Advertise on Permanent Style

Many companies take advantage of Permanent Style's leading position in the classic menswear market to promote their products to the site's loyal and recurring readership. The site receives up to 340,000 page views a month, making it one of the biggest in this market worldwide, and the biggest outside the United States. 

Permanent Style works on a fixed-fee, display-advertising basis. All advertisers pay a monthly fee for their banner, with fees ranging from £200 to £500 a month depending on their position on the page. Companies cannot pay for editorial or for links in editorial. Payment is never per-click or per-sale. Permanent Style is a voice of authority online, and advertising on the site delivers many benefits to advertisers other than direct sales or traffic.

All advertisers have their places on the site fixed and guaranteed. Many have been partners of Permanent Style for more than five years. Any new advertiser must therefore start at the bottom of the list, although it will have the opportunity to move further up the list when any higher-ranked advertisers decide to leave. Such positions are allocated according to a waiting list. 

If you would like to inquire about advertising alternatives, it is possible to book places on the category pages ('Suits', 'Shoes' etc) and on our weekly newsletter. The latter can only be booked for a single month at at time.

While some advertisers use fixed images for their banners, most host the banner on a page of their own site that the advertisement can then reference, with appropriate HTML code. This enables the advertiser to change the banner whenever they wish. Many advertisers use this to promote specific offers or products to Permanent Style readers. Advertisers must give at least one full month's notice of a decision to cease advertising. 

Permanent Style also undertakes collaborations with brands to create unique accessories and menswear. In these cases ordering is through the site, and Permanent Style receives a commission on all sales.