…

Looking forward to the next one!


Any possibility of retailing directly through the blog? I would certainly pay to get my hands on a copy.


Hi Simon,

Anonymous has a good point. Next time I believe doing the retailing through your blog would be a great idea. To (Richard Ginsburg)thanks for the heads up. The site is called and its literally the only site that has the book available with free shipping worldwide! plus its at a better price than on Amazon. I had to cancel the Amazon order because the estimate of the book’s arrival would be in November when I ordered it early august.

So there you have it! FISHPONDWORLD.COM FOLKS!

All Best,

Simon Brown

Hello Simon,
I have to ask, given the subject of your blog. What on earth were you thinking of selling through Amazon? It’s like buying a suit from Asda.

I genuinely wouldn’t trade with either.

Selling via your blog, or somewhere like Foyles or Drakes would seem a better fit.

Good luck with the book and blog though.


hi simon,
i bought your book
Le Snob – Tailoring
Simon Crompton
order date: 30. April 2011
so to be honest, amazon isn´t so bad. and by the way, it´s a great book

Peter Holiman

Hello Simon!

Despite your trouble with Amazon, I would love to be able to download your book to my Kinde, or possibly my iPad. Is anything like that in the works?



I downloaded the book and amm happy

Ferdous A.

Fantastic book, Simon.
And thanks to the gentleman who pointed out

They still have stock and are far cheaper than amazon. Perfect gift sized books!! Looking forward to your upcoming offerings, Simon.

Goodluck and best wishes.