Indulgent Shawl Cardigan back in stock, with new black

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*NB: The black shawl actually has black-horn buttons, not light brown as in the sample shown.*

After a good few weeks' delay, I'm pleased to say that the Indulgent Shawl-Collar Cardigan is finally back in stock - in a new black iteration as well as navy and grey. 

Quite a few went to the waiting list, as is probably to be expected at this stage; readers had been waiting a while. But there is still good stock in the central sizes across all colours.

It's also worth noting early, that I had misreported in the past what was available at Anderson & Sheppard

This cardigan was designed with them, and originally they had some stock of the same style in their London shop. But that's no longer the case: the thick shawl cardigan they now have is knitted in Italy, rather than Scotland. It is not as dense, as long, or uses as much cashmere. 

It's still lovely, but it's not the same as the Indulgent Shawl, whose raison d'etre was to be the most luxurious version possible of the menswear staple. 

I hope the black goes down well. Certainly enough people have been asking for it, and I've loved mine since I received the sample. 

We've talked several times this year about wearing black - here with cord trousers, here with a linen overshirt, here with a polo shirt in an all-black look. There's a piece coming on black tweed as well. 

What I'm increasingly feeling is that it's easiest to wear black in more casual materials and styles - tweed not worsted, cord not flannel, a polo shirt rather than poplin. This might seem obvious or intuitive, but I tend to be a slow learner. 

A black shawl cardigan falls nicely into that category, and is a match for all manner of muted, cold colours I love, as well as suiting things like dark jeans, pale beige chinos and green fatigues. 

I've chosen to show the cardigan here in a slightly more (for me) unusual outfit, which illustrates the same point. 

The shirt is a washed black denim from RRL. It is a lot easier to wear than a black shirt in a smarter material would be, given its texture. Though of course the fact black denim fades to grey helps too. 

The shirt, by the way, is a great colour and a decent denim, but I do wish the RRL ones had bigger collars. It's low at the back and mean in its point. I can only recommend it if you like that style, or find it suits you more than it does me. 

Returning to the Indulgent Shawl Collar Cardigan, for anyone that needs a reminder, it is made in 12-ply cashmere in Scotland - which means more cashmere knitted in there than most Italian versions. 

It is soft, fluffy and big, and I usually wear a size small (I'm six foot tall, 39-inch chest). However I do also wear a medium, and just find that different, not wrong. A little more roomy and drapey. 

In the images below, I’m wearing a medium in the navy, but a small in the grey (and a small above in the black).

The cardigan is a piece A&S used to sell in their Haberdashery shop, but discontinued. I had one, and loved it so much that I asked if we could bring it back together. 

​​If anyone wants to read the full story behind the knit, it is on the original launch article here. There are also more images of the navy there, and of the grey on this article from last year, when we introduced that colour. 

Finally, I'd like to finish with a testimonial, because they're always so nice. This is from Paul: "Just wanted to confirm that I...have a 48” chest measurement and the XL cardigan fits me very comfortably. I was a bit concerned about fit when ordering it, but it’s great. As Simon says, it’s very soft and roomy, and there is considerable give in the knit. I’ve been very glad of it today – cold and grey outdoors, not feeling too well, I threw my (cream) shawl cardigan on for the first time this winter and immediately felt warmer and happier, if not better – it’s so comfortable and slouchy that it’s like wearing a hug. Lovely and cosy to curl up in – truly indulgent!"

Other details:

  • The cardigan is knitted in Scotland, from the finest 12-ply cashmere, also spun in Scotland
  • Uses unpolished horn buttons (always my favourite)
  • Has a button on the chest, and a hidden loop, in order to enable it to be buttoned up to the chin
  • Doesn’t have the last button at the bottom of the placket many do. Because no one does that one up. It looks weird
  • Has two hip pockets, but they come loosely sewn up, so you can keep them closed if (like me) you prefer them not to become baggy. But just snip out the thread if you do want to use them
  • Can be worn open or closed, collar up or down, casually or formally 
  • As mentioned, Anderson & Sheppard sell several other shawl-collar cardigans, but not this one currently
  • It is available in black, dark navy and flannel grey, priced £845 plus taxes. As ever, you’ll struggle to find better value in terms of the amount of work and cashmere in there


Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra large
Chest 51cm 53 55 57 61
Length 63 65 69 70 71
Sleeve 76 78 79 83 85

(Chest is pit to pit; length is centre back neck to hem; sleeve is centre back neck to end of cuff. Do bear in mind that sizes might seem a little large as well, given the thickness of the material.)

Aside from the cardigan and the RRL shirt, the other clothes shown are brown Rubato chinos, a black Rubato alligator belt, black Belgravia loafers from Edward Green, and a Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso watch on an ostrich strap. 

Photography: Milad Abedi, except for grey shawl cardigan, Jamie Ferguson

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Hello Simon!
Lovely cardigan.
I am currently contemplating which colour to get:
I do have a cream SCC from Colhays which is absolutely lovely.
No I am looking for a darker colour to complement it. I am indecisive between Navy and Black. Which would you recommend?
I usually wear a lot of Denim in different shades, pale/cold beige Chinos and the occasional Flannels. On top a lot of Grey, Navy and Beige Sweaters, White and Striped Oxford shirts and white Tshirts.
Would be really thankful for your advise!


I tried on the cardigan 2.5 weeks ago at A&S. I attest it fits a little large—I have large in your other knitwear offerings but ordered medium this weekend. What I did not appreciate, however, is how thick it is. Like a super duper sponge. I can’t wait to receive and wear mine. Best of luck with this!


I had exactly the same thought when I tried it on at the pop-up. It made me truly appreciate just exactly how luxurious and indulgent it truly is.


Simon do you have a link of the shirt ? It looks indeed very nice.


You don’t find leather braided buttons to be smarter? The horn buttons are a little contemporary for my taste.


Ah – I see. What, though, is wrong with old-fashioned?


I agree the (brown) leather braided buttons can maybe look a little dated, especially for this black model, which is arguably the “cool” version of such a cardigan. Then again, these large and relatively light-coloured horn buttons don’t look particularly cool either. Is it just this specific sample? Why not use black or dark grey horn?


Ah yes, I assume that will look much smarter. Looks like a really nice cardigan!
I have a navy standard version from Lockie, my only problem is that when you have the slightest problem with dandruff. the thick shawl collar with those wide ribs becomes a nightmare, and I guess even more so in black (but that’s obvsl a problem of the wearer, not the garment).


Felix/Simon, How would you say this version compares to the standard Lockie Cashmere Shawl?

Eric Twardzik

Regarding the RRL shirt, and your desire for a longer collar, I’d recommend looking into Fayad & Co, which has made bespoke Western shirts cut from Thomas Mason chambray a sort of specialty. While Miami based, they travel to New York frequently and also fit virtually.


Simon, are the length measurements as shown in the size chart correct? The size small looks rather long on you to be just ~25.5 inches. Maybe it’s just a product of the way the cardigan hands down to its full length, whereas most sweaters will cinch more at the waist and thus not go so far down.


Thanks for double-checking. It’s interesting — I’m surprised it’s not longer given the jacket-like fit, but that’s why we have measurements, right?

Sean Breezie

I imagine if measured down the back whilst worn it would be a good few inches longer than the measurements taken whilst laid flat on a surface. The weight, the loose weave and the lack of cinch at the bottom will allow gravity to do its thing


Hi Simon, I wear a size L in rubato knits. Since the indulgent shawl cardigan fits large, do you think I should order a size M? Thanks.


Looks like sleeve and length are inverted on the above table and on the shop site too.


Yeah, I hadn’t looked at the diagram explaining how the cardigan is measured. My bad.

Andrew Hughes

Hi Simon,
V nice shawl. What do you think of Colhay’s version?


Hello Simon, on the RL shirt it says “Due to the natural characteristics of this material, the colouring may rub off onto fabrics and upholstery.”
How have you found this shirt or any other in regards to rubbing on to other things. I’m rather put off by the idea unless the effect washes out after a couple of washes.
Also, which factory made the lovely cardigan? I’m guessing William Lockie or Johnston’s of Elgin


Sounds like a black denim shirt might be the next PS product?


Hope the XS size gets restocked. They sold out immediately and I was waiting since last release to purchase.


I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks for the reply!


Hi Simon.
Do you think we will ever see a re run of those chinos from rubato. I can’t seem to find anything similar in cut and fabric.


If the need us to pre order to show interest, count me in.


How does it compare to the begg cashmere you’ve shown in the past?

Rupesh Bhindi

Hi Simon,
The denim shirt you are wearing by RRL seem look more indigo rather than the black washed one.



How much does the beast weigh?


Hi, Simon. Any idea when additional Navy or Black cardigans will be restocked in XL? I’m guessing it may be quite some time.


Hello Simon,

I have three of these now (cream, grey and navy), so will take a pause on the black for this year. Next year my adding this black or any other colours (a deep brown or khaki/olive green I would jump all over) will be a distinct likelihood.

Just wanted to feedback on the cardigan and my use of it.

Of all the things I own, what sets these cardigans apart is just how much use they get as soon as the weather cools.

Mornings they are thrown on for a chilly school run, Saturdays they are used to pop out to the shops and take the kids for a walk, Sundays to laze around the house and be warm and cosy but still be well presented for my own sake. Simple midweek dinners out at a local favourite where I want to be casual and comfortable but still elevated. A drinks party last week combined with flannels, brown (not Navy ahem) shoes and a shirt.

Last few days I have been a little unwell and wrapping my shivery, achy body in any one of the three cardigans from morning is simply bliss.

In summary, even though I appreciate the details every time I put them on (the throat latch being one detail – like a wall of cashmere barricading your neck and chest against the cold) they simply, like the best designed quality products have become an indispensable part of daily use and life.


My pleasure


Do you think it would be possible to stretch the sleeves 3-4 cm? I’ve done this successfully with other cashmere sweaters by wetting, stretching and weighting the sleeve down while it dries.


Hi Simon, it was great to finally meet you in person over the weekend. I hope everything went well with the pop-up.
I just wanted to ask how you have been finding the sweater to wear around outside when the weather has been quite cold in the past few days. I own a lambswool version from Drake’s, but I haven’t worn it outside much, as I don’t find that warm enough.

Many thanks,


Hi Simon, this is perhaps the most luxurious of the PS products!

I am not ready to take the plunge on this as i have not owned a shawl cardigan before. I will start with one from Colhay’s (i find the Drake’s ones a little short) and am toying with dark brown. So much of my knitwear is navy (or grey), and i thought that their dark brown version would be a versatile choice, to pair with indigo jeans, grey flannels and beige trousers – do you consider that a fair assessment?

Many thanks


You mentioned several times that most people might want to ‘start’ with a more standard version. Could you explain that further? Why would I want to have something else first? And would the PS version be an addition or a substitute?


Same question here. Please advise.


Dear John. I am very happy with my navy lambswool shawl cardigan from Colhay’s. Good call on going for the lambswool rather than cashmere. At least if you want, like me, something (as far as it goes) similar to the look of the PS version. The lambswool version from Colhay’s is also very voluminous, whereas their cashmere version looks less chunky to my eyes, although I never tried the latter.


Many thanks, Simon and Alexander!


Hi Simon,
Which photo of the navy would you say is most true to life?
In the 2nd last photo, it appears almost to have an indigo quality to it vs. the seated shot of you wearing the white shirt, where it appears to be a more traditional navy.

J Crewless

Not really a cardigan guy but can appreciate the aesthtics. Love the thick knit of the cardigan.


Nothing against the RRL shirt but wouldn’t it be the right time for you to try the black sawtooth westerner from Bryceland’s that you were describing as not matching your warm colors wardrobe some time ago:


Thanks. BTW: Did you also try the chambray work shirt from rubato?


Really nice Simon, the black is a great addition. Love the way you’ve styled the black here and the RRL washed denim shirt is great. I’m be torn between navy and black, unlikely to happen for me this year but this beauty is firmly on the ‘PS want list’. It doesn’t get much better than Scottish Cashmere!


Hi Simon.
Is there any chance that cream will ever come back for the permanent shawl collar, either next year or even after that?


Hi Simon, love the look of it. Any chance size medium of black/navy to be restocked soon? It seems i missed my chance on them


Hi Simon – this looks beautiful. Is the weight similar to a Begg Yacht cardigan or is this heavier?


Hello Simon,

Your cardigan looks outstanding, perfect for winter weekends. I’m 6’3 , 190 pounds, with long arms, I usually wear a size 42L in suits . Also, I tend to prefer a slim fit for my clothing. Any recommendations as to sizing would be appreciated.





No response as of yet. Look forward to hearing from you.

Joseph V

Hi Simon,

Was looking for a shawl cardigan myself but can’t afford the indulgent.

I want it to be a slouchy, oversized cardigan that I would wear in front of a fireplace, but also in substitute of a blazer to a more formal/business casual event.

I know from previous articles that you speak fondly of Drake’s, but also Cordings make one that shares many similarities, but maybe a bit more generous in the body and lapel.

What would you recommend?


I’m curious about the flexibility of a grey, or maybe charcoal shirt, with a dark brown belt, rather than the black one you wear here. Would that still work?


How about more generally with a charcoal shirt? Presumably black and a brown belt wouldn’t work.


Simon, I got my black indulgent cardigan yesterday. Such a chunky knit proved its mettle this morning when I cycled to the office (it was -10C outside!). It’s very comfortable and soft, much more so than lambswool (I have such a cardigan from Colhay). Your size advice (I went with S instead of M) was correct. It’s roomy, yet cosy and comfortable. The colour is quite a muted, matte black, making it more versatile. I’m wearing it today with a chambray shirt (PS Selvedge) and olive chinos which work nicely together.


Hi Simon, is there any chance that you have an indulgent cardigan in M laying around the stock room that I could purchase? Alternatively, are there any plans to re-stock that color?


Hi Simon – any plans to restock the navy in small this season?