Come to our last talk of the year, with Anda Rowland

Monday, October 30th 2023
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Our next talk at Mortimer House will be in a couple of weeks, on Friday November 17th. And this time we're interviewing Anda Rowland of Anderson & Sheppard on what the future holds for Savile Row.

Anda has been involved in the Row since 2005, when she first took an active role in the tailoring house the family owned. It was thanks to her that the move to Old Burlington Street was not a downgrade, but a revitalisation, creating (for me) the most beautiful of the Savile Row shops.

It's also easy to forget that until then, paper patterns and the work of tailors were never exposed to customers. She encouraged clients to see the work, to move into the cutting room to select their trimmings, to become part of the process. Other tailors followed suit and it is now almost standard, whether on the Row or in Italy.

She's seen the mocking of Savile Row - Giorgio Armani calling it 'a bad British comedy' and that BBC documentary - and helped organise joint events in reaction. She saw the growth of interest that also resulted, the fascination with craft and heritage after 2008, and the unprecedented demand for apprenticeships since.

Today, there are new challenges. Lots of young tailors, but not necessarily anywhere for them to go. The rise of e-commerce, which the A&S Haberdashery was partly a response to. And the decline of the suit itself.

Come hear Anda and myself debate how Savile Row needs to adapt in order to thrive for another 20 years.

  • Venue: Mortimer House, London
  • Date: Friday, November 17th
  • Time: 6:30pm drinks, 7pm start
  • RSVP required: [email protected]

In other news, several PS products have launched or been restocked in the past few weeks, which we can provide a brief update on. The big launch of the winter, our new double-breasted coat with Private White VC, will also be launching this Wednesday.

Apologies, by the way, that there are so many product-related pieces at this time of year. It's always the way, but after this Wednesday there's nothing for many weeks. Normal service will be resumed.

So, an update:

  • The Cashmere Rugby was restocked, with a new brown colour alongside the existing navy and grey. That's the brown above, with black washed jeans and my full-strap Alden loafers
  • The Tapered Tee restocked, with a new grey, as did the Undershirt. Both were extremely popular, and some sizes have already sold out.
  • There were some new accessories. The PS Watch Cap came back in, as it does every winter, with a new brown similar to the Rugby. That's it below. The Arran scarves were also restocked with a new charcoal colour (something I've worn a lot in recent years, eg here).
  • The Reversible Suede jacket and the Donegal coat in mid-grey was also restocked. The navy will not be, but there are a couple of those left.
  • The Cashmere Crewneck was incredibly popular, but we have managed to get a restock for December. Rare to be able to do that at the moment, so great to be able to do it on such a popular new release.
  • The Indulgent Shawl Cardigan - made with Anderson & Sheppard - is expected in a couple of weeks. Those that pre-ordered will have their deliveries, there will be stock in navy, grey and dark brown. The Finest Crewneck and Dartmoor in navy are also expected then.

Any questions on any of these please do let us know in the comments below. Saves Lucas answering hundreds of emails at this time of year! Thank you.

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Morning Simon. Thank you for the updates! Do you think you may consider doing the suede jacket in other colours (eg navy) in the future?


Amazing. Thank you Simon!


People can blame me. I ordered six tapered t-shirts and three undershirts 😉
Thanks for the update. I had missed the brown watch cap. It looks great.


Thanks, looking forward to this!
On the pridyct availability side of things: any update on the blue/cream oxford? Thanks as always!


Brown with the black jeans – lovely combo. Assuming you wear some kind of scoop necked undershirt beneath the Rugby, can I ask for your recommendation for underwear like that?

Chris West

Good morning Simon,
Is the brown rugby top also a Large?


Hi Simon, you mention about there not being a product related post after Wednesday, how about the Casual Style guide? Is there a release date? Thank you!

John-Bryan Hopkins

So the black washed jeans. Are they 501’s? I forgot about black denim, looks great.


Hi Simon, what’s the blue over shirt in the pictures?


Is the brown rugby only available in size small and up, no extra-small?

Matt L

I’m a bit disappointed that the grey tee is already gone in my sizes. I presume it won’t be re-stocked for a while?

And of course I’m looking forward to the interview!


Will there be a restock of the brown rugby? It was already sold out when I got the notifiying mail.

Lindsay McKee

I’d love to attend that talk but unfortunately cannot at this time.
I’ll wait for the video when you post it later.

Benjamin Jones

Hi Simon,
I remember the BBC documentary, which arrived at a time when I was becoming more interested in clothes. I remember quite enjoying it, but maybe I’d think differently now. Was it received badly by The Row?


Was that the one that basically served as a puff piece for Ozwald? I remember him being somewhat dismissive of A&S. Of course, since then, A&S has risen to new heights. Can’t say the same for Ozwald’s business.


Hi Simon. What brand / size of jeans are you wearing in the first couple of pictures? Thanks in advance.


Apologies if this has been asked before elsewhere but where is the lovely blue/black over shirt in the pictures with the new watch cap from ? It looks ever so warm.


Thank you !


The dark brown cashmere Rugby looks great! I use my grey one extensively. Too bad I’ve only seen the brown one now and it’s already out of stock I suppose that it won’t be restocked until next year?


Good things come to those who wait then. I look forward to it next year.

Richard Baker

After reading several biographies, I would without hesitation assert that Anda’s father, Tiny was arguably one of the most colourful and well dressed characters in British business of the last century.


Will the PS Shetland Tweed fabric be re-stocked this winter? Or, will it not be available again until fall 2024?


Any news on the Finest Knitwear in charcoal?


Thanks. I will get it and maybe a couple of watch caps.


Another thing. I think you should release a Dartmoor in a cold dark brown.


Is the brown Donegal coat, which is a bit warmer according to your account, coming back?


Thanks! Just on time then


Hi Simon
Will you have samples of most/all PS products at the pop up next week? Mindful, some are out of stock but would be good to try sizes so we can order confidently when you restock.

David Lilienfeld

It’s a shame the navy Donegal tweed coat won’t be restocked. it is one of the most beautiful items in your store.

Caleb C.

There was a small hint a few weeks back about a black denim shirt offering from 100 Hands in the future. Is this still in the works?


Very interested to hear her perspective, can you do an interview on Edward Sexton in a few years too, now the man is gone (and given ES’s decent size entrance into RTW) want to hear where they think things are going


Hi Simon,
Is there a way to reserve / pre-buy certain items? I love the quality of your products and the care that has been put in creating them. I’m feeling hopeless missing out on a number of items as my size goes sold out in a matter of hours after being listed online.
Thank you


I wouldn’t imagine so, but there aren’t any plans to discontinue the Indulgent Shawl-Collar Cardigan at present, are there? I intend to purchase one at some point, but the exchange rate is incredibly bad for me at present and I’m hoping it will improve by this time or so next year.
Also, unlike the other items listed, the store page for the cardigan isn’t linked in the post, and incidentally, the page reads “[o]nly available in a small run in dark navy and rich cream” despite cream no longer being offered and the subsequent additions of grey and black (and in a couple of weeks, dark brown).