The Casual Style Guide is live

Tuesday, March 19th 2024
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The Casual Style Guide - the new book by myself and photographer Jamie Ferguson - is now live and available to buy.

You can get it on the PS Shop here, but also at more than 50 stockists around the world (!) - from Stockholm to Bangkok, Dallas to Melbourne.

I'd encourage readers to seek out their local retailer and buy it from them - in gratitude for taking the risk to buy the books and shipping them around the world, but also in general for providing you with local retail, full stop.

The books will also be available at the pop-up shop in London, which opens tomorrow and runs until Saturday, March 20-23, at 19 Savile Row.

The stockists are listed below. Those with an asterisk also have copies of the original book, The Style Guide.

For more on both books, see the original article on the new book here.

Updated images: From the London launch at Clutch Cafe


  • Auckland: Crane Brothers
  • Bangkok: Decorum*
  • Beijing: Principle M
  • Beijing: Sartorial
  • Guangzhou, Trunk Tailors*
  • Hong Kong: The Anthology
  • Hong Kong: The Armoury*
  • Hong Kong: Bryceland's
  • Hong Kong: Coller*
  • Kuala Lumpur: WJ & Co*
  • Manila: Signet*
  • Melbourne: Double Monk
  • Melbourne: Trunk Tailors*
  • Shanghai: Coller*
  • Seoul: Barbershop
  • Seoul: Random Walk*
  • Seoul: Unipair
  • Singapore: Decorum*
  • Sydney: Double Monk
  • Taipei: The Anthology
  • Taipei: Oak Room*
  • Tokyo: Bryceland's


  • Boulder: Canoe Club*
  • Chicago: Dashing Chicago
  • Dallas: Uncommon Man
  • Los Angeles: Buck Mason
  • New York: The Armoury*
  • New York: Cad & The Dandy
  • New York: J Mueser
  • New York: Leffot
  • Philadelphia: Juniors
  • Washington, DC: Old House Provisions*


  • Beauly: Campbell's of Beauly
  • Berlin: Maximilian Mogg
  • Edinburgh: Dick's*
  • Haarlem: Besnard*
  • Hannover: Michael Jondral
  • London: Anderson & Sheppard
  • London: Arterton*
  • London: Cad & The Dandy
  • London: Clutch Cafe
  • London: Drake's*
  • London: Edward Green*
  • London: Natalino
  • London: Rivet & Hide
  • London: Son of a Stag
  • London: Trunk
  • London: The Valet*
  • London: William Crabtree
  • Manchester: Doherty Evans & Stott
  • Munich: Massura
  • Oslo: Cavour
  • Paris: Beige
  • Paris: Camps de Luca
  • Paris: Lafayette Saltiel Drapiers*
  • Paris: Jean-Manuel Moreau*
  • Stockholm: Papercut*

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Order made – directly with you, to deepest Shropshire!


My copy arrived today, it would have been yesterday but I wasn’t around so moved the DHL delivery back a day! I wanted to be here to receive it in person! It looks brilliant on first read and I’m looking forward to spending some time with the book over the Easter break and taking style inspiration from it. Thanks again, Rich.


Great…No Amsterdam. Hmmm


New Tailor comes to mind


The Hand (inside Conservatorium Hotel) might be worthwhile


Maybe the American Book Center ( would be interested?


Will you provide a link or the address for the stockist Old House in Washington DC? I am unable to find any information about them online.

Thank you!

J Crewless

I’d suggest it’s advertised to be in Alexandria Virginia instead of DC. Different State/District


Hi Simon
What about South Africa?

AS in Gauteng comes to mind.
(Don‘t get fooled by the gaudy website, they are a great choice on the continent.)


Significance of the Asterix?


Look forward to receiving my copy. The PS website says £35 excluding Vat, but vat isn’t payable on books generally so it’s cheaper than the website implies!


That does not apply universally. There is 7 percent VAT on books in Germany, 10 percent in Austria, 5.5 percent in France, etc


What time does the popup open tomorrow, and could you hold a copy of both of them for me to pick up tomorrow?




Very excited about this!

Just as a note to others in the USA, it seems some of the stockists haven’t updated their websites to show the book (canoe club, armoury, old house provisions). I haven’t checked all.

Let’s give them a couple days perhaps. I might make my purchase from armoury as they also have jamies book, hilariously titled “this guy”!

Simon, those that have the original style guide, is that the new edition that you mentioned coming out (with some minor changes) or the original?


Ah ok. All good, thanks Simon.



How do I get a signed photo of you Simon?


Perfect, thank you for calling for people to support local businesses who are stockists. I’ll be dropping by Crane Brothers (NZ) very soon to grab a copy.


I love Jamie‘s suit. Any details?


Hi Simon. Apologies for this question from left field, but reviewing my summer wardrobe and couldn’t tell from the pics. Do the upcoming PS shorts in navy and khaki each come with belt loops? Many thanks.

Aaron L

Cranes brothers has the bespoke style guide as well.

Tim J

Congratulations Simon… looks like I’ll be off to see Chris at Double Monk in Melbourne and get my hands on a copy.


Congrats and good luck!!!!! Cheers


Just purchased from Old House! Looking forward to it!


Did you consider Ladage & Oelke in Hamburg as a stockist ?


Simon, first of all congratulations for this really brilliant publication. With all the changes in dressing and working during the recent years this is higly appreciated and necessary.
With respect to Ladage & Oelke in Hamburg you should contact them, you really would fit together. This is a more than 150 year old mens outfitter with own tailoring and haberdashery business. Still operated by descendants from one of the founders family and much more modern in recent years. I am in no way connected to them but surely they will know you and you would like it I guess. All the best from Hamburg, Martin


Hey Simon, love your website. I’ve been going through your site and also die workwear as you seem to both be the experts. I can find hardly any information on vents on a suit. I see some with double, some with single. I’m having something made and I can’t decide which. From what I can see the single vent is a bit cleaner/sleeker, but I’m a bit confused. Any advice?

Justin Shepherd

Simon where is Old House in DC? I love here and I’ve never heard of it – and there aren’t a huge number of either great menswear shops or great bookstores in dc


Typo for Kuala Lumpur.


Love the black/green checked jacket worn by the man in the second picture. Any idea on who the maker is?


Any chance it will be available on Amazon US?


Hi Simon
It was nice talking to you and Andre on Friday and thanks for signing The Casual Style Guide ..
I am going through page by page and thoroughly enjoying it


Hi Simon
Could you please let me know the shirt brands (not with grandfather collar) you kept at @ 19 Savile Row. thanks


Yes it was New & Lingwood ..thanks Simon


Just received the book and skimmed through it. Great work, very helpful structure and comments. The book will be well worn in a short time (pun intended).


Hi Simon,

I noticed that The Style Guide had a stockist in Belgium, but the new book doesn’t. Are you considering adding one?


Simon…wonderful stuff, as always. By chance, are you wearing Salino Fox Tweed jacket here?


Hi Simon,

I got my copy of the guide from PaperCut here in Stockholm (nice of you to use local distributors). The quality of the content is great. It’s a nice companion to the original Style Guide.
My only criticism is the quality of the print. The paper and binding feel flimsier than the original Style Guide and the images are somewhat darker (so small details are a bit more difficult to see). As the design is the same I thought it was the same printer but it turns out it isn’t. I’m not sure if that plays a role though.


Any sign of the reprint Simon? Have mine preordered. All the best, Eoghan


OK, thank you. Looking forward to it.