The Lookbook is a home for all of the outfits featured on Simon over the past 10 years. From casual to formal, summer to winter, it is a source of ideas as well as a route into the archive.

Rolling over each image reveals a description of the key aspect of the look. Clicking on it takes you to the original post. 

Trainers and blouson
Trainers and blousonRead More
Vintage parka with tweed jacket
Vintage parka with tweed jacketRead More
The beret
The beretRead More
Donegal coat and roll neck
Donegal coat and roll neckRead More
Trench coat with hoodie
Trench coat with hoodieRead More
Cream shawl scarf under raglan
Cream shawl scarf under raglanRead More
Pink shirt with green tie
Pink shirt with green tieRead More
Navy T-shirt under summer jacket
Navy T-shirt under summer jacketRead More
Grey shirt with navy suit
Grey shirt with navy suitRead More
Charcoal roll neck under charcoal suit
Charcoal roll neck under charcoal suitRead More
Loose linen in summer
Loose linen in summerRead More
Holiday, with vintage sashiko
Holiday, with vintage sashikoRead More
The politician's red tie
The politician's red tieRead More
Tonal, natural colours in summer
Tonal, natural colours in summerRead More
Dark green linen, with black
Dark green linen, with black Read More