Advertise on Permanent Style

Many companies take advantage of Permanent Style's leading position in the classic menswear market to promote their products to the site's loyal and recurring readership.

The site receives up to 650,000 page views a month, making it one of the biggest in this market worldwide. Some brands have been advertising for more than eight years, seeing consistent value from the exposure.

Permanent Style works on a fixed-fee, display-advertising basis. Companies cannot pay for editorial or for links in editorial. Payment is never per-click or per-sale.

Permanent Style is a voice of authority online, and advertising on the site delivers many benefits to advertisers other than direct sales or traffic. For more information on the readership, please download the Media Pack.

There are two main advertising options:


- Intended to give a brand continuous exposure over an extended period of time

- A 300x250 banner, which appears in the right-hand rail of the homepage and all article pages, alongside several other brands

- Once a brand begins advertising, their place in this rail is fixed and guaranteed

- Any new advertiser must start near the bottom of the list, but can move up when any higher-placed advertiser's term ends, which happens fairly regularly

- A waiting list is operated for brands interested in moving up

- Price from £350 to £650 a month depending on position

- Minimum three months, billed quarterly

- A leaderboard banner at the top of the site is also available, giving a brand sole exposure for a limited period of time - it can only be booked for one month. Cost is £1700 a month.


- As with the leaderboard banner, intended to give a brand sole exposure for a limited period of time

- A 600x120 banner, which appears at the top of the weekly newsletter

- Goes out every Thursday at 4pm GMT, to over 16,000 recipients

- All recipients have signed up individually and organically on the site over the past 10 years. No list building

- Cost is £400 or £500 a month, for four newsletters, depending on whether the top or bottom banner is chosen

- Brands can only buy one month at a time, allowing different brands the opportunity to have maximum exposure to the readership when they want

- Often used by brands around the launch of new collections, sales, or events such as trunk shows


To begin advertising, or inquire about availability on the newsletter, please contact [email protected].

An image for the advert is required (a JPEG file at twice the pixel size of the image, to deal with retina screens, so 600x500 for the website) plus a hyperlink for the image.

With website advertising, many brands choose to host the banner on a page of their own site, to enable them to update it whenever they want. Brands that update the image every two weeks usually have the greatest engagement.

To go with this option, please supply a URL of the page together with the hyperlink.

Advertisers must give at least one full month's notice of a decision to cease advertising.