Introducing: The olive overshirt (and Summer restocks)

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This is the new colour of the PS Linen Overshirt - a pale olive green. I love it, but it is a touch unusual so I thought it was worth shooting with different colours, just to illustrate how I think it can work particularly nicely. 

The overshirt is available on the PS Shop, having just come into stock alongside the navy we launched with last year. The dark brown from that launch will be arriving in a couple of weeks. 

The overshirt was the most popular thing in 2021, so I know there will a lot of demand, particularly given how nice the weather is in the UK at the moment. I didn’t want to wait another two weeks to launch everything together. 

While we’re on the subject, three other products were restocked in the past fortnight: the PS shorts, which were just behind the overshirt last year in terms of popularity, with the navy colour now in the same washed style as the khaki and green; the selvedge chambray shirts from 100 Hands, and corresponding fabric; and the shirt that started it all, the Friday Polo, in white, navy, black and green. 

Right, with that out of the way, let’s run through these olive overshirt options. 

Above I’m wearing it with a white T-shirt and black cotton/linen trousers from Casatlantic (El Jadida model). The shoes are classic Sagans from Baudoin & Lange in black suede, the belt is black alligator from Rubato. 

The olive is really good at softening these stark, high-contrast colours, and I like the fact that the result is not typical classic menswear. It has little in common with what I would normally default to - i.e. navy shirt, cream trousers and brown shoes

The black and olive seems more modern to me, and a nice alternative to that navy and cream while still being pretty smart. 

The second option is similar, but loses that black element, for those that don’t really wear the colour and so have little of it in their wardrobe. 

The trousers are dark brown - a very dark brown, so not that far from black, although any dark brown works. They’re the trousers from this Dalcuore suit, so high-twist wool, Holland & Sherry Crispaire. 

That dark brown is nice with the same black accessories, the suede Sagans and a white T-shirt. But a grey underneath the overshirt is also great, and softens the contrast. I wore white with all these outfits for simplicity. 

Last combination - a much more casual one, the overshirt with my old light-blue vintage Levi’s

I think you can see how great the pale olive is with denim, and it’s nice and relaxed with the sleeves rolled up, the T-shirt untucked. 

This last combination captures the flexibility that I think readers might be afraid olive would lack. I was a little too, if I’m honest. I wanted a third colour that was more unusual than the navy and brown (though of course those two were very particular shades) but was a little unsure whether the olive would be versatile at all. 

It does appear to be, and I’ve loved wearing it in recent weeks in these combinations - as well with more obvious things like cream or white trousers, or something smarter like a mid-grey wool trouser and a white shirt. 

Many things work, as always. I’m sure readers will find plenty more of their own. 

In case anyone asks, by the way, no I don’t have a new Cartier watch. We shot this during the recent pop-up with Rubato, and I was wearing a different suit during the day, with a different watch. 

That had a tan strap, which wouldn't have worked particularly well here. So I borrowed Carl from Rubato’s - both he and Oliver have little Cartier Tanks for dress watches. (You can see Oliver’s in this piece in Stockholm.) 

So thank you Carl, your watch complimented these outfits beautifully. The strap is actually a very dark brown, flat and gloss alligator, which made me realise how much I regret my decision to have a domed, matte strap for my Reverso. I also prefer the larger scales on Carl’s strap. Oh well. It’s a cheaper thing to change than the watch.

Those restocks together with shop links are:

Note there have been some small changes since the last iterations:

  • The overshirts have sleeves that are 1cm longer, following feedback last year
  • The navy shorts, as mentioned, are now in the washed, sports make, like the khaki and green models
  • The selvedge chambray shirts no longer show the selvedge on the placket, as we felt this was cleaner and more in keeping with the aesthetic of the shirt, focusing on the beauty of the material
  • Also, note that while some other mills have started offering selvedge chambrays, they are not woven on vintage shuttle looms and so don't have the same texture

Photography: Jamie Ferguson @jkf_man


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I have never worn an overshirts, but after trying xl in popup and l yesterday, placed order yesterday for navy as soon as i got email!


Simon im on the list for the brown one. Can you help me with the size ? Im 1,76 73kg and do sports. Should i get m or s ?


The first combination that came to my mind with olive shirt was to wear it with my off-white jeans, a grey t-shirt and my snuff suede LHS aldens. I think the shade of olive is light enough for snuff suede shoes. With the navy version of the over shirt on top, the shoes could be too light. So the new lighter olive version is very helpful for that shoe thing, compared to navy and dark brown.


The navy overshirt was probably my most worn piece of clothing last summer – so now eagerly waiting for the brown! The pocket set-up is perfect, I love how chic the chest pockets look when unbuttoned and housing a phone or a pair of sunglasses. The sleeves were a perfect length for me last year so I am keen to see how the new version will look when they’re longer. In my experience though, sleeves do shrink on the overshirt by a good few centimeters on the first wash, probably due to the linen.

And good call on doing away with the selvedge on the chambray. If there is one thing I would change on mine, it would be this. It’s undoubtedly a cool detail but I feel it makes it a bit fussy and can look a bit discordant when worn with a smarter outfit.


They definitely shrank on mine. I have the Medium from last year, washed (30 degrees, gentle cycle) and ironed a couple of times. Measuring the sleeve right now, I get 60cm from the very top of the shoulder to the bottom of the cuff and 44.5cm from the pit to the bottom of the cuff.

Don’t get me wrong, this was very welcome as I was planning to shorten the sleeves initially, and I thought it was typical of linen anyway. I like the shorter length as it allows me to show some shirt cuff underneath, balancing the look a bit better.


now im a bit scared… size l I tried on with Luca sleeve length was quite perfect but on a short side.. if it’ll shrink 3cm, it will be too short! dry clean only it is than?


I experienced something similar. After washing my xs brown overshirt by hand the sleeves shortened 2cm. I just measured them and the length is now 58cm.I am looking forward to the new blue overshirt I ordered, because the brown one can now just be worn with the sleeves rolled up. Is there maybe a way to lenghten shrunken linen again?


Hey Simon, without wanting to drag this thread out too much, thought I’d just chime in and mention I did notice some shrinkage in the body length of the brown I purchased last year. It would have been no problem at all because the overshirt’s already come longer than most, unfortunately though (perhaps unwittingly) I had mine shortened by about 2cm before I even gave it a first wash. Also lost a couple cm on the sleeve length I think, as the guys have already mentioned
Overall, after a few washes I’ve lost around 2cm in body length. It’s still wearable mainly because I wear it with chinos as opposed to anything smarter, still covers to around mid seat as well. I’m around 180cm for reference. I’m considering going for the navy this year if I can get my hands on one, definitely won’t be making any alterations this time, will likely just give it a wash straight away.


Would you know if for watch straps there is a noticeable difference in quality between Jean Rousseau, Camille Fournet and ABP?

PS: Nice overshirt, but a little too trendy for me.


Hi Simon. I picked up the green shorts last week and noticed they seem a little darker than they do in the pictures. Because they are a washed cotton I thought they would look similar to yours from the start ? Has the material changed, or does the lighter look come from wearing and washing ? I should add that they are great either way ! Thanks !


I have generally found products in PS photoshoots look lighter in the photos than they do when I receive the product. It might also be this artefact of photography.


Yes, lighter in colour. I may well have to do with outdoor photography in good lighting. I think it is hard to get a photo to be colour accurate. Our perception of colour is influenced by everything around us at the time, and that doesn’t carry over to a photo.


Are the chest pockets large enough to fit a large phone, like a Samsung Note Ultra?



s22 ultra in case. nope. you can put it in but it is a little bit too tall to button it and so the flap stays open outwards. also it’s a case of do you want something so heavy in a shirts chest pocket?

Graham Morgan

I also have never bought an over shirt before. My initial impression is that the look is good whilst stationary but looks flappy and untidy whilst on the move? Would you ever button it up?


Hi Simon, would you consider launching the PS shorts in a smarter linen cloth another year, perhaps in beige/stone? I have a pair of the khaki shorts and they are wonderful and the only pair of shorts I wear. The only limitation I have found is that they are best for casual wear. For example, I don’t think they pair well with knitted polos (thinking of the PS version and John Smedley). Of course, if you want to dress smarter then don’t wear shorts, but i think a carefully chosen colour in linen could strike a balance between relaxed and slightly more dressed-up. Cheers.


Yes, that could be nice, and it doesn’t need to be linen. Perhaps something closer to off-white (ecru sounds good) and without the garment washing.


Looks great. The first outfit very much reminds me of a more casual outfit I like of black boots (or white trainers), black jeans, white tee and olive M-65.

Zach S

That looks pretty great actually, though I’d still likely get the navy or brown. Kind of regretting not discussing it properly with you while you weren’t busy at the pop-up, oh well. Am I to assume the ones at the pop-up had the old length?

Scott W


Thanks for another interesting read. The article led me to review a number of other products on the PS shop, most of which I found stylish and would consider wearing. That said, this fact-finding mission also re-enforced the notion that quality / premium products can be costly. This is definitely not a criticism as I’ve no doubt that the items sold through PS represent good value.
I know you have previously provided advice to readers on shopping on a budget, covering clothing, shoes and bags, and these articles have been helpful. I suppose my question is slightly different in that it relates to budgeting for those who want to build a premium wardrobe. Sticking with your advice regarding the building of a wardrobe over years (not months), I’m interested in how much like-minded readers of permanent style would budget on a monthly basis to build and maintain their collection of clothes. I’d be really interested in your perspective on this as well although I appreciate you might be an atypical case study given your livelihood is centred on clothing and craft.


these coats look so good ..
Hoping for some advice if I may: I was going back and forth for some time about which of the colors to get. Given that wearing a longer than knee-length wool coat rather than a shell jacket of some sort is a statement in itself, at least for me, I wanted to get the color least likely to stand out or turn heads. Most men around here seem to wear dark colors (unless it’s bright mountaineering gear) so I figured the charcoal was the way to go. Meanwhile the herringbone seems ever so slightly showy to me somehow, but it might look differently in real life?
Having worn all 3 of these around London which one felt more subtle to you?
However, I am also partial to dark grey knitwear.. Would you say that is something to be avoided with the charcoal coat, or would the Donegal tweed provide enough contrast on account of texture and depth? The photos with the mid grey rollneck look absolutely great to me but unsure how it would look with a darker knit.


Thanks a lot! I guess I was mostly second guessing myself given I already put in the order. Looking forward to it! And apologies for managing to post my question in the wrong thread.
In order to make an on topic comment: I really like the black/white/olive outfit and could see myself wearing it. Put-together without looking formal/dressed-up.
If I recall correctly you commented in a previous post about how you find the casatlantic trousers too high rise for you to wear with a tucked in shirt. However in these photos it looks great (and also not particularly high rise somehow). Are you just chosing to wear them slightly lower than they are meant to sit?


I would call this pistachio rather than olive! I was convinced you would go for plum/dark purple after your interview with Gianluca M.


Simon- are these the black linen or linen/cotton? I have a white linen/cotton pair of El Jahidas and Love them. The black looks great, though I’m just starting to integrate black back into my wardrobe and haven’t quite mastered it yet. Thanks.


Hi Simon, Thank you for the great blog. I wonder whether it is possible to try the shirts somewhere prior to buying i.e. does any of the stores stock these anywhere in London? Thanks in advance for your response. Cheers AKG


Ah. Thanks much. Best Regards AKG

Tim J

Hi Simon, now you’ve gone and fine it. I made my mind up last year, albeit too late, that the brown over shirt was for me. Now I’m undecided again as the pale olive looks great. Both colours would suit me. I wondered what you thought was the more flexible of the two if you had to choose?

Tim J

Thanks Simon. And clearly meant to read ‘…done it.’ in the original message.

Omar Asif

Hi Simon
A couple of questions please, out of the three colours, which would you say would be the most versatile, navy?
And second, at 290gms, how does the weight of this shirt jacket compares with a linen shirt?


Just unpacked the navy size l overshirt! Lovely if a bit on the slim side. One question I have. How slim is too slim in terms of freedom of movement? it feels a bit tight if extending both arms 90* forward and I wouldnt want to hold overhead rails in a bus or tube especially when buttoned up.

otherwise unless it’ll shrink during wash, it’s perfect.


Really lovely shirt, thinking of getting the brown one.

Something I was wondering, how would you feel wearing matching linen trousers for the shirts (for any color) for a fun summer setting?


Simon – looking forward to my olive version arriving next week to join my well-worn navy. The only development I would like to see is a second vertical internal pocket to mirror the existing one. Would make it even more versatile (especially to those like me who don’t like using trouser pockets for anything substantial). Any prospect?


Hi can you tell us when a restock of you tees can be expected?


I love the color. I’ve just received a linen suit I commissioned in what seems to be a very similar color (always a little hard to tell on screen).


Hi any tees restock soon? Thanks


Really like this but RTW will never be a good fit for me

disappointed the linen madras isn’t back in stock… I don’t regret many clothes I didn’t buy (many more that I did) but this one is the minority that got away


Does that mean that it’s delayed or that the restock won’t happen at all?


Hi, Simon
I am interested in a pair of trousers from Casatlantic, El Jadida model more specifically. What color should I get first from black , white and beige since I have the PS overshirt in navy?
Thank you!


You regularly suggest olive as a versatile colour. Is this the colour you have in mind? I would usually associate olive with a darker colour I.e a dark green.


Hey there Simon, what weight is the linen please?


Hi Simon – Did the sizing of the shorts change compared to last year? Last year, I got two pairs in 46, and the waist was nearly ideal for me. For this year’s run, the waist on a 46 (in navy) seems to be about 2cm bigger than last year, and not in agreement with the sizing table (which says 81cm waist circumference).


Not sure if I got the navy from two different batches, but I had issue with the navy.
Waist is a bit bigger in comparsion to khaki, and green.
Already initiated a return, and talked with Lucas.


Same here for with regards to size issues, green matched sizing reference but khaki was nearer a size up.

Return/ exchange in motion.

Apart from little hiccup, enjoying the green shorts.


Hi Simon,
Did the style on the PS Shorts change? I have 2 pairs from last year that had double pleats.
I received the updated washed navy pair and they now have single pleats?
Thank you!


Thanks Simon!
Any chance that the product page for the PS Shorts will include updated pictures of the newer style?
Or perhaps pictures of you wearing them?


I agree, the old pictures/model look great! I don’t think you should remove them.
Might I suggest that perhaps just add the newer pictures, alongside the previous ones, for styling inspiration, etc, since a note was already included on the changes.


Hi Simon, not sure if you’re going to do a post on this as the shorts are already in the shop but I’m curious about the reasons behind the pleat removal and making the navy in the other material? I’m hoping this might finally be the year I can spring for a pair after waiting since they first came out.


Fair enough, thank you. The washed navy would still be nice, but my wardrobe is almost entirely black, blue, and grey right now so I imagine introducing a new colour is probably a better bet. It’s been hard to find khaki shorts that I like, but I think if it has to be one it will be the green.


Hi Simon,
I just received my olive overshirt after I bought the brown one last year. This color looks nice but it’s not a color I usually wear. Besides the light colors trousers, do you think it looks good to pair it with dark indigo jeans or mid brown trousers as I don’t have any black or very dark brown trousers.
Lastly, do you have any intention for a very dark olive/green in the future? I think it will be nice and very versatile.
Thanks in advance for your answers!


Hi Simon, is the chambray shirt in the overshirt shoot the same as the RTW version you’re currently selling? I’m asking because some details (like the placket) seem a little different. Thanks!


Hi simon ive been looking at the black trousers from casatlantic and wanted to ask:
1) does the black trouser necessitate wearing a black belt and shoes ? I think it will be nice to write an article on black pants given how tricky but interesting it is
2) i note the trousers are simple in construction. Does this have any implication on longevity or comfort whem wearing?


Hi simon, how does the el jahida compare in fit to the armoury army chinos?


I meant the old ones you have for a while now. I own them and they are my standard to which i compare other chinos to


Hi Simon,
Could those black trousers from Casatlantic be worn with a white T shirt and the PS overshirt in navy? Or maybe change the colour of the T shirt?
Thank you!


Thank you, Simon
As such I am deciding at a white pair from Casatlantic in the same model that you have above. Is it ok to wear both the trousers and overshirt in linen? Or should I get the cotton version? As for a t shirt? White trousers with navy PS overshirt can I add a navy t shirt or polo shirt?
Thank you!


Hi Simon, do you have an update on the brown version by any chance? Thanks a lot!


Hi, Simon
I am deciding to wear the PS overshirt in green with a pair of ecru trousers and a pair of snuff suede loafers but not sure what to wear under the overshirt. Maybe a white T-shirt could work with a medium brown belt or perhaps add a grey T-shirt? In case I want to wear a shirt what do you recommend?
Thank you!


Thank you, Simon
But what about if I would keep the same trousers and overshirt but add a black t shirt and a pair of dark brown suede loafers?


So I‘ve cold washed my blue overshirt and the sleeves did shrink considerably as did the overall shirt. Sadly, it‘s not really wearable anymore as it‘s too tight now. I didn‘t tumble dry.
It‘s sad because I really loved it and would like to order another one and try dry cleaning it. Will this prevent shrinkage?


Thanks, I‘ll wait what the maestro says. I‘ve been wearing the collar up with a tshirt so the sweat from my neck made a wash necessary. Otherwise it would be fine.


Love this product – I bought a navy first time round and got a lot of use out of it so now have olive and brown versions too. Really flexible and easy to wear over a T shirt or shirt. Have washed the navy and had no problems with shrinkage.

Guy Vorapiboonvit

I have always want one of your overshirt,However i cant decide which color should i go for.
I m planning to pair it with mid-blue jean,khaki,mid grey,olive
In my case ,which color would you recommend i m going for.
Thank you.


Hey Simon,
With more casual style RTW shirts would you adjust cuff buttons to better fit your wrist? I find that most RTW casual sleeve cuffs are quite large and the buttons slide past my wrist (the sleeves are probably too long as well). I will probably end up rolling the sleeves up a majority of the time anyways but just curious of your thoughts. Thanks!



Would you adjust sleeve length as well?


Hi Simon,

Curious as to how you found the small Cartier tanks?

I have quite small wrists and so have been thinking of whether to buy the large sized tanks marketed as for men (I was told this by the sales rep) versus the small tank which I think fits my wrist size better.

I go for vintage round watches with a diameter of 36-38mm, but not sure how that translates to square / rectangle shaped watches?


Simon and Team,

With a focus on casual jackets and overshirts moving into the role of more formal jackets in recent years, and what I assume is the success of the linen PS Overshirts, have you given any thoughts to a mid-weight transition season (particularly autumn) overshirt? I see Luca Avitabile’s shop has some options in a midweight merino, but even from pictures I’m not sold on the color, and particularly the texture. Possibly even something lined?

Peter Hall

Do you remember the old Umbro drill tops,Simon? Something cut like that but much better quality. A ventile top with a soft lining( ,but quite retro looking.)A PS garment designed for gym/ training./cycling
I used to love the ‘boxy’ look of old football training tops.


Hello there, is it possible to explain to me why the Anderson&Sheppard linen jacket is so much more expensive than your linen product? because I think they are both made with linen in Italy


I appreciated your explanation Mr Crompton. Still, I am stunned with that price. It makes me wonder what kind of linen they used because Anglo Italian also located in an expensive area with plenty of good staff, offers their linen mtm jacket with a fully canvassed, handmade armhole, and collars at £1400


My main point here is, are they genuinely delivering greater value to customers to justify that price than the other brands?


Hi Simon, could I ask if you iron or steam the overshirt whenever you wear it?

Many thanks,


I see. Do you think it is okay to steam or iron it quite often if I do it at a moderate temperature?


Hello Simon, just a brief question. Would you say the navy version of the PS overshirt is best for a cold-colored wardrobe? Was tempted also by the brown, but it looks abit more dusty, rather than being a really dark brown?

Many thanks.


Thanks Simon. Not so much smartness, more that I have found that cold colours are great for versatile outerwear.


Cool, appreciate your help!


Hi simon i have been contemplating getting a dark olive cotton sportcoat as my next purchase (i already have solid navy and dark brown check sportcoats) and have been doing some research onlinr when i realize there are quite few stylish men who wear olive sportcoats often. They’re mostly in navy or brown or some check patterns or when in olive its usually a jungle jacket/barbour/linen overshirt.I dont recall seeing you in.a solid olive sportcoat too for that matter in yoir posts. Is there something in there i should consider or? In my mind i think a dark olive looks good with khakis, dark denim, even black pants/denim and could prove very nice

Manish Puri

Hi Shem

It’s been a while but Simon has commissioned a green sportcoat from Zizolfi.

He also included green in his five jacket capsule collection so I think it’s a great option and your trouser combinations sound great.