Introducing: The indulgent shawl-collar cardigan

Wednesday, December 11th 2019
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Two years ago, I spotted a couple of chunky sweaters on the top of a unit in the Anderson & Sheppard Haberdashery, in London. 

I got them down and tried them on: they were big, ribbed shawl-collar cardigans. Like the classic style we know from Drake’s and elsewhere, but the most indulgent, luxurious version you can conceive. 

I asked Audie and the team about them, and it turned out they were the last remaining pieces from a style they did right at the beginning of the shop, and had discontinued. 

After admiring the cardigans over another couple of visits, I ended up buying one in cream - even though it wasn’t the right size. It was a Large, and a Medium would have been better; but there were no Mediums left. 

Still, it was a beautiful piece and I have enjoyed wearing it - it was featured in a photoshoot with Baudoin & Lange and subsequent post on layering knitwear here

At the beginning of this year, I approached A&S with the idea of re-making the style, but sold through the PS Shop

I could understand why the Haberdashery might have to discontinue it - they already have dozens of styles - but it seemed a shame it wasn’t available. 

We agreed, after a few conversations that revealed the design was based on an old piece that Audie used to sell with Dougie Hayward, when Hayward was alive and Audie ran the shop on Mount Street. 

We would make a fairly small run, in just navy, with a few minor tweaks of my own - such as adding a loop to fasten the lapel across the neck. 

This, pictured, is the result. 

Frankly a ridiculously sumptuous piece of knitwear, made in Scotland from 12-ply cashmere, and perhaps the perfect thing to sit around at Christmas and receive presents in. 

Like all shawl-collar cardigans of this type, it has prominent ribbing that helps retain shape. But these are bigger and chunkier, wrapping the body. I particularly like the effect of those ribs running around the shoulders and back of the neck.

It can be left open, with the the collar down; or the collar can be turned up for warmth and comfort, and buttoned just at the waist or across the chest.

I’m wearing a Medium, and like this sizing on me: it’s loose but not sloppy, and still hugs the body when you do it up.

The horn buttons are dark brown and unpolished - my favourite - and we have deliberately basted the pockets shut. So you can snip them open if you want, but they won’t sag if you would rather keep things neater. 

Other small design changes I made were the removal of a button on the very bottom of the cardigan - as it was really not needed - and that loop to fasten the neck. 

It is something to mostly wear around the home, but I do also fasten it up high, stick on a watch cap, and walk around to the shops or a café. 

We welcomed a new daughter into our family recently (thank you, in advance) which has meant many sleepless nights. Mine currently sits neatly folded on the chest of drawers, warm and reassuring at 5am when I get up with her. 

I've also deliberately photographed it with two outfits - one smart, one casual. As ever, versatility is key to this piece's appeal for me.

The smart outfit of white oxford shirt, light-grey flannel trousers and black loafers (below) is the most formal look many men need today.

The casual one (two shots up) is more for that walk round to the café at the weekend: old T-shirt, well-worn jeans and simple white trainers.

Measurements of the cardigan are below. 

As always we recommend comparing them to something you already own, rather than try to go off height or chest measurements of yourself. So much of fit is personal preference, particularly in a piece like this. 

For those that don’t know, though, I’m 6 foot tall with a 39-inch chest.

Importantly, there is also a size run of the cardigans in the Anderson & Sheppard Haberdashery. 

You can’t buy them there at the moment, but you can try on the sizes to see which is right for you, and then order from the PS Shop. We only have 30 pieces this time, so apologies if they go fast. 

The cardigan costs £785 + VAT.


Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra large
Chest 51cm 53 55 57 61
Length 63 65 69 70 71
Sleeve 76 78 79 83 85

(Chest is pit to pit; length is centre back neck to hem; sleeve is centre back neck to end of cuff. Do bear in mind that sizes might seem large as well, given the thickness of the material.)

Note: Mr Porter also ordered shawl-collar cardigans from Anderson & Sheppard this season, but the design is different and they are in a strong bottle green. 

Photography: Milad Abedi @milad_abedi. Including the odd one below of me practising the old balance-a-teaspoon-on-your-nose trick.

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Nicolas Stromback

Oh, this is something so indulgent that I have wanted a long time. I just dont know if it is something that I could wear to such and extent as to justify buying it (at this time anyways when shoes and suits are prioritised). As previously mentioned I find indoors to be too warm these days for most things and surely this is as hot as it gets?


Wonderful item! I will pass as I have the similar shawl collar cardigan from Drakes in navy lambswool. I like it very much but will not spend the money for something that is just marginally better. But I can really recommend this kind of item if you dont have something like it already. I usually use mine when I come home from job and let it replace the office sport coat.


Wow, this is a wonderful piece, the kind of cardigan you just want to hug and spend your weekend in, near the fireplace, with a cup of hot chocolate / coffee / rum / whisky / whatever. 🙂

Too bad it’s in navy, as I already have a “similar” (albeit not so luxurious) navy chunky merino cardigan. It’s 1kg of pure merino wool, and one of my snugiest pieces.

As for the Drake’s cardigans, do you have any of them, and if yes are they scratchy or not ? I recall they’re in lambswool, not merino, and am therefore scared they would scratch, even through a shirt.

PS : congrats on your 2nd daughter. 😉 I understand the tired eyes on some of your recent photos haha.


Congratulations Simon to you and family upon the arrival of your daughter! And thanks for making another beautifully designed garment available for us readers.


I have the Drakes one in lambs wool. I don’t find it itchy at all.


Hi Simon,

How would you compare the fit to the Drake’s cashmere shawl collar? I tried the Drake’s ones but was a bit disappointed that the fit was quite bomber jackety, and overall felt quite short.


Tom Green

Hi Simon
Just alerting you to a couple of typos:
I’ve also deliberately photographer it with two outfits
Including the odd one below of me pratising the old balance-a-teaspoon-on-your-nose trick
Keep up the good work – congrats on the birth of your daughter!


Very nice, Simon! Two quick questions:

1. If the Drakes one is 4 ply and this one is 12 ply, does that mean that this one uses four times as much cashmere?

2. How would you compare the “use case” of your cardigan against Drake’s?

Many congratulations on your daugther!


Can you elaborate on why you think this cardigan shouldn’t be worn under a coat?


Love it! Top look reminds me of Kurt Cobain MTV Unplugged, just slightly polished.
Congratulations on both products lol!


Nice, and I was actually expecting a higher price.
Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I don’t think I’d want to wear this piece anywhere near my son – not now as a toddler and definitely not as a newborn!


In considering the sizing, how much should we subtract from the measurements to account for the thickness of the cardigan. E.g. if a size small has a chest of 53 cm, what should I subtract to get a closer approximation to the inside measurement?


Thanks, most helpful. This adjustment seems to roughly correspond to the differences in sizing for some of your other collaboration products. E.g. a small here seems to be about 2 cm wider than PS shirts and coats. So if a small works with other products, most likely it should work here.

Congratulations on the newest addition to the family!


Is sizing similar to the other PS sweaters? Shirts?



12-ply, now that is what I call warm. Excellent work and detail (as always) on this Simon. I particularly love the shade you’ve gone for, plenty of depth. Many congratulations to you and the family on your new daughter.


Dear Simon, that is one lovely cardigan. Regarding sizing, do you mind providing inside chest measurements since the ones shown above seem to be a bit on the higher side and must have been measured on the rather bulky outside. I do have 44 inch chest (112cm). Even the small size with its 53 inches would be way too large for me which cannot be true when you’re wearing a medium with a 39 inch chest ;-). Cheers in advance, Fatih


My bad! Thanks for clarifying. XL seems to be the right size for me then.


Hi Simon. I do have Dartmorr & finest Knitwear from PS in size Large. Do you think sizing is similar here (althougt different style / material) ?If so, gonna pick a Large one asap.
Also have a cashmere one from Drakes, size 42

Nick Inkster

Hello Simon

Still an occasional reader, although haven’t posted in a while.

Just picked up on the birth of your third daughter; many congratulations! I am also the father of three girls, albeit they have all long flown the nest. I’ve just returned from three weeks in Melbourne, where my eldest has an amazing career in theatrical PR. Despite everything, she retains most of the quirks she had when she was tiny.

You have much to look forward to!!


What are the jeans pictured in the casual outfit? Thanks


Hi Simon,

Beautiful cardigan. I also have the Drake’s one in cashmere, which weight 950gr in size S. Out of curiosity, how much does this one weight ?

Thanks !


Interesting project. Is there a noticeable weight or warmth difference between this and Drake´s?


Congrats on your baby daughter first of all..
I have been on the lookout for a similar cardigan after I first saw your cream one last year.. Any thoughts of making a cream one maybe? or a lighter colour than navy at least ..?
From the measurements you list I would guess that I would need an xl as my chest is 57,5 cm plus I am 196 cm tall .. Would you reckon an xl would be the right size for mr porter’s model ?


My favorite non-tailored piece is a substantial navy shawl collared cardigan, and this one is positively off the charts.

Congratulations on your growing family as well!


Just ordered size M and am super excited about it.

Would ABSOLUTELY be interested in other colors if this one is a hit (and I think it will be) – especially cream as in your original sweater. Anything like that in the works?


Excellent and no worries.

FWIW, I think natural/cream would be an EXCELLENT second color if you do another run next winter. A charcoal or forest green would be great too but would cover similar ground to navy; cream conquers new territory.

Jonathan W

Hey Ben – I have a Drake’s 38 Cream Cashmere that my wife has vetoed if you’re interested? I’m a M in all other PS jumpers and the Drake’s 38 is the right size for me so suspect it is for you too


A great looking cardigan Simon! I
understand how cosy it must be for
days by the fire or relaxing after a day’s
industry. For readers can you describe or
elucidate on the weight (12 oz?) please, also could you move to an inches measurement guide – as your readers in UK, USA, Australia will be reaching for the converter (Europe is in cms but Japan is in inches though S/M/L are proportionately smaller).

If a larger run follows, perhaps with a wool/cashmere blend for longevity, might you look at the set-in sleeve? Raglan might be more trad. but I think the offerings from Cucinelli, Drake’s and Kingsman are more flattering in the shoulder.

Great images by the way and congratulations on your third daughter!


I can only imagine how luxuriously comfy this is. It’ll surely be another popular piece, Simon.

Congrats on your new daughter!


Gotta ask: which mill knit these? Lockie or Scott & Charters?


A veritable sartorial masterpiece.
As Simon suggests it will be perfect to wear whilst receiving gifts !
I have a similar shawl neck from Dunhill that I normally wear whilst giving gifts.
I bought it about 10 years ago. It is 98% cashmere and 2% silk and is in a beautiful shade of grey. It cost over £900 at the time so, I suppose that adjusted for inflation, this PS incarnation is a mere bagatelle.
The question becomes, would it be too pretentious to sport different sweaters for receiving and giving ?
On reflection, as this is the season of goodwill to all men ( including myself) , I don’t think so albeit, I think I’ll sport the grey for receiving and the blue for giving.
In any event, more important than any of the gifting, I find that the prospect of me capturing my own reflection as a flash buy wearing one of these has me positively feinting with excitement.
That’s reason enough. Now, where is my charge card ?
Bravo Simon on this fabulous development !


Hi Simon….great cardigan and I can see the usage and versatility particularly for Fridays/Weekends. Congratulations on your new arrival, I have another on the way and wondered whether, as a result, your approach to dressing has changed at all? For example, are you avoiding wearing more delicate items such as the suede jackets when you are spending time with the family or do the same principles still apply?!


Many congratulations – about your new baby! (Although the cardigan is very nice too!)



Dear Simon,

I hope the following comment comes across as constructive (rather than nitpicking) given the great content you’re providing on this site.

“Like all shawl-collar cardigans of this type, it has prominent ribbing that help [helps] retain shape.”

“It can [be] left open.…”

As a long-standing reader, I’ve felt for some tie that your site would appear so much more polished if your copy were professionally proofread. As you’ve consistently argued: details matter.

I’d happily undertake the work myself, and I’m sure there are many other talented professionals who would be able and willing to help.


If Simon just had a baby, trust me, you’re gonna get some spelling errors. It’s supposed to be a blog, not the NYTimes. Deal with it.


So much tone gets lost in the ether of the internet. Yes, it was meant to be a bit abrasive, precisely to contrast with the polite, but imo tactless comment.

In the real physical world, if someone at the workplace said to you one morning after a sleepless night with the little one, ‘Simon, your eyes are looking bloodshot and you’ve got some dribble on your shoulder; I really think you need to get your act together’, then I’d smack them upside the head, even despite them being a mate. Sure, good intentions, but the wrong time to say such a thing. You couldn’t resist being a little cheeky yourself, pointing out their own spelling errors—bravo!

I’d also point out, as a media and digital marketing professional myself, I think it’s okay and even advantageous to treat this blog, whose strength comes from your fastidious personality and how authentically personal it is, less as a formal space and one that’s community oriented. We appreciate reading it not only for the advice but because we appreciate the personal connection with you—warts (er, typos) and all. The fact that guy disclosed having just had a child is what brings me back because I feel a connection, not because it was perfectly edited by a copywriter.

I realize you are a journalism professional yourself, and highly detailed oriented, but it would be a shame if this site tried to run content like Mr. Porter, for example. While they do it extremely well, they don’t and can’t have your brand ethos and personal, authentic touch. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a photo of you wearing that nice sweater, holding your little one snuggled against its soft, warm fibers! This is the real world that men, fathers, husbands, wear and use their clothes.


Get off your soapbox “mate!”


A follow-up: given the error in my own comment, you might want to look elsewhere. The Society of Editors and Proofreaders would be a good place to start!


Congratulations on your new baby Simon. That’s wonderful news. Isn’t this cardigan a bit too nice, and expensive, to get covered in milk, dribble and worse?!?!

Dr Peter

Outstanding! This cardigan reminds me of one that I own, which I picked up from Orvis many years ago. It is thick, heavy navy blue wool, and it has notched lapels (rather like a blazer) and dark brown leather buttons, and it’s perfect for cooler weather in Wisconsin, where I live. The fabric has widely spaced indented lines or stripes, not anywhere near the strong ribbing seen on the one you are wearing in these photographs. It goes well with casual wear, or more formally, with a dress shirt, gray flannels and tie — I’ve worn it both ways.


This has got to be the PS line of the year: “the perfect thing to sit around at Christmas and receive presents in.” I like how you roll, Simon.


Is Length and Sleeve reversed?

Gus Walbolt

Beautiful knit details. Well done! I especially like seeing it worn with a bit more relaxed fit. Having owned heavy, multi-ply cashmere cardigan knits, I can say from personal experience that the quality makers are quite long lasting and wonderfully comfortable every time you put them on.


Without wanting to appear unduly critical, I am not sure I see a significant difference between this and what others (Drake’s, Armoury) have done before. I am in no way implying that this carding is at fault or that it somehow misses a mark – quite the opposite. It looks lovely, extremely well made and thoughtfully designed. If anything, I ask this because I am consumed with the desire to own one, but can’t get myself to justify it already owning a cashmere Drake’s one.

In the past you have argued that your collaborations are always geared towards products that you cannot otherwise find in the market (in my opinion, you have stayed true to that aim). Here, I fail to see the gap that this product fills. I guess this question is most relevant to readers that, like me, already own one of those other versions and are wondering whether it makes sense/is worth it to invest in this piece.

To put it differently: if this wasn’t your product, but rather offered to you, how would you decide between this and the Drake’s/Armoury Lockie-made one?



A store near me sells a similar sweater in about 5 colors. Leather buttons however. I’ve always wanted one in cashmere, but did buy one in wool, which is a touch more affordable.

The cashmere remains on the “wish list”.


Might I suggest that the differential between current market offerings and the PS offering is as follows: most products over the the last few years have become, as with other fashion offerings, trimmer, slimmer and more fitted. The PS offering, similar to the Cordings wool item, is larger and, unusually for PS, more louche. It therefore has the benefit of not only being more relaxed but being able to layer over other thinner garments such as a shirt and merino pullover. It’s loose style may also suit or accompany more casual athleisure wear around the house on particularly relaxed or cold evenings.


Any chance you’re going to restock XL? I wasn’t too late but it was already out of stock on Thursday.


Hi Simon,
I have Wm Lockie shawl collar cardigan with measurements that are the same as the small in your offering apart from the sleeve length. If i take the sleeve length of the Lockie using your measuring advice i get nearly 82cm your one is small 78cm and 80cm for medium sleeve length. Are you sure the sleeve length isn’t from the back of the shoulder point as it meets the back of the collar/neck to the end of the sleeve as opposed from the middle of the neck to the end of the sleeve?


I received mine today, and I really love it. A wonderful Christmas present to myself that will keep me warm the whole winter. Amazing touch, nice design. Maybe I’d prefer it to be a bit slimmer, but I am sure to get used to this generous cut soon.
Just one remark on the pictures: After seeing the garment myself I was a little bit disappointed with the colour. It is just navy (as promised), but on the pictures the colour looks more intense, brighter.

R Abbott

Not for me but looks like a beautiful product.

At some point, could you create a guide for knitwear that covers different types of materials (cashmere, lambswool, cotton, mixed, etc.) and designs (cardigan, v-neck, collared, mock top, etc.)?

As a side comment, I’ve noticed more and more people these days wearing knitwear directly over their skin (or over an undershirt) instead of over a shirt. Is this a new trend or has it been around for some time? This might explain the rise in popularity / demand for cashmere. When centralized heating is expensive, it makes sense to layer up and wear thicker knitwear. But when heating is abundant and cheap (and arguably overused), it makes sense to wear thinner sweaters / wear sweaters without a shirt underneath. I’ve noticed that some of the sweaters I inherited from my father are just too warm for indoor use nowadays.


Not writing for R Abbot, but discussion of the meaning of differently numbered ply levels, and their practical implications on warmth, durability, and use in knitting (e.g. on patterns, etc.) would be of interest to me. As well, if there are limitations on patterns/use due to the physical characteristics of the different yarns, I would be interested to learn that.


I would love one in black. Alas, Tom Ford is way out of my budget ($2500) and currently only they make one in black.

Don Clarkin

I happen to be looking for one of these but in a ranch style, which I can usually find at RRL. What is your experience with high end western or ranch style brands other than RRL? I can’t seem to find many but perhaps I am not looking in the right places. Thanks for the content and happy new year!

– Don


What does basting the pockets shut mean? Is there a seam running across the pocket which shuts it? Or just a little stitch to prevent it from opening?

On a different note, would you recommend Michael Browne for natural, Neapolitan shoulders?


Hi Simon, just to check: you’re not planning on doing another run of these, at least not until next winter correct? Best, Jon


that’s great news Simon, thank you very much. I’ll get that email over


Sold out in Large already? Hopefully you’ll be producing another run, if only next Winter season?


Hi Simon,

Gorgeous cardigan. I’m thinking of picking one up. Questions:

1. In person, is it more of a traditional darker navy or a lighter one? It looks lighter to me, versus say Drake’s navy cardigan, but I’m not sure if that’s due to the photos.

2. I typically wear almost the same size as you (e.g. M bridge coat and PS oxfords), though I think the fit on me is slightly more snug (but not enough to size up 2″). I’ve taken a look at the measurements but I’m still a bit concerned with the sizing… with the stretch and all that, do you think it would be safe for me to size down to a small if I wanted a less slouchy/long look?


Simon, would like to know what, in your opinion, makes this cardigan particularly indulgent say, when compared with a Drake’s one? Or are they similarly indulgent? Thanks!!


How far into Spring would you wear this piece, Simon, before it becomes too warm?


Do you think this cardigan will become available again (i.e., is this a piece that you see restocking regularly)?


I think I am a size large, which is in stock. But I’m hesitant to get it now, as I will get very little use out of it prior to having to store it for months, which is why I’m thinking about waiting until Fall… I know I will get it, so it’s just a question of when.

Juan Huertas

Hi Simon, I trust you are doing well. I would much appreciate some guidance as to sizing of the cardigan. I’m 6’4″, with a 40 in chest. I own a couple of Drake’s cashmere shawl collar cardigans in sizes 40 and 42, with the 42 fitting better. However, when comparing their measurements to the measurements of your cardigan, I’m a bit confused. For example, the Drake’s size 42 ‘s pit-to-pit measurement is 53 cm. This equates to a size small in your cardigan. Seeing that you are wearing a size medium, it doesn’t seem as though I should go for a size small. I’m not sure if I should get a size medium or large in your cardigan. Any advice would be most helpful. Thanks!

Juan Huertas

Dear Simon,

I received the cardigan and could not be happier with it. I initially thought the sleeves were short for my arms, but I’ve come to realize that they fit very well, as does the rest of the cardigan. I must say, this is a really beautiful piece of clothing. I was hesitant to buy it because I already have a navy cashmere cardigan from Drake’s, but this is quite different – much more relaxed, yet still very elegant. It is a great design!

I do hope you will consider expanding the range to other colors in the future. My vote would be for a cream one. Any plans at the moment?

Thanks for all your excellent work!


Great news! Sounds like you have already decided on colorways, but if you’re open to another, taupe would be gorgeous. I recently bought the Stoffa cashmere crewneck in taupe and find it to be extremely versatile with all kinds of trousers and coats. I imagine you’ll get a lot of interest in cream, as well. Will you be starting a waitlist? If so, I’d like to get on it. Thanks.


Hi & Hello, will you have this great cardigan again in stock this year?
last year I was too late.
Best wishes from Germany 🙂


Unfortunately, as is the case with 99 % of all cardigans, this too is way too long.
If it was 2 1/2 inches shorter, so that the lower end would be 1 inch below the lowest button then it would look great.
What most cardigan manufacturers also don’t take into consideration is that those strech a little when worn. So the total length when laid flat needs too be shorter by that amount that it streches when hanging.

Maybe one day some cardigan manufacturer actually comes out with a cardigan that doesn’t make people of normal height look like a sausage.
Then you could also make a picture in which you close the cardigan which you tried to avoid during this picture series because of that precise reason 🙂


Like Daniel, I’m not keen on long cardigans and, consequently, have struggled to find one I liked. I’m afraid that the PS one is too long to my mind and the Anderson and Sheppard a little too short. The best fit I’ve found (and what I finally ended up buying) was Drakes, which is pretty much spot on.


To me the longer length of this garment fits in with the style and also keeps one much warmer than a shorter design would. Simon, do you mind saying what the sleeves width is for say your size? I’m looking into a similar garment at the moment and hoping to select a similar one.


Thank you Simon, that would be very kind of you. I have seen the small hints in the posts that one is coming out soon! I assume it’s cashmere or similar. I intend to start with lambswool and see how it goes.


Hi Simon, I wanted to ask if you could please explain the differences (if any) other than material used between this beautiful Indulgent Cardigan and a similar style sold by Colhays ( which I believe you also have. Thanks much.


Hi Simon, what would be your second choice of colour for such piece after navy? charcoal?


Hi Simon, I am really excited about added a new colour one.
Would you kindly advice me sizing of the cardigan?
I am 5ft 8.5″, with a 35.5″ chest. I have been considering size XS or S for a longtime.
Do you think which size is better for me?
Thank you.


Hi Simon,

Would you mind expanding on why you changed your fit preference for this piece? I believe the cream one you first posted about was either L or XL. Thanks.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the update on the restock. Are some sizes out of stock already? Or are these just leftovers from last year?

Thanks again,


I ordered the cream cardigan and got it yesterday. Wearing today on a perfect chilly Saturday. I was curious to try this out since I missed the navy one last year but also have navy / green shawls from Drakes in lambswool that I adore as well. I also wear more workwear-like Dehen 1920 shawls when I like an ‘American / more rugged’ look to my workwear attire.

As for this one, I agree with Simon’s characterizing above, especially compared to the Drakes ones, this is longer, looser weave, more ‘drapey’, and thicker. But by and far the word I’d use to describe it is luxurious: it feels like I’m wrapping a big fluffly (cream) pillow around me, thankfully a very sartorial one at that. I feel and look probably a tad like a marshmellow. It’s also pleasantly warm, and doesn’t seem like it’ll overheat me indoors either.

I’d picture using this as the catch all indoor sweater — I don’t foresee really wearing it out, especially in cream, but I can easily see this being a ‘default’ piece in my work from home rotation on the weekdays. As the name suggests, a little indulgence in what otherwise might be a more typical work day !

Appreciate the basted pockets and the cashmere is quite nice, though we’ll see how it wears in time.

Thanks for the great product — I’ve been pleased with nearly every product I’ve ordered from the store.


Simon, I wonder if you would comment on colors you would wear the cream version of this cardigan with? Also, would you wear it equally outside the home? Thank you.


Thank you Simon.

Would you say you are as likely to wear this outside of the house as much/in the same scenarios as a Drake’s shawl collar cardigan in the same color?

Lewis Evans

I’m lucky enough to have secured a medium one in navy and initially assumed I would move on my grey Drakes cardigan; however, the Drakes seems to have become a piece of outerwear now, worn over finer gauge knitwear whereas the PS cardigan has become something generally worn indoors over a tshirt or rarely to step out to the shops quickly. Curious to find two such similar designs fulfill such a different role from each other!
As ever with PS, the devil is in the detail with those buttons and the pockets have remained firmly basted up. I’d hate to make it sag!


Hi Simon, may i know the reason that you pick ecru and navy as the colour of the cardigan, how does those colours compare with mid-grey


Any chance that the cardigan will be going on another run this winter ?


Unfortunate, don’t know how I’ve missed the news on this. Any chance that you would go on another run in the Spring then if there’s sufficient interest on the waiting list or is it more likely to comeback only in the following year?


Love this sweater. I’m particularly sensitive to wool, however. Even fine cashmere irritates my skin. Are you aware of a similar sweater made from cotton and/or linen?


Hi Simon, your PS cardigan looks amazing but since it is out of stock in my size and prefered colour I was wondering which other brand would you recommend? I saw that Luca Faloni has really nice cashmere options or would you go with Drake’s/A&S in lambswool? If the latter, are they really that different from what you can get from John Lewis (merino cashmere blend)?


Thanks Simon. I ended up ordering one from A&S and one from John Lewis and decided to keep both as they are in different colours. Interestingly, my wife and I both like the one from John Lewis more! not sure if you have tried the John Lewis version or not but I strongly recommend it ( I have never bought cloths from John Lewis before so was positively suprised).


Dear Simon,
Great cardigan and initiative to make available again.
While being sold out, I have the fortune of my wife offering to knit one, in the spirit of the times. It may be a long shot, but would you consider making this pattern available (for buying) or other suggestions for where to find such?
Best wishes,

Matthew Tucker

Hello Simon:
I really want to purchase the Indulgent Shawl. I have checked the measurements and want to validate. The XL size appears to work well for my height (6 feet) and chest (58 cm). My sleeve measurement based on the direction provided would be 92 cm. XL size appears short at 85 cm. I wear a US 46 long suit and my shirts are 17 neck with 35/36 length. Please help me.. Thanks, Matthew


Hi Simon, Any plans to make the cardigan available again this winter? If so, in what color(s)? Many thanks, Jan


Hi Simon,
How does this differ from the Drakes one (I know you own this too).
From looks- it seems longer and not as tight in the waist? From this perhaps I interpret it wouldn’t really sit under a blazer (fine for me, I wouldn’t do this anyway), but is better left open acting like a jacket on a dry day?


Hi Simon, I had a chance to try on size S at A&S, which seemed to fit well but without the oversized look you are referring to at all. I am wondering whether sizes S or M make more sense. The oversized look seems to be part of the appeal, but I think you commented you wore size S more these days. I am 1.88m tall and a size 38 (inches) chest, so tall but relatively slim. Any advice on the best sizing? Would I have a risk of M just being way too large for me? Thanks, Jan


Any plans to bring this back Simon?


Simon, would you mind sharing what is the new color that the cardigan will be released in? So as to coordinate shopping priorities… thanks.


Grey is showing as sold out on the product page – did the restock already quietly happen and sell out, or has it not happened yet?

Matthew Tucker

Hi Simon:

How does you size measurements for the cardigan compare with Anderson and Sheppard’s? I tried on a similar version of your sweater from A&A and it fit to include my arm length. The measurement on the PS website indicates that the cardigan would not be long enough. Please advise.


Greetings this Christmas morning Simon.

A brief note just to say thanks for this glorious cardigan which I received 2 days ago. I waited patiently on the list for some time and eventually the navy colour became available again and I didn’t hesitate to purchase when it did.
In harmony with your article, I did in fact wear it this morning giving and receiving gifts with my wife and two children. It is everything I hoped it would be: sumptuously comfortable, flexible in how it can be worn and of the very highest quality which is synonymous with many of the items advocated by PS.
Well done, once again..!
Have a great Xmas.


Hi Simon, I have no shawl cardigan and thinking of buying one. I was considering between A&S one, Drake’s standard shawl or 6ply but not too sure what would be a good choice, also not sure whether I should go for a standard size or down. What would you suggest for first time buyers in terms of colour, size and style?
Many thanks,


Hello Simon.

I was wondering if you happened to know whether the four 12-ply cashmere cardigans on the Anderson & Sheppard Haberdashery site are in fact the exact same model/designs as the one you designed and collaborated with Anderson & Sheppard? (except for the charcoal color, which hasn’t been seen here yet)
Just wondering if there might be any differences on theirs, such as not having unpolished horned buttons, etc
Thank you!!


Dear Simon! How do you wash this cardigan? Hand wash or dry clean? Colhay’s recommend dry cleaning for their heavy cardigans. But honestly I would really want to wash such a beautiful piece myself and not take any chances with a dry cleaner. I would be interested in your take on this. I have also seen your excellent video about washing knitwear with A&S, so I think I know how to do it, and have done it, although not yet with such a chunky piece.


Thank you. I will take that advice.
BTW: I also went with your advice buying the lasted shoe trees for my Saint Crispin’s, and I am really happy with my new black Belgravias. Both pairs are excellent and versatile. Thank you


I have a navy shawl collar cardigan from Drake’s and is superb. I was thinking of purchasing another one in beige but with a regular collar. I found out a ribbed one from Kingsman and I was wondering who makes those cardigans for Kingsman because the buttons look like they are from Drake’s, but I am not sure. I know Drake’s made the ties, Turnbull&Asser the shirts and I think suits, odd jackets and trousers were made by Huntsman.

So my question is if you know who makes the knitwear for Kingsman?

Thank you.


Hi Simon,

I have a question regarding the fit. I tried yours and a similar version from Anderson Sheppard Shawl Cardigans, but I felt that yours fit much bigger than the one from Anderson Sheppard.

For example, the one from Anderson & Sheppard felt good om size M but yours felt a bit big. Is the sizing indeed different or is it only something from the style?

Also, as a reference, the knit from yours felt a bit different from the onr from Anderson Sheppard. But I’m not sure if that is true.

Sorry for the storm of questions, I just want to be sure I get the right size when the Navy comes back in stock.


Carl Carolan

Hi Simon,
I hope you are well and all is good.
I’m sorry if I’ve not understood previous posts, is the Anderson and Sheppard 12 ply shawl cardigan now the same style as yours with the same details. It appears that it is made in Italy and yours was made in Scotland, will you be producing anymore or would the Anderson and Sheppard be the closest I would get to yours.
I hope this makes sense.
All best

Carl Carolan

Thanks so much Simon
Is it too late to add to your list
all best

Carl Carolan

Thanks for all your help Simon

Graham Wills

Hi Simon! I read your excellent piece for Drake’s on your 4 ply shawl collar cardigan & the story around the purchase was excellent! Does a 6 ply (& up) cardigan perform better in terms of warmth, stronger/ hold its shape better than a 4 ply? Would appreciate your thoughts please!


Currently deciding between purchasing the grey cardigan from either you or Colhays.

I love this indulgent design significantly more, but I worry about how appropriate the your version would be for my local temperature.

I would mainly be wearing this in days ranging from 13c ~ 21c. Would you say this cardigan is appropriate for this or suited for much colder weather?


Compared to the five button cardigan, did the four buttons’ positions on the cardigan change since the bottom button was removed?