The London pop-up, Autumn 2023

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We are, for better or worse, an itinerant retailer. The London PS pop-up is about to enter its 10th iteration, just after holding a second one in New York, but the format and location are changing.

This time we're back to just us, just PS products, for four days. We will be at 19 Savile Row, taking over the front of the shop currently occupied by New & Lingwood's 'Re:New' programme, from November 8th to 11th.

We will have all PS products on show, but as with recent London pop-ups (and New York) there will be no stock on site. Anyone can make a purchase there if they want, and get free shipping. But otherwise it's an opportunity to see everything in person, try everything on, and chat to us about any queries or questions.

There will be opening drinks, which are always fun, on the Wednesday, the 8th.

In the month leading up to the pop-up there will also be, as last year, all our winter outerwear (apart from the Drake's collab) available to try on at William Crabtree in Marylebone. So the Wax Walker, the Bridge Coat, the Donegals (light grey and navy) and the Reversible Suede (above).

Hopefully the two together will give everyone enough time to see everything, particularly given there's no longer any Private White store in London to try on those pieces.

Our new coat with Private White VC should be available by the time of the London pop-up, and whenever it lands it will also be at William Crabtree. Currently we're looking at the end of October (yarn only just arrived - over a month late).

The opening hours of the pop-up will be 11am to 7pm.

In other pop-up news, Colhay's will be holding their own pop-up from October 18th to December 6th, at 31 Cork Street. They're open Wednesday to Sunday, 11-5 opening times except for Sunday, 12-4:30.

Our pop-up in New York is from October 18-21, with Rubato, Taillour and Seiji McCarthy. All details here.

Let us know if you have any questions at all. Thanks

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Am I right in thinking you are about to launch a trouser? If so, will this be in stock?


Chino would be amazing, when would you release this?


Hi Simon. Have you ever thought about pushing publication time back from 9am? Go at 6/7 and people can read it on the train. There is also, in my experience, a pre-9am period at work where people tend to sit at their desk, have a coffee and ease into the day with a bit of surfing before switching to real work at the dot of 9.


Second this!


Though I think it would be pushing publication time forward, not back 😉


We have to wait patiently until Monday evening in New Zealand !


Totally agree with this, also helpful for people from other (European) timezones


Hi Simon,
Look forward to seeing you there in November.
All the best


What kind of collaboration will you have with Drake’s?


Hello Simon, I own your PWVC trench coat in olive. Would you say I can justify the new raincoat as well? Do you still like the trench coat?

Rui Lima

Hi Simon,
Will it be possible to try 2 different sizes from the same item, just to be sure which one fits better?


When will the William Crabtree pop up dates be? 🙂




Sorry, do you mean available on Thursday as well or only after Thursday? (Don’t want to be annoying but will be in town for a few days leaving late Thursday.) Thanks.


I’ll do that. Thank you.

Oliver Price

Hi Simon, I might have missed the news but what’s the collab with Drake’s?

Oliver Price

Thanks Simon – I’d assumed that was the new PWVC, but that must be the new overcoat I guess.


Hi Simon, I think the very slight confusion has arisen as I don’t believe (but may be wrongs) the raincoat was described as. collaboration, when you mentioned it in the preview.


Hey Simon,
just curious- any reason you collaborated with Drakes with the raincoat instead of sticking with PWVC?


All the best Simon and PS Team for the THE LONDON POP-UP, AUTUMN 2023 🥳

Nicolas Strömbäck

One of these days, I hope this coincides with one of my trips to London. By the way, are there any other ways to come feel and try the clothes when in town?


Hi Simon: I am not one to engage in secular beatification but your full sleeve navy blue knit is simply splendid. The material feels like cashmere, the attention to details is delightful and the collar “stands up” to the test of time reasonably well. For anyone who can afford this it is a no brainer.
I am curious though as the fabric for the short sleeve knit in black- ordered last season- was not quite the same even though based on the description i thought they would be alike. In fact the fabric appears to be substantially superior for the blue knit..
I would like to order the mid grey knit from last season but am wondering if the fabric will be similar to the short sleeve knit from last season or the one i recently ordered and received.


Thanks Simon for the clarification. To be clear, the short sleeve is also a great piece of clothing.


Hi Simon, any updates on when the oxford cloth will be back in stock? Thanks!


Great stuff – Simon, would you have the totes (black and brown) on show? Pretty keen to see in person!

david rl fan

any idea which time/days will be most/least busy and are you doing anything on the 11th for Poppy day?


Any idea on who will be at the pop up apart from the names mentioned? Is Rubato likely to join? Thanks!

Matt L

Always glad to hear that there are more of these. And the Colhay’s one as well.

As a side note, I’m always a little dissapointed to see the month-day format overtaking day-month in the UK.


Is there any chance that you could organise a pop-up with Private White VC? As far as I am aware, there is no retail stockist in London. Like PS merchandise, lots of potential customers like to try on PWVC garments before buying them.


That’s very disappointing. PWVC summer’s collection was very poor this year. e.g. only a few colours in t-shirts, polos, shirts and jersey. A lot of stock was discounted very heavily in the sale and the “archive” section. As a result, I snapped up a couple of ventile Harringtons for only £220 each. I can’t imagine the brand surviving for long on such slim margins.

Richard W

Hi Simon
Will you have the linen harrington in L and XL to try on?

Richard W

Thanks, Simon.
Hopefully I will be able to gauge if I need to drop down a size from trying on the XL

Praneet Kohli

Hi Simon, hope you are well!
I’ve been an avid reader of your posts and duly follow the Permanent Style page. I’m merely an enthusiasts on men’s fashion with a curiosity to learn more about sartorial style.
I wanted to enquire if the London pop-up event in November at Saville Row is open for all to visit or involves being part of an invite list.
I’d love to come visit and interact with fellow fashion enthusiasts. There by growing my knowledge of men’s fashion and being part of a successful autumn event.


Hi Simon apologies if that bas already been answered but do you have more visibility as to when the new winter coat will be released?


That almost coincides with my birthday…
Perhaps you don’t want to say yet – which would be completely reasonable – but any hint as to price?

Matt L

Hi Simon. Is the drinks even tomorrow running all day or is it at a certain time?


Hi Simon, I assume its normal to have slight colour variants between the black/cream donegal batches?
Reason I say this is I recently bought the ‘newer’ batch and the colour is lighter and more contrasting than the one my friend bought I believe a year ago.
The older batch is more darker in tone in the cream section of the herringbone where the newer batch is more of a white…
Just curious- which version, the lighter or the darker variant of the donegal would you pick and the most versatile?

I’ll try to take a pic to show the difference