Book launches in Paris and New York

Friday, March 29th 2024
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We're going to have launch parties for the new book, The Casual Style Guide, in both Paris and New York over the coming months. The Paris launch will be on April 18th at Beige, and New York on May 16th at The Armoury.

I'm really excited about this. The London launch at Clutch was fun, and it will be great seeing a wide range of readers in both France and the US. I know guys in Paris have been asking for an event of some sort for a while, and the new Beige store is a beautiful place to do it.

As you may have seen from the PS Shop, we've sold out of the Casual Style Guide online, incredibly. It took six years to sell out of the first one, and a little over six days to sell out of the new one! But we have kept some stock aside for the two launches, so there will be books available to buy and get signed at both events. Feel free to bring along your own copy of the book as well, or indeed any other books if you would like them signed.

Stockists around the world also have copies, so please check your local store. Even if it's not in the same city, they're nearly all selling online so you can pick it up that way. We've also placed an order for a second edition, which will arrive in June. Shops are sending re-orders in anticipation of that, and anyone ordering on the PS Shop will get theirs once the new copies come in.

Thank you everyone for your support. Jamie and I really have found it quite overwhelming.

And thank you so much to the guys at Beige and The Armoury for hosting us. The details of the two events are below. No need to RSVP to either, just turn up and say hello.


  • Beige Habilleur
  • Thursday April 18th
  • 86 Rue Bonaparte (new shop, Paris 6)
  • 6-8pm

New York

  • The Armoury
  • Thursday, May 16th
  • 13 East 69th St (Upper East Side shop)
  • 6-8pm

Beige images credit: Photo, Julien T Hamon; AD, Pierre-Alexis Guinet 

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I think the Papercut Store in Stockholm still have copies and they sell online as well. A good option for those in the Euro zone. I bought my copy in that store. (And it is lovely).


I actually meant that the book is lovely 😉 But yes the store as well. It is in a neighborhood in Stockholm with a lot of good stores for causal clothing.


Downtown Stockholm is quite (culturally) segregated. This area, the Southside (Södermalm) used to be poor neighboorhoods until the 80s but it is now gentrified and quite expensive with a lot of what was called Hipsters a few years ago. But it has kept its counter-culture attitude and its quite radical/leftist in its politics (for what is today an upper middle-class area).
The traditional upper-class area is the Eastside (Östermalm) where you find most of the tailoring and shops Gabucci, Götrich, AW Bauer, Ralph Lauren, Saman Amel and so on. It has always been culturally and politically conservative.

Lindsay McKee

Reminds me of a trip to Switzerland and a visit to Lucerne.
What seemed to be a nondescript street in a nondescript part of the city, I approached the street corner and Hey Presto..not your equivalent of Poundland…Oh no!! …but ….wait for it…your local Cartier sweetie…sorry Jewellery shop!
Does that not make the mind boggle!!
Work that one out?
Could only be in Switzerland!


Hi Simon,
Great news! Very happy that you are coming to Paris, will have hopefully a better chance to talk than I had when I was in London. Is there a need to register for the event in Beige?


Really eager to read it. I am going to order it from Beige.


Great news. I can’t wait to hear more about the book launches in Paris and New York. It’s fantastic that there will be stock available at the launch events, even though the book sold out online so quickly.