Introducing: The Finest Polo

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This knitted polo we’re launching on the PS Shop today is in some ways just a short-sleeved version of the Dartmoor.

It has the same finest-in-the-world make (hence the name), the same reinforced collar, and the same top-end merino. It is also, it’s important to remember, a piece of knitwear, which has implications for cost and care.

But actually I think it’s more significant than that. It is a truly smart polo shirt that’s incredibly cool in hot weather – and I know so many readers that will benefit from that. 

Dressing elegantly in the heat is never easy, but wear the polo with a pair of crisp linen trousers and loafers - with the option of an overshirt or jacket over the top - and it’s hard to imagine something more relaxed yet elegant.

The most important thing for me about the polo was that it had to be a high-twist merino.

I’ve worn various knitted polos over the years, and never particularly liked the normal options of cotton or silk/cashmere.

Cotton is intuitive, but actually as a knitted polo it tends to be soft and surprisingly warm. Almost cloying. It’s not particularly cool and can lose shape easily.

Silk/cashmere is normally the luxe option, and it does feel lovely. The problem is it’s not that cool, as cashmere is so warm. And the silk tends to add a sheen to the polo that I don’t necessarily want.

A high-twist merino, however, can be knitted openly enough to let through more air than any other fibre (which is the real problem with cotton). It also has a nice dry touch, and keeps its shape well.

The effect is similar to high-twist trousers, which sartorialists will appreciate. With the difference that a polo can use a finer, lighter wool than trousers, so there’s no trade off with texture.

Wool is also, of course, more odour resistant than cotton and dries quicker – both helpful properties in the heat. Combine that with the way it holds a smooth shape, and it’s fair to say high-twist merino ‘performs’ better.   

The only potential disadvantage is care. You can’t chuck it in the washing machine with a bunch of T-shirts – it needs its own delicate cycle. But actually, that’s the case with anything fully fashioned like this, even in cotton.

Design-wise, the thing that stands out most is the collar.

The Dartmoor has proved popular with readers that like a slightly higher, more structured collar. More similar to a shirt, and better under tailoring.

But if anything, the situation with polos is worse than with jumpers or sweatshirts. All knitted polos seem to be made with super-soft, small floppy collars. Which is looks relaxed, and is great if you want something to wear with shorts to the beach; but it’s not an effective partner for tailored trousers.

Last year I wrote a piece about my core Summer wardrobe, which included a navy ‘Adrian’ polo from John Smedley. I like lots of things about that model, but as readers quickly pointed out, the collar is quite unflattering – small and collapsing around the neck.

The PS Finest Polo is very different. Tall at the back like the Dartmoor, sitting proud above the collar of a jacket, and with a generous point (7cm) that perhaps has more in common with the Smedley Isis than the Adrian.

That point is slightly different to the Dartmoor, as I expected it to be worn on its own more often, without a jacket. It’s more rounded, less spread, and has slightly shorter points. For me, the result the perfect mid-point between tiny high-street polos, and the very large, vintage-inspired collars on some classic menswear ones. 

Not too big, not too small. Like so many things we try to design for PS, something distinctive but with only quiet charm. 

The body of the polo is cut slim - like the Dartmoor - and so it’s worth checking the measurements against a polo you already own. You might want to size up if you like a more generous fit.

The sleeve is also a mid-point between contemporary and vintage styles, sitting just over halfway down the arm. The ribbing also causes it to ride up a little when worn, which to my eye is quite flattering.

The ribbing on the body is larger than most (7cm), again like the Dartmoor, making it look that little bit squarer, widening the shoulders, lengthening the legs and so on. This is something most classic-menswear brands seem to do now, whether The Anthology, Bryceland’s or Colhay’s, which is great. It’s a small difference but a noticeable one.

A brief word should be said on the quality of the make.

The Finest Polo is made by Umbria Verde in Italy, who also make for the best designer brands. They are simply the best in class, as can be seen by any examination of the details of the construction.

We’ve gone into this before, on pieces about the Dartmoor and the Finest Cardigan, and all the same elements are present on the Finest Polo. The smaller excess in the seams, the smoothness of the fashioning, the placket sewn in the same direction as the body. They’re all tiny things, but they are the reason the polo feels so different when you feel it and wear it.

If you’re interested in illustrations of those points, have a look at the bottom of the two previous launches, Dartmoor here and Finest Cardigan here

PS products always aim to be the absolute finest quality there is. That means they won’t be affordable to many, but then it’s never possible to cater to everyone. This is our niche: offering elegant clothing that compliments tailoring, made at the same quality as designer brands but rather lower prices. (A similar make to the Dartmoor sells for over £600 elsewhere.) 

The Finest Polo is offered in navy and cream. These, for me, are the most versatile colours in knitted polos like this: navy goes with every colour of pale trouser, cream with every dark trouser.

I particularly enjoy the navy with the white or natural-coloured linen trousers I wear a lot in the Summer (such as the Casatlantic pair pictured higher up). And the cream with many colours of sports jacket as well as with trousers in olive, dark-brown or black (shown with olive-linen shorts from Anderson & Sheppard).

In the other outfit I’m also wearing the navy with a seersucker suit from Dalcuore, a combination which feels wonderfully fresh. It also shows how nicely the collar sits under the jacket. 

Interestingly, I found with that outfit that both brown and black Sagans looked good, with the black just a little smarter and perhaps edgier. 

Above, you can see the cream polo with the brown-linen trousers from my Sexton suit. 

Interestingly, this is one of my favourite colour combinations - cream, brown and black - but whereas last Winter I showed it in flannel, cashmere and cordovan, this Summer it’s linen, merino and cotton. 

The shot below is also good at demonstrating how nice a brown suede blouson or overshirt is with the cream polo. That one is a very lightweight, unlined model from Rifugio


This is not a regular cotton-piqué polo shirt. It cannot be chucked in the washing machine and tumble dried. It is more akin to a fine dress shirt, which needs that bit more care and attention.

The Finest Polo can be washed in a washing machine. But, as with all knitwear, only on a delicate/wool setting. This will usually have the lowest level of spin, 30-degree heat, and minimal agitation during the cycle.

You can also put the knit into a shirt bag or string bag, as is often used for delicates. But this is less of an issue than with heavier knitwear. Wool detergent is the same: nice, but not required.

This also goes for drying. You can dry it flat on a rack, as is usually recommended for knitwear to avoid it stretching. But actually it’s so light that you can drape it over a washing line or wherever you hang your shirts. I’ve done that with my Smedley polos for years and it works fine. 

If the body is a little wrinkly after drying, or the collar a little out of shape, iron it lightly with a cloth on top. I don’t always bother to do so though, given the wrinkles quickly ease out as you wear it.

One other advantage - unlike a cotton shirt, I find I can wear this polo for at least two days before it needs washing. Perhaps not in the hottest and sweatiest of weather, but it never takes on odour in the same way as cotton.


  • The Finest Polo is available on the PS Shop now here, priced £185 (plus VAT). Remember, it’s fine merino knitwear, just with shorter arms - not a cut-and-sew cotton polo. 
  • It’s available in navy and cream. The cream is cool, more ecru not yellow. 
  • It is made in fine high-twist merino wool, by Umbria Verde in Italy, and distributed from the UK. 
  • As with all PS products, we offer free returns and exchanges, so feel free to take two sizes to check the fit, and return one.
  • Shipping is charged transparently, at the cost of the courier, rather than being built into the price. 
  • The polo fits slim. The best way to tell which is right size for you is to compare the measurements to a polo you already own. Please do so. 
  • In the pictures I am wearing a Medium. 


Size S M L XL
Length 65cm 67 69 71
Chest 48 50 52 54
Shoulders 38 39 40 41
Bottom width above rib 43 45 47 49
Sleeve length 25.5 26.5 27.5 29
Bicep 16 17 18 19

Photography: Alex Natt @adnatt 

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How would you say the collar compares to your RTW shirts? I bought one of these and found the collar way too high and big for me. Worried that I might get the same issue here…


Hi Simon,

Interesting product, thank you. Two quick questions.

1. Is the long sleeved Dartmoor also using this high twist merino ? Or is it somewhat chunkier and therefore warmer?

2. Why is cotton so popular for these summer knits instead of wool?
At the higher end like Smedley it can’t just be cost because they do offer merino polos that are long sleeved (or even short on their easy fit). Has cotton knitwear no advantages over wool?


Excellent thanks for the reply Simon.

So if the Dartmoor is not high twist does this mean that the finest polo holds its shape better?


Great addition Simon! Just ordered mine in cream from South Korea! Very much looking forward to receiving it and compare it with Colhay’s new polo shirt.


Hi Simon,

In what ways would you say that Colhays’ polo is more sporty and less dressy?

Also, is this merino also from LP as the Dartmoor’s? Thanks!


Sorry for the silly question – but the numbers in the sizing chart are for the shirt lying flat on a surface?


Hi Simon, these look great. Do you find that the open weave allows chest hair to poke through? I found this to be a problem with the lightweight Friday polo. Thanks


HI Simon!

Great product and perfectly timed, as I was searching for t polo shirt option to purchase and was never too satisfied with the option and when I was, they didn’t have my size. Almost certain that I will acquire one of each color. My biggest worry with Colhay was the warmth (since it is cashmere and silk) and other options (Piacenza) could be too warm

3 style questions
What’s would be the style comparisons of this polo to the ones offered by Colhay, Liverano&Liverano and Piacenza? All 3 appears to be somewhat similar (longer colors, larger ribbing on both the body and the sleeves) but I didn’t have the opportunity to hold any personally.
The other question is regarding colors. While I think these 2 are perfect inital additions, what is your opinion on short sleeve polo shirts in other colors, such as brown, white, and black?
Last, what is your opinion on some texture in the short sleeve polo? Liverano and Piacenza offer polo with a waffle/rice texture which look really nice

Thabk you again for the product and in advance for the answer!


Hi Simon – dark brown would be really nice in this. In the meantime – here’s hoping for a restock of the navy (S or M)!…

Tommy Mack

Interesting that merino wears cooler than knitted cotton. I’ve always shied away from s/s wool knits because I couldn’t wrap my head round wanting to wear wool in short-sleeves weather but perhaps I should reconsider!


Hi Simon,

Just wanted to know where the navy seersucker suit is from and if there was a write up on it?



Hi Simon – would you consider making a writeup on the seersucker suit? It is a very interesting piece


Could i second having a write up of the suit. Looks great. From the picture, not clear if it is all one homogenous blue or a combination of darker and lighter blue stripes. Also would be great on how the fabric drapes and how much padding is needed.


Thanks Simon. Meanwhile would you mind posting some details here? Like the exact fabric from Caccipoli, and any advice you have on having a suit like this made. I am thinking of having one made, and might be before you get around to writing a full article. Apologies if this is a bother.


Simon, thank you for engaging on this, I appreciate it. One question I have is on the level of color contrast among the stripes. Particularly since with a fabric like this I find it difficult to visualize from the swatch how it would look on a full suit.
Here is something with medium contrast:
Here is something with even less contrast:
Or I could choose a fabric with a single navy color (so no stripes in different tone of navy) but a seersucker weave. I cant find one on line, but I am sure I have seen it in some bunches.
My worry with stripes is that too much contrast might end up looking garish on a full suit. On the other hand, I am less familiar with seersucker without stripes and how it will look.
Does the one you had made have contrast of two different points of navy blue in the stripes?
Hope this makes some sense to you.
Agree on the make, light Neapolitan is what I normally wear anyway, and in this fabric it makes the most sense to me.


Beautiful piece! Congratulations.

May I ask – would you wear the polo with wool trousers (high twist, fresco, etc.)?


Hi Simon, bravo for bringing out a short sleeve merino polo and with a proper collar.

The approach of warmer weather is usually accopanied by a deluge of short sleeve polos releases but with tiny collars and, even then, rarely in wool.


Hello Simon, nice summer addition, thanks.
Regarding sizing, I’m wearing M size Smedley Adrian, should I go up to the L, or is that similar. Thanks


Apologies Simon, not sure how to reply to my previous comment. Do you recall what merchant/book the seersucker is from? It looks like a very nice fabric.

Also, would you ever recommend doing an unstructured jacket in seer sucker?

Ben R

I would also be interested in the swatch number or book for the seersucker.



I still have some reservations about non cotton polos. Even with maximum care when washing them (after every wear), I can’t help thinking about how they will look after, say 25 or 50 washing/drying cycles… I still wear my Lacoste polos after more than 20 years and they still remain very wearable… Fine wools, merino, cashmere, etc should not be used for pieces of garment which need to be washed after every wear.


Hallo Simon,

does high twist mean it is a little bit scratchy (like trousers in high twist wool sometimes are)? I am asking because I have problems wearing wool on my skin.




Looks lovely but 71cm is a bit too short for my body length (I am 6’4″).


You did a XXL on the navy Dartmoor I believe which was 73cm long.

Anyway, I appreciate it’s not economic to cater for the extremes.


Just brilliant. Thank you. Ever since your article on the best knitwear colors under tailoring (, I’ve been wanting to do a warm-weather version of your outfit with the cold brown jacket, cream knit polo, grey trouser, and black suede loafers. Such a great look that feels fresh, interesting, and classic all at once. Putting that look together was basically impossible before this release, so thanks!

By the way, I’m assuming these can also be dry cleaned, right?

James Gomis

Just ordered! Excited to try a Dartmoor inspired knit in cream. Still thinking about a long sleeve version? I don’t see any mention on the fineness of the wool (IE microns). Don’t think it particularly matters too much but just curious!

Andrew Poupart

Good-looking short. Alas, I cannot wear wool next to my skin on my upper body, so this shirt is not for me. I also agree with your comments about the collars on Smedley’s Adrian. Indeed, I have become disappointed with Smedley for many things over the past couple of years. The quality and design just aren’t there.



Smedley have recently been given a Royal Warrant as knitwear supplier to HRH

R Abbott

Congratulations on what looks like an outstanding product. The design looks fantastic and I love the color choices.

The main thing putting me off is I’m not sure exactly how they would fit in my wardrobe in terms of day-to-day use. Typically, I’m playing with the kids, I will put on a cotton polo that is of good quality but nothing super fancy due to the expectation that it will get dirty, muddy, etc. It needs to be something that I can just toss in the washing machine. So I wouldn’t wear a premium quality knit merino polo under those circumstances. Conversely, if it’s hot outside and I want something dressier than my standard cotton polo, I typically put on a long sleeved linen shirt. The long sleeves have the practical benefit of protecting against the sun and also look slightly dressier than short sleeves. I never wear short sleeve shirts; if it’s hot I usually wear a long sleeved shirt and roll it up as needed. Believe it or not, I only have a single short-sleeved shirt in my wardrobe – a blue and white seersucker.

What’s your practice in this regard? I’m not aware of any picture of you on this website wearing a short-sleeved shirt, so I assume you probably don’t wear them. For what type of occasion would you choose to wear a short sleeved shirt versus a premium short sleeved polo versus a long-sleeved linen shirt?

This polo, in particular, looks to dressy to go with jeans or shorts so I take it would be an alternative to a shirt.

Thanks as always for your thoughtful comments.


Is untucked the same as tucked out?

R Abbott

Having thought of it, this polo seems like the ideal travel companion. Having something that is wrinkle resistant and can be worn multiple times is very handy when traveling. I can imagine wearing this on a trip to the Mediterranean. The polo allows you to stay comfortable yet dressy when its hot outside, and then when you step into a medieval church, the temperature-regulating properties of the will help prevent you from getting a chill.

How did you find this under the seersucker sports coat? What do you think about wearing shirt sleeves under a jacket?


Hi Simon,
I have a Weekend wardrobe clothing mostly and I am looking to add some pieces for Summer so I guess this polo shirts could work in such wardrobe. For size, I have an 106 cm chest size but don’t have a wool polo shirt to measure against ,only the Friday polo in size M which is rather tight but OK ,L could be better I guess.
And style wise , since this PS polo shirts can be worn with smart things such as tailored cotton or linen trousers do you think they could work with this shorts from PrivateWhite
And one more thing please, can the Ripley shirt from PWC be worn not only with tailored cotton trousers or linen but also with the above mentioned shorts?

Thank you Simon!


Hi Simon,
Just checked some pique polo shirts and they have at chest 100cm so I guess I would try XL however they are not in stock anymore. So quickly they sold out. Any news regarding new stock on them?


I had actually just purchased 2 merino short sleeve polos from John Henric, as I have indeed found my few light merino pieces do be doing double duty this year (great temperature regulation, can wear over short sleeved tops as they don’t itch), and was thinking a short sleeved version could probably prolong the streak even more. They are ribbed though, I really liked that detail as I had originally seen from Pini Parma (at slightly more).
Ofc, the finishing is probably nowhere as good as Umbria Verde, and in both case the collar does not stand tall as yours, which sadly brands don’t seem to care or know how to do.

On that note, I also went on a similar long search as you did to find polos that would work under knitwear, meaning with a shirt-like collar, although at a much, much smaller price point than your choice (the Armoury), to wear casually. And while I have found some, they don’t come in merino.
Have you tried the piquet one-piece collared ones from Yeossal though? They do look great, though I hate buying outside EU due to heavy taxes, and they’re not cheap either (for my budget, not yours).


I’m sure you aim higher than my pieces, but not even Yeossal? Even Hugo from Parisian Gentleman/Sartorial Talks liked them, so much so that he launched a collaboration with them on a light cashmere mockneck which also looked tempting.
Quality of make aside, I’m in love with that collar and wished more brands would do it. I’m tempted to ask a shirtmaker I know, but given that he has not mentioned it in the collar choices, I guess the answer is going to be no, (and even if it’s yes, I might not like his attempt.)

But no I didn’t mean to wear merino polos under knitwear really, but the same principle would apply with casual jackets, and actually, tbh, I just don’t like the typical ribbed collars of high street polos at all, even when worn alone.


I don’t doubt that the majority of your readership are on top of their personal fitness regimens as I guess being trim goes hand in hand with wanting to dress well… there are a minority of us that for a variety of reasons may be less than body perfect and it’d be nice if occasionally your offering were wearable by the more rotund reader.


I would second that, definitely. I was hoping, but the finest polo was not to be for me. I think I worked out that the XL measurements would equate to something like a 42” chest – a measurement I haven’t been anywhere close to since my late teens, and a good 6” too small for me now. I’m most unlikely to shrink sufficiently to get into one…

Simon did mention, back when the Dartmoor was produced, that it was being made in an XXL as an experiment to see if there was sufficient demand; sadly even the XXL Dartmoor was on the small side for the larger gent and it does appear that the experiment did not bear fruit.


Great article as ever. You mention a bag for the washing machine – any brand you would recommend in particular (both for woolens and shirts)?


Absolutely love the construction, the collar is perfect. But I just find the sleeve length especially in the off white to make the whole garment look a bit ‘old man-ish’.


Hi Simon
Is the fit the same as the short sleeved Friday polo? Would you order the same size?


I see the XL size has already sold out in both colors. Will there be a restock any time soon?

Tony H

Hi Simon – I’ve got a question about care that’s a bit down in the weeds.

What do you do with a shirt like this when it’s been worn but you’re going to wear it again before washing?

I tend to air everything I’m going to wear again for a day or two (or a week or two if I’m being honest about how often I do my chores), then give them a once over with a garment steamer before I put them away (mostly to prevent moths and reduce the bacteria that cause odour).

Do you do something similar with these polos, or do you have a less involved method of caring for things when you’re going to wear them multiple times between washes?

Samir Mehta

Is this merino cool enough for Indian weather , which is hot and humid

Neil Tang

Hi Simon,

Congratulations on this latest release! How do you think this polo would do/wear in a hot and humid setting? Based on the pictures I see, it doesn’t look like you’re wearing a vest/singlet underneath the polo as well. Thanks.

Samir Mehta

I have a polo in merino from king and tuckfield ( same as yours )
But in the summer here in Mumbai it’s not comfortable
How does yours compare with this one

Samir Mehta



Hi Simon,

Thanks for coming up with this wonder new polo! Does merino wool stretch like cotton piqué?
I wear size S in your Friday Polo. From the measurements shown above, the chest measurement for this merino wool is only 48 for size S but your cotton pique Friday Polo chest size S measurement is 51.5. I worry if I order this merino wool polo in size M, the fit will be too loose given I only wear size S in your Friday polo.

Please kindly guide me. Thanks!


If size S worked well for the Dartmoor, do you recommend ordering the same size for the Finest Polo? My concern is that size S in the Dartmoor had a chest size of 50 while size S in the Finest Polo has a chest size of 48, so I’m wondering if I should size up in the Finest Polo.


Great product, as always! Shame all large sizes are gone already 🙁


Cream already sold out in size L! Are you
expecting more???

Jamie Berry

When will you re-stock?

Juan Manuel

Interesting indeed… I must reconsider my not wearing merino in the summer! Other than suits, I mean…

A little off topic if you don’t mind… What watch are you wearing in the pics, please?

Keep up the good work!

Juan Manuel

Thank you. I thought it was, but the (apparently) fading bezel colour made me think otherwise. Beautiful vintage look indeed.


Great stuff Simon, immediately ordered one. If the collar is anything like the Dartmoore, it doesn’t work under tailoring for me – way too soft and floppy still – but excellent as a single layer. Can’t wait to try it (and would already use this opportunity to express in an interest in chocolate brown or charcoal)!


Hey Simon – would appreciate if you restock the XLs if you are able to this summer


Congratulations Simon on unveiling what looks like another PS classic. Don’t know where you get the energy in A period that has drained so many, including me, of inspiration and energy to create (*Hint: a post on where you get your motivation/creativity could help many PS readers and wannabe entrepreneurs like me). Back to the new polo, can it be hand washed? You’ve also styled it with a jacket, is it comfortable to wear anything short-sleeved under jackets? I also observed you have not tucked it inside your trouser … is this a faux-pas with this style of polo since it’s ribbed at the bottom? I always feel underdressed if I don’t tuck my tops into my trouser, with a few exceptions. So my simple question is whether: To Tuck in … or not to tuck in.


Wow, they sold quick! Well done Simon


Has it sold out already?! I was in the process of double checking my Smedley’s measurements… Simon, are you planning a second run this year?


Hi Simon – how do you feel about wearing short sleeves under a tailored jacket? Clearly you did with your seersucker suit. I imagine you wouldn’t be caught dead in a short sleeve dress shirt, but a polo is different because it is less smart? Thanks


Lots of interest in the seersucker suit, would love to see the full shot if there is any.
(also the comment wont let me post my name as ‘ZO’ saying incorrect format..?)

Juan H

While it is obvious from the single-day sell out that these Finest Polos need no endorsement, I am here to tell anyone who’s on the fence about getting one on the next run: do not wait. Buy it as soon as it becomes available and inevitably sells out again. The polo is indeed the finest I’ve ever seen, not only in make (which I was expecting, already owning the two Dartmoor variants) but also in the material. This high twist merino is just outstanding. I have owned several knit cotton polos, from Smedley and others, and none of them, not even some that are much more expensive than Simon’s, can hold a candle to the high twist merino. It has the almost magical property of draping like liquid metal, yet it remains unsurpassably cool. As if that were not enough, the collar is outstanding – it sits prouder than even the Dartmoor’s and, while it will seldom be used under a tailored jacket, it works better then that the Dartmoor’s and any other knit I have seen. The collar points do not have the Dartmoor’s tendency to get too spread out if not under a jacket. It really is the perfect collar for such a polo.
Please, Simon, keep these polos coming. Other colors in the future would be greatly appreciated – mid grey, black, dark brown. I cannot think of another piece of clothing that I want multiples of with such intensity. It is just the perfect knit polo.
On a side note, would you ever consider doing a long sleeve version of this for cooler weather? I appreciate of course that the Dartmoor fills that gap, but this high twist just hangs off so beautifully, and the collar is such an improvement over what was already a great design, that if this came in long sleeves I probably would not wear anything else.
Great job.

Tall Chap

Just doing some lobbying for an XXL: I am 6f6, an the XL is on the small side. Hope more potential buyers join the lobby thread, making this economically viable.

Il Pennacchio

I concur; I’m 5’6″ and require a 57~58cm chest.


Spurred by the sellout of these, I took a chance on the Dartmoor polo (the only real risk in this regard being sleeve length), and I’m absolutely thrilled with it. The collar is stunning, with just enough structure and a notable increase in point length compared to the current status quo. Also the slim cut is striking, again for how uncommon this is elsewhere. I now look forward to a restock of these summer polos too, as I am in no doubt that the PS knits are best in class.

And if I might make a request, bottle green and brown Dartmoor polos would be irresistible additions.


Dear Simon,
A question on knitwear, actually help finding a piece I’m looking for but don’t know if it exists in the market.
I’d like a long-sleeve cardigan, light- to mid-weight merino (wrinkle-resisting), a tiny bit silky (wet) looking, cut straight rather than slim in the body and not too tight in the sleeves, a bit longer in the body (below the waist, e.g. covering half the side pocket on trousers), with ribbing at the ends of sleeves and bottom. The closest thing I could find, but not the maker, is worn by, wait for it, the Queen! It can be seen here in a photo of her meeting her great-grandchild Archie:
The main difference is I’d like mine with a classic V-opening and slightly larger buttons. The colour I’d love the same or bottle-green.
Any tips on where to look?


Hi Simon,
I’ve been wearing my Smedley merino polo directly against the skin to see how fine merino works in summer. I wondered if the same logic couldn’t be applied to fine merino socks? If merino is so good at regulating temperature wouldn’t it make sense to wear wool socks all year round?


Hi Simon,
I saw there was a new stock of polo shirts but again I didn’t even had the chance to order because it was sold already. I was on the waiting list but didn’t get any info.
Any plans for a restock?
Thank you!


Hi Simon,
What do you think of the Trunk short sleeve polo shirt Moxton?


Hi Simon,
What do you think about the Colhays merino T shirt ?


Hi Simon,
What is the make and model of the shoes worn in the first picture?


Hi Simon, just a quick follow-up question on the Sagan Grand: Is it dark brown or ash brown? Thank you, André


Hi Simon,
Do you think that this polo could be worn with jeans or would you say that it was too smart for them, a smart pair from say Levis Lot 1 or BLA?


Hi Simon,

Have you noticed any stretch in the merino ever since you’ve been wearing this? Judging by the last two photos, it looks fairly snug on your chest which makes me think I should stick with a size L given my chest measures at about 108cm in circumference. I’m asking as I’m on the waiting list for a Large one but am a bit worried that it might be too long in the body and sleeves hence was considering sizing down – in case the wool stretches with wear.


Hi Simon, I just received polos from the recent restock and I think they are great, so good job! In terms of size, I am sort of in between M and L, M is a little too tight I believe. I think about keeping the polo in L and have it altered by a tailor. Do you think a good tailor could do that? Thank you!


Thank you, Simon, just one follow up: You think that sleeve length and biceps could be adjusted slightly though by a tailor? Thank you


Hi Simon,

I know I’m too late to buy these beautiful polos.
My size is sold out again.
Is there any chance you will be restocking cream colour in small size?

Best Regards,


Hi Simon,
The description of the Dartmoor mentions that the placket is lightly fused. Idem for the finest polo?
By the way, is the collar also fused. You mention that it is more similar to a shirt collar.


Hi Simon
Those Polos really look awesome. I mostly have the same issue though with high quality Polos, which is the sleeve. I‘m quite muscular and the sleeves usually stop right on my biceps which i personally find firstly quite uncomfortable and secondly looks suboptimal. Would you consider to maybe try a shorter sleeve version of the polo – i’d buy one in a hearbeat, or would you have a suggestion where i could find a really high quality polo that would have short sleeves. I found with t shirts that the optimal position for comfort is when the sleeves are elastic and stop right in the gap between shoulder and triceps.


Would buttons on the corner of collar of a polo look good?


I just received my navy sized L, and it’s precisely as advertised. Cool-wearing and smart but relaxed, and the collar is great (perfectly proportioned, with the right structure for wear with a tailored jacket). Will you be offering any additional colors, other than cream, in the future?


Hi Simon, is this high-twist wool suitable for hot and humid weather, such as above 30-celcius days or maybe a tropical vacation?


Hi, Simon! In terms of styling these, I think they both would go wonderfully with mid-blue jeans, preferably distressed a bit from age. Both colours are distant enough to work well. And I think it would be a neat and subtle high-low dressing exercise. Plus dark brown suede loafers. What do you think?


Hi Simon, if I mostly wear navy, dark brown and grey sports jackets, which colour would you recommend I get from the polos? In other words, which one do you think would be the most versatile colour for me?

Many thanks,


Thanks, Simon. I like cream, but I also enjoy wearing beige/stone chinos during spring and summer. Would it work with this as well?


Hi Simon, I was wondering whether you have any plans to restock cream and navy in size small before summer?
Many thanks,


Thanks, Simon. I went to Anderson&Sheppards to try their short sleeves knitted polo for an alternative option. However, the collar surprisingly didn’t stand well. Emily would let the factory know regarding this issue, but I wondered what could cause this?


I meant the collar lost its shape(flopped) as if I was wearing a crew/v-neck if I exaggerate a bit.

trung nam le

Hello Simon,

I was wondering if the Finest Polo cloth is still make of Loro Piana merino wool, similar to The Dartmoor?
I was interested in Navy size L but unfortunately sold out. Is there a upcoming restock of the polo, and in the very specific sizing and color?

Thank you


hi simon have you tried the polos by perro? (

Looks like they also have a structured collar despite being knit wear.


Please do a review of it!


By the way simon did you get a large or x large for the perro polo?

Ben R

Are the PS Shorts too casual to pair with the Finest Polo? Perhaps the navy with the side tabs would be smart enough.

But as you have mentioned having belt loops vs side tabs on more trousers of late, how do you find the knitted polos and Dartmoor type knits work with belts/belt buckles?


How does the sizing compare with the Friday polo? Does the wool make it more stretchy than the cotton polo? The cotton polo size small is a touch tight in the chest but So I would ordinarily go medium. But Since this is meant to be a pen untucked, I’m worried the medium wool polo would be too long.



Hi simon, I understand you wear the medium in the ps polo and short sleeve shirt. I can’t help but feel they look smallish on you. Have you tried sizing up and taking product shots of them? i think you will look more elegant in them and also helps customers to purchase in confidence (e.g. those who are between sizes may size up in confidence depending on the look they want etc.). I may be wrong but I feel most guys will likely purchase a size smaller for safety then going a size up when the latter is the more elegant option.


I recently purchased the PS Friday polo in navy and have found it true to size. I ordered large and it fits very well with an excellent shape, but not too tight. A medium however, would definitely have been too small. For some reason a lot men have a bad habit of wearing their clothes too tight, particularly in Europe. Perhaps this is something picked up from the Italians.


Yes, I’ve experienced this long trend and I must say it’s annoying. What I like about the fit of the PS garment is that it’s timeless and in good taste, as is your general advice on PS. This is extremely useful and important in that it helps men who will listen to develop a wardrobe and taste level that is always in style and never dated. In fact, I’d recommend that you redouble your efforts in this area, avoiding the trendy and focusing on the simplicity of good taste.


hi simon i have the perro long sleeve linen polos (knitted with ribbing at the hem) which I think are the best things I have purchased in recent years with regards hot weather attire. I wear them tucked out over shorts with their sleeves pushed back and the look works well because of how short the length of the polo is. They are also very cool to wear being linen and how spacious the cut is. I’m wondering do you have any experience with polos which are of similar style (need not be linen)?


Do you feel like short sleeve polos with a Panama or similar hat has too much of a golf look? I love on the souther tip of FL so I’m trying to find interesting ways to dress in a place that is always hot and without looking like a caricature.


Hi Simon,

I have both the finest polo and the dartmoor. You mention here that the finest polo’s collar is destined to be worn on its own more often and the dartmoor more often under a jacket. However, I find the finest polo’s collar sturdier and less likely to collapse under the weight of the jacket. Is the plan to keep both separate collars designs in future iterations of these knits ?

Lindsay McKee

I am acquiring a John Smedley c Dorset long – sleeve polo in Anglo-Indian gauze in it’s Latte color which is probably the nearest to a cream colour via the outlet store in xxL size.
I hope it will have the colour versatility to match with my darker trousers including Olive green.


Simon, I’m deliberating on colours for your finest polo but need some advice. I’m particularly keen on the charcoal but wondered how to wear it, ie what colour trousers would I pair it with in spring/summer. Thank you

Jeff O.

Simon, any plans to bring back the cream color with summer approaching?

Jeff O.

Thank you, Simon. I always knew my first comment here would have been answered already and I’d be embarrassed. Glad to see that premonition came true.

R Abbott

Are you doing another run in cream anytime soon?


Grey, Charcoal and Cream for next year, please!

R Abbott

Cream for next year!


Hi Simon,
Could you please expand a little bit more on the advantages (as well as potential disadvantages) such fine gauge has over lower gauge knits? Thanks.


Thanks, Simon. Wouldn’t you say a finer gauge means the fabric is a little denser too? Wouldn’t that have some impact on air flow (and also transparency, which might be an issue with light colors such as white)?


Hi Simon,

Would you have a recommendation for a shirtmaker who offers bespoke polo shirts? I’ve called around to a few and it appears most bespoke shirtmakers stay clear of knits.

Thanks – Reccor


Hello Simon,

Thanks for the great product and all the content that you produce. I purchased a Finest Polo this year in the updated fit and wanted to offer some (unsolicited) feedback in the hopes that it could improve future iterations of the product.

I want to start by saying that I have slightly broader shoulders than average perhaps, but not especially so. Furthermore, the photos in the article here (and the new colours article from this year) also demonstrate the same “issue”.

I noticed from the listed measurements even before purchasing that the shoulder width is quite narrow. After trying one on at the pop up shop, I felt more confident making the purchase, but did still note it. After receiving and wearing the polo many times, I have noticed that this narrow shoulder width causes some issues with the placket and collar. Whenever the polo is worn unbuttoned (i.e. always), the collar splays out and the inside of the placket tries to curl out in order to compensate for not having enough width in the shoulders. The chest feels like it has enough room and is not stretching, but the shoulders are stretched. This is visible in photos 6, 9, 10, 12, 13, & 14 in this article. It happens much less when there are lapels or a jacket to keep the two sides of the collar closer together.

I would like to recommend widening the shoulders by a few centimetres to fix this issue and simultaneously improve comfort and appearance. I would, of course, be keen to hear your thoughts on the matter as well as those of other readers/customers, particularly if this is something you actually worked on in product development.