Introducing: The grey cashmere crewneck

Friday, October 13th 2023
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There is a knit that I’ve always worn under everything. It’s what I wear under a tailored jacket, like the Anthology grey herringbone, but also what I wear under casual clothing like my Connolly tobacco suede

It goes with the full range from formal to casual, on its own or for layering. It is the two-ply flannel-grey cashmere crewneck.   

I had one from Luca Faloni for a long time, and that featured regularly on PS over the years. But I was always looking for a denser, Scottish-made version, if only because I didn’t like the strip of beige the other one had around the collar. 

Not many people seemed to sell one though. Outside of bigger brands, Colhay’s was the best fit, and I did speak to Ronnie about doing a flannel-grey version of one of his crewnecks that I wear. But he already did a dark grey, and (probably sensibly) decided that he didn’t want two greys.

So last year we started working with a Scottish mill to make our own, with a few small tweaks along the way. This is what is going on sale today, and is pictured above and below. 

In most ways, it is that simple, classic grey crewneck I wanted. 

The two-ply yarn and 21 gauge makes it the everyday mid-weight that you can wear most of the year, including indoors, and which layers under jackets and coats. 

The colour is the mid-grey flannel we all know from tailoring, that goes with every colour and has that particular ability to soften strong hues.

The fact it’s Scottish made means the knit is tighter, using more cashmere, and will last better, softening over time and with the occasional wash. (See video with Colhay’s here on that.)

But we also made some small tweaks to tie in with the rest of the PS products. So we raised the collar slightly at the back, in the same way as the Tapered T-shirts. I think it’s generally more flattering. 

The other grey crewnecks tend to have a double cuff, which while nice, isn’t the simple and versatile look I wanted with here - as with the Cashmere Rugby. So this is single cuff. 

The sleeves tend to be a little short on those knits, so we lengthened them a couple of cm. Better to err a touch on the long side, as you won’t notice a small amount of extra fullness in the sleeve, but you will notice if it’s too short. We also brought the body fit in a tiny amount to bring them in line with the other PS pieces. 

None of it revolutionary, as Luke Walker talked about in our recent video interview. Just tweaks to make it our perfect version, and to make it consistent with everything else. 

I had a look through old images on the Lookbook to see where I had worn a grey cashmere crewneck in the past, and there were quite a few. It provided some evidence for what I had otherwise assumed - that it’s the type and colour of knit I wear the most, because of its versatility. I’ve included a few of them below. 

As with the Tapered T-shirt, it’s really satisfying developing something that you always wanted, because now you have it. And you can carry on wearing it with everything. 

The Cashmere Crewneck is available on the shop, priced £270 plus taxes (£324 in the UK). 

Product details:

  • 100% cashmere, using two-ply Scottish yarn
  • Knitted in Scotland at 21 gauge
  • Single cuff, higher back collar
  • Moderate to slim fit (see size chart below)
  • Classic length

Size and fit:

  • Runs true to size
  • I wear a Medium, have a 39-inch chest and normally wear a size 40 jacket (size 50 European)
  • Note the knits are labelled with the manufacturer’s measurement, which does not correspond to a standard chest size (like the Cashmere Rugby)

Size chart

Chest 19.5 inches 20.5 21.5 22.5 23.5
Length 25.75 26.25 26.75 27.25 27.75
Under arm 20.75 20.75 21 21.25 21.25


Other clothes shown:

  • Vintage blue/black hunting jacket
  • White PS Undershirt
  • Vintage seventies Levi's 501s
  • Bespoke Anthology jacket in PS Shetland Tweed
  • Rubato Officer's Chinos

Apologies for the lack of straight-on shot or flat lay. I'll add these later. 

Images below show other outfits with a grey cashmere crewneck, not the new PS model

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Hi Simon. It looks really good. Will this be at the pop up and if so will there be likely to be any left by then?


Waiting to try it out didn’t work well – sold out in large already! When are more anticipated?


Hi Simon. Do you know if December is now likely? Also, what’s the latest on the striped Oxford shirt as I thought September was the ETA? Many thanks!

Lindsay McKee

I think that this crewneck is great but I’d like to see bigger sizes. I have a 50+ inch chest and mid weight cashmere knitwear or any knitwear is very hard to find in my size.
I may try William Crabtree and if there are others, I’d like to know.

Lindsay McKee

I understand.


It was only a matter of time, well done Simon, taken a classic and given it the PS touch. You got the sizing bang on as well looking at the charts. I know where I’ll be coming for my next crew neck.

Not much more I can say, if I wasn’t trying to rebuild my financials after a headache of a year, I’d already have placed an order. Something tells me however this will be a mainstay in the PS arsenal, so I’m sure I’ll get my chance next year.


Congrats on the launch .

Personally, I’ve always found that shade of grey difficult to work with but I think in the last photo with the grey jacket you nailed it .

Mr Brown

I have three shades of grey, a la The Three Bears. Your shade I’d say is the lightest. Great when it comes out, but my go-to is a shade darker. You hold a tan though Simon; I can see why this shade would be your #1.
Great looking item.

Ian Skelly

looks really nice, am I right in assuming it is William Lockie? if so is the standard flannel they do(wondering for comparison purposes ) p.s any update on the navy merino crewneck?


Will the charcoal version be available at the same time, Simon?


The jumper works best with a tailored jacket, smart trousers and a collared shirt. It looks like a grey sweatshirt with jeans and, especially, a t-shirt underneath.


The jumper is very much my style but my wife does not like me in grey or black jumpers and insists on a collared shirt even in hot weather. I would therefore choose a different coloured jumper to wear with a tweed or waxed jacket, an OCBD shirt and moleskin jeans. We have huge moth problems in our area, which I discpvered to my own massive cost, so anything cashmere needs very careful protection.


Wow, your wife has some strong opinions. id caution against being to prescriptive in that way.


We have been candid with each other over the last 30 years or so. My clothing tastes haves not changed much during that time and she generally likes them. When it comes to what suits me, she gives her opinion and is usually right. I believe that such honesty has strengthened our relationship.

My parents, especially my mother, were even more vocal in their dislike of denim. My late father never wore denim jeans in his entire life and I stopped wearing them when I left university. However, following Simon’s example, I recently bought a cheap pair of Levi 501s in the sales.and may give them a try this chilly weekend. Mum would be horrified!


There’s a good article – how to deal with moths – on PS.


In a few months, moths munched their way through my cashmere jackets and knitwear as well as (to my horror) flannel tailoring too. Simon wrote an article on dealing with moths three years ago –

I have used a few of the methods. The most effective way to protect your valuable garments from moths is to keep them in suit covers and sealed nylon bags. I also put anti-moth cartridges, mothballs and big conkers (there are lots of horse chestnut trees near my house) in my wardrobes and chests of drawers.


Really look good on you Simon..once I bought grey cashmere crewneck and it clashed with my grey beard and hair..


I have the same problem with grey sweaters or polos. They make me look dead and I gave up on them. The white shirt or T-shirt is a good idea generally. Having a long thin neck, I need a collar though. So in my case a T-shirt doesn’t work. And a white shirt can look a bit too formal. I should try it with an OCBD or brushed cotton. In your case, both the white shirt and the white T-shirt under the grey crewneck look good.


Cute little chain!


Gorgeous item. I purchased the Faloni knit last year, so will have to pass this time. I hope this is a great success for you and you can release more colours in the future!
Regarding the sizing, I am surprised you took a size M based on the size chart provided. For knitwear similar to this, don’t you normally size down to an S for your Faloni knits and size 40 (since they run small) for your Colhays knits?

Tommy Mack

Beautiful garment, looking forward to checking it out if I can finally make it down to the next pop up!

Quick question: you mentioned wearing it/similar knits much of the year, you don’t find cashmere too warm outside of winter?


Great addition to the shop!
I know that you have a Rubato Crewneck in stone/grey (that I personally bought after your latest post about versatile knitwear). Do you think that this item have the same niche in your wardrobe or is it more smart due to the cashmere?


I´ll probably pass this one as I don’t need two so similar crewnecks. I will probably buy the Finest Knitwear in charcoal when it is released.
Any news about the new stock of undershirts?


How would you describe the cut? I have a Faloni one (inspired by some PS posts), but being accustomed to the Rubato cut, I find it a bit too long in the body, and it feels a little too light/soft. Seems like this one has a firmer feel to it, but I’m curious about the cut.


Could you clarify what the “under arm” measurement is? Is that the length of he sleeve, following the seam on the underside?


Great colour and details – such a shame that the L is about an inch or so too short.

Guy W

Agree that the versatility of this knit is second to none, and this is a beauty, Simon. I own something very similar but in a lighter weight (similar to the Finest Crewneck), which gets more wear in a subtropical climate. Unfortunately, I have my eye on a number of your upcoming products (including the Finest Crewneck), so won’t be getting this (even though I think being slightly thicker makes it easier to wear casually than the one I own).

On that note, I find I’ve really gravitated towards this type of light/mid weight knitwear. I have a mid grey crewneck and a navy cashmere crewneck (Colhay’s). What are your thoughts on a dark, olive green vs a dark brown as a third option?


Looks great Simon. I just tried to get one and, incredibly, they are already sold out in my size! Hoping there might be some more before too long?


Looks nice. Is the front collar raised, too? Does it bother you to have the white tee poking out above the collar?


So how does the neckline compare to, say, Colhays?


Hi Simon. Yes, I found this after reading your post:.
I have a lovely oatmeal sweatshirt which, against my fair skin, is not flattering. With a white tee poking out as a background it makes all the difference, and seems to emphasise.the simplicity and focus of the look.


hi simon: just echoing a prior reader’s post about the demand for larger (XXL) sizes. while I understand your manufacturing limitations, I would imagine that given your (wealthier, older, larger?) demographic, there would be demand for these in a larger size. Particularly frustrating for a beautiful versatile sweater such as this. Just venting. Travel safe and see you in new york at the pop up next week.


How do you determine (if at all) how many sales you’re missing by not including a bigger size? I’d suggest you wouldn’t need to be particularly large by western standards (certainly UK/USA) to go beyond 23.5″ p2p


A very nice crewneck that ill definitely try out since i almost alway wear grey and blue crewnecks. Would that fit good with workwear or is it too formal ?
By the way did you take a look at the new stoffa catalog ? They made a blue crewneck that seems to also tick every box except the 1000usd price


In which cases do you where this one and in which cases a grey sweatshirt ? Dont the come a bit similar sometimes if worn casual ?
You are right about the price of stoffa but everything there is to me very expensive to justify. Are you planing also a blue version ? Then id wait yours


Is there, and not an intended pun, a material benefit to hand-framing? I see on a previous article you said it made it more supple but not found that to be an issue on decent cashmere items.

You also mention it being on a loom… to my mind a loom is for weaving not knitting?


One comment on Rubato. What is seriously lacking on their homepage is a description of the products on their homepage, justifying the rather high but not extreme price. This makes it difficult for me to buy something from them. The other positive extreme is S.E.H Kelly, and indeed your homepage to a somewhat lesser degree, where you exactly know what you are getting and why the price is justified.

Clifford Hall

Simon, could you confirm the body length please.

Clifford Hall

Thank you, sorry miss read the chart.


Love the colour, which is perfect. I’d be interested in buying it, but the neckline looks a little too low for me. I have a strong preference for a higher/tighter neckline.

Brendan C

When will a restock happen? Sad 😢 XL is sold out

Paul H

Looks great Simon, congrats! Alas, I have this niche filled with one from RL Purple Label as yours is a much better value. I think you have the PL hoodie which I too have and is a similar knit to my crewneck. Curious if you can comment on how the knits compare between the two (Scottish vs Italian) and if the general distinctions hold (more robust, denser, less fluffy, etc.)?


One very quick tangential question, if I may. You mention the video interview with Luke Walker above. Has that been posted for viewing yet? If so, I missed it and would quite enjoy watching.


Can’t believe you sold all your stock in medium within one day! I guess it’s the waiting list for me…


Simon knows a thing or two about good quality knitwear. I would buy this if my wardrobe wasn’t already bursting with Shetland crew necked sweaters.
This would make a great first cashmere crew necked sweater for a beginner. A simple color that is very discreet in design. A cable knit would have been too much, but this could honestly work and be serviceable in more contexts thanks to it’s discreet design. It could hit more inflection points in formality then cable knit cashmere sweater could.
Great work Simon.
PS. please make a sweater vest soon!

Dan James

Lovely sweater. That was exactly the colour I was thinking of when I asked if you thinking of doing a light-grey in the Finest Crewneck. It looks fantastic combined with the Shawl Cardigan and a white shirt-the gradual tone change is bang on. I am sorely tempted but will wait for the restock of the Crewneck instead.
To me, this would be an investment piece. Look after it well and you have a timeless classic that will go with many outfits and never date. Pencilled in for a future purchase.


Very nice and certainly very versatile crewneck!
The measurements seem to be the same as for the Cashmere Rugby, only that the sizes are different: Measurements for size M in the Cashmere Rugby equals a size S for the Cashmere Crewneck etc. (with armlengths being longer for the crewneck). I have a size M in the Cashmere Rugby (which is a good fit), and guess I should therefore take a size S in the Cashmere Crewneck. Correct?
Is there any particular reason for the sizing being different like this?
Is the colour the same as the grey Cashmere Rugby?


Simon, you ought to be aware that your RSS feed appears to have stopped working. I use Bloglines to monitor website updates rather sign up to lots of newsletters which would fill up my inbox. The last PS article on my dashboard was “Should you buy a copy? What’s the harm?” on the 13th of September. It would be useful to know if you have stopped using the feed. or if there is a problem that needs fixing.

Rupesh Bhindi

Hi Simon,
Please could you provide clarification on the measurement table with regards to the chest as the measurements table states under arm which I presume means pit to pit (where the stitching for the arm and chest meet). The other measurement for chest is taking the same measurement across when the garment is laid flat but usually 10 cm below the arm pit. I am just a little confused between the XS and S. Rubato, I wear XS but I know the model is not comparable. Thanks

J Crewless

I like it. Looks good. I often use a slim wool sweater as an undergarment often in wintt-shirts loose fitting shirts but over tshirts.

Rhys Williams

Hello Simon, is this available on the shop or already sold out? I can’t see availability for any size other than xs. It’s been a few days of checking. Thanks.

Rhys Williams

Ah, ok, I was on the list but didn’t act quickly enough they were gone by the time I clicked through. I’ll resubscribe. Thank you.


Agreeing with your critiques of the half-zip sweater in the comments of last month’s “5 pieces of knitwear” post made me wonder why I’m rather fond of the one I picked up in 2019. Then came this post, and I finally realised why: it has the same color profile as this lovely new product.
I’m not sure you’ll agree that that would make a half-zip more palatable even on a marginal level, but the versatility of this color sort of helps my mind give that knitwear style a free pass despite its faults.
Of course, that also explains why I couldn’t quite bring myself to like the half-zip in other colors!


Hi Simon,
Can’t believe I missed this. Will these be replenished this year?


Outstanding. I will sign up, now.
Thank you!


Oh, is the finest crew neck also making a return?


Hi, Simon . When will the grey cashmere sweater be available again? It sold out really fast. Looking forward to get one.


how do i get on the waiting list?
btw, i normally wear size XL/42 in real mccoy’s tee shirt. and XL in RRL shirt.
what size of this cashmere should i be getting? size L or size XL? Thx


I am between size M and L .

should I go with L or M?

I normally wear size L in polo Ralph Lauren sweater.


Hi Simon, I have the rugby cashmere shirt, which I like. Is it made by the same manufacturer?

Additionally, when we say 2ply in this instance, does this equate to 2 ends of 2/28 yarn or 2 ends of 1/28? I know this can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer so just trying to get an idea of density / thickness of the knit. Thanks


Hi Simon, thanks for the reply and apologies for the delay in responding to your question. For most, I fully agree, it should not matter and would not communicate anything useful.
However, in my case I do attribute value to knowing the knitter. I own pieces made by Lockie, Scott & Charter, Barrie, JoE, Hawico etc., many of which bear the name of the end retailer such as Colhays and notice differences between each knitter in terms of hand feel, finishing detailing, seam re-enforcement despite all using top end cashmere and thread from the like of Todd and Duncan. As a result, I have preferred knitters, notwithstanding all being knitted in or around Hawick in Scotland. This information also doesn’t mean I would then seek out similar items direct from the knitter itself as I appreciate the time, attention to detail and value which the likes of yourself, Colhays and other retailers have put into tweaking and refining design or de-design of existing templates. For example, in this case, the higher collar at the back and longer sleeves are welcomed additions from my perspective. Hope this all makes sense in the context of your question,

Ian skelly

Hi Dan I have a Johnstons of Elgin and a few lockies, how would you say the hawico and Barrie knits compare to the lockies ( i am interested as they are is a pretty big price difference between them so wondered if this is reflected in the quality )


Hey Simon
Great looking crewneck! I just wanted to add my voice to the ones who would be interested in a XXL.


Hi Simon,
Deciding which grey crewneck to go moving forward between this and the same grey you got from Dalmo Cashmere but in 2-ply.
Based on your usage of both, do you find one is more versatile than the other?


Hi Simon, would you happen to know the approximate weight? For example 325g / 350g / 375gs? Much appreciated.


No problem, thanks. I have a few 2 ply 15 and 12 gauge sweaters, so just trying to get an idea of the weight / thickness difference there might be with this seeing as it is 21 gauge.

For comparison, Colhays list theirs as 2 ply 12 gauge and weighing c300g. Hope that makes sense. Thanks


No, that’s helpful and interesting. Thanks for taking the time to do that.


Hi Simon,
Any plan for a restock soon, or we that be next year?


Any plans to release an additional color for cashmere crew next year? Voting for cream, brown or charcoal if you are.

Guy W

I’d also love to see this released in other colours, and second a cream or oatmeal, and brown (a dark and cold brown would be great).


What’s the necklace, Simon? I’d be curious sometime to hear what jewelry you find yourself wearing these days


I would be interested in this. 


Hi Simon,

The screenshot is from a cardigan description. I don’t understand much about cashmere. Would you/people in general call this cardigan 4ply or 8ply as advertised by the shop?

Thanks for your opinion,



Thanks Simon.


Hi Simon,
I hope you’re enjoying your new years. I have purchased this cashmere sweater in L and it is lovely. The size fits generally pretty well. I am also interested in buying the Dartmoor sweater and perhaps the finest crewneck. How does the size compare to this? What size should I take for those two?


I’m interested in knowing which Scottish mill/ factory made this crewneck. Thanks


I would like to have this sweater but generally find it difficult to find knitwear for shorter men (sleeves almost always too long). Any recommendations?


Thanks, Simon


Hi Simon, I noticed in your comments on the Finest Crewneck that merino is more robust, however the jumper itself is too fine for an oxford or similar shirt for work. I just wanted to ask whether this particular cashmere crewneck is robust enough for regular use over the winter months (i.e. within the 2-ply category you have mentioned before) or whether a 2-ply lambswool would be more appropriate? Thank you


Thank you as always, Simon.