Come to our next talk: Tony Gaziano at Mortimer House

Friday, April 5th 2024
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Things have been a bit crazy recently with the pop-up shop and the book launches - now three, in London, Paris and New York. But I'm glad to say we're also re-starting our popular reader talks, where we interview an interesting person in menswear along with 40 or so readers.

The next event will take place on Friday, April 26th with Tony Gaziano, of shoemakers Gaziano & Girling.

Tony will be a fascinating person to talk to. We've known each other a good while, and I've followed the journey of G&G from bespoke shoes, to innovative ready-made, the first shoe factory in over a century, and now the first British shoemaker on Savile Row.

Tony is also a rarity among shoemakers in being both a maker and a designer - someone who is interested in both aspects, as well as of course running his own company.

He's uniquely placed to talk about where shoemaking has come from and where it's going. Plus more quotidian things like his favourite pair of shoes, and which styles every reader should own.

Please join myself and Tony at Mortimer House for what promises to be an enjoyable conversation:

  • Friday, April 26
  • Drinks from 6:30pm, talk at 7pm
  • Mortimer House: 37-41 Mortimer Street, London
  • RSVP essential: [email protected]

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Simon and Manish, this event looks interesting. I would love to hear a conversation with Jake Grantham of Anglo-Italian.

Manish Puri

Thanks very much, Travis.

We’re still setting up the schedule for the rest of 2024 so I’ll make sure Simon gets your suggestion.


OK, thanks, Manish!


Will there be a livestream or recorded video of the talk with Tony?

Manish Puri

Hi Mark

No livestream I’m afraid but we hope to be able to share a recording shortly after the talk.


Tony’s a lovely guy and like so many other famous brand owners has, along with Dean Girling, the daily stress of managing staff, suppliers and customers. We clients who love high grade clothing tend to focus only on the beautiful product and easily forget that behind it there’s a business that has to be fed and kept profitable in order to survive. It’s wonderful that G & G now regularly make shoes for the King – I do hope a Royal warrant will be the next recognition.


Will the talk be posted on YouTube?