Summer Top 10: Polos, more polos, and espadrilles

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I wasn’t going to do a ‘high summer’ version of our seasonal Top 10. After all, the spring edition back in April included such things as panama hats and boat shoes. 

But everyone’s stock has been arriving so late that the intervening months have seen lots of favourite brands launch polos, rayon and the like. And the weather has been so hot in the UK that I’ve been searching for things like lightweight linen trousers and floaty shirts. 

So here’s a summer breakdown of my favourite things I’ve tried during those two warm months. 

Rubato knitted T-shirts

SKr2560 (£205)

Rubato have expanded their summer range significantly, with knitted T-shirts (long and short sleeve) and knitted polo shirts. All are made with cotton/silk mix that's very dry to the touch (almost, but not quite scratchy) and use this to make pieces that have a solid handle, but are cool by virtue of being open weave.

The polo shirts are my favourite, in particular the stripes, but I find the short-sleeve T-shirts (such as the cream above) the most interesting. They're cut with a high neck and a body that hangs straight, rather than having any ribbing at the bottom (in contrast to those from The Anthology, for instance). This makes for a rather different look, quite blocky and modern.

I took the black (medium) and will be trying in with both casual and smart trousers. The long-sleeve is more like a sweater, with ribbing on the hem. Still light and dry though.

AWMS espadrilles


This latest launch from Tony is a spin on a menswear standard, as we should probably expect by now, with the obvious thing here being the traditional ribbons that tie up the calf. I have to say I’m a little unsure about the style, but having tried them myself the ribbon does function very well, in that it keeps the heel firmly in the shoe, while allowing you to have a roomy fit - often I have to compromise on one or the other. 

I also love the black-on-black colour option, which I’ve never seen before, as it makes them less obviously a beach shoe. They’re a basic make, again in common with what Tony does elsewhere, but this is clearly reflected in the price. 

Perro crepe-cotton polo shirt


I’ve never been that much of a fan of knitted cotton polo shirts, because the ones I’ve tried historically (usually from Smedley) have been oddly warm on the skin and crumpled easily. That was why our PS ones were done in a high-twist merino. 

However, if you do like cotton, this version from Perro is the best I’ve tried in terms of performance. The crepe does something similar to a twist, helping the cotton to maintain its shape and make it more breathable too. A smallish collar and a straightforward make, but a great feel on the body. 

Casatlantic ‘Anfa’ knit


This new polo from Casatlantic I loved too, though in spite of its cotton rather than because of it. The material isn’t the coolest; it’s a fairly thick cotton. But the style is fantastic, particularly with high-waisted trousers. 

It’s slim, short and fairly fitted at the waist (not unlike Rubato knitwear, though the Rubato polos are more generous there). The collar is large, and normally would be too dramatic a style for me, but it works in the black I went for, because the shape and collar are a little hidden. Unfortunately they all seem to have sold out quickly, and won't be restocked this summer. 

Pherrow’s open-collar rayon shirt


It’s a perennial problem, actually, trying to recommend products in a round-up article, when they often sell within two or three weeks. This rayon shirt from Pherrow’s for example, available at Clutch, is the first I’ve tried that I really liked - primarily because the collar is smaller and overall it’s a very simple, straightforward make. Good price too. 

But many of the sizes have gone. I can see a medium in the black, an extra large in the natural colour, and one or two others. That’s about it. However, this is a style Clutch gets every year, so it’s one to note down and look out for. 

The Anthology drawstring linen trousers


I have a pair of olive-green linen drawstring trousers from Informale that I’ve worn a lot the past couple of years. They’re for hot days, when you want that extra comfort, and not for tucking anything into, so the waistband is covered. 

However, I recently tried the similar style from The Anthology, and prefer them. It’s a single pleat, rather than double, so you don’t get all that pooling around the waist. They’re a better rise (for me) and the Japanese linen is cool while holding its shape better. I bought the navy, and am considering the olive. 

Haulier canvas tote bag


Haulier sent me one of these totes to try, earlier in the year and the slow-woven canvas is beautiful. The leather isn’t quite as good, and they are expensive, but it’s a really nice option for a beach bag. 

I mention it because a reader specifically asked for a recommendation for a beach bag recently. However I realise not many readers will go to the beach often enough to be able to justify a bag just for that purpose, particularly for over $500. I prefer the proportions of the bigger (and so more expensive) version too.

Anderson & Sheppard linen holiday shirt


I love wearing a linen shirt on holiday, but most of my bespoke ones aren’t really suitable. They’re more fitted, long, with a higher collar designed for a jacket. They look a little too smart on holiday, and certainly can’t be worn untucked. 

For that kind of shirt it’s worth looking for something more casual, which can often be ready-to-wear. One of the best there is these from Anderson & Sheppard, which come in a big range of colours, and are nice and blousy tucked in, or loose and flowing untucked. They do come up big though - even the XS that I wear is roomy. 

Simone Abbarchi bespoke camp-collar shirt


The alternative to that is to try and design something with a shirtmaker, adding in all the extra room you want, the length, the softer collar and so on. Shirtmakers are not always great designers, and this can be a bit hit and miss. 

However, when I tried it recently with Simone Abbarchi from Florence (who also visits London and New York) he nailed it first time. This model has a camp collar, a straight hem and a looser fit. He’s also making one with a one-piece collar, which he calls a transformable or Loro Piana collar (as they were the first to popularise the style in Italy). 

Peplor shorts/trunks


Peplor is based in Florence, a young brand using old Italian military fabrics to make various accessories - and these shorts. I wouldn’t normally wear camouflage, but this is very subtle, and the cut of the shorts is really nice, short and roomy without being an extreme of either. It’s based off an old gurkha style, thankfully without the double-buckle business. 

I did have one issue with them, which is that the drawstring broke, but apparently this was an early batch where the string was made in three parts. It’s now just one. They’re also pretty stiff, and won’t really soften much over time, so that won’t be for everyone. 

Among other shorts out there, RRL has a couple of higher rise canvas options, and Buzz Rickson has some styles around that are great, if expensive. Clutch received those recently.

As ever, if you have questions on any of these products, including sizing, let me know. Also how they compare to other similar things in the market.

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curious about you not liking knitted cotton polos but liking anthology knitted t-shirt?

also anthology linen drawstring trouser rise being better than informale? isnt it proper high rise on both?


Just following up on knitted cotton polos. I gave up on Smedley’s cotton polos because, as with your experience, they didn’t keep their shape and I found their longevity were poor. I prefer their merino polos. Are you saying the rubato polos/t-shirts are better in terms of shape (less crumpled) or too early to tell?
what does “a solid handle mean”?

malcolm patterson

Yes, I’d appreciate you checking. They certainly look less substantial. Thanks Simon


I have a couple of linen shirts which are made to measure and which i have made for the sole purpoe of wearing it during weekends as i believe linen shirts are fairly causal.
Can linen shirts ever be as smart as cotton shirt or is it the same as oxford and inherently casual?
How should one measure the smartness of a shirt?

Peter Hall

Whilst we are in summer mode this seems appropriate .
The Marine Nationale have begun to sell their own military kit, I’ve have no experience ,but have a couple of tees on order. Hopefully they will be of usual military quality.


Thanks for the nice collection of well curated pieces, as always! I’m not sure what to think of the Italian camouflage shorts though. The pattern surely is interesting from a style perspective considering its subtle colours, but the pattern’s history somehow gives me a bad vibe (might just be me), given the introduction in Mussolini’s army in 1929 and subsequent use by SS units in Normandy. I wonder why Italy continued to use it, albeit in a slightly updated form, until the 1990s.


Well, I don’t think Italy’s fascist regime is as recognisable as the Nazis are, so there’s that.
I don’t see why it being worn by some SS units is problematic, considering that Flecktarn is little more than an updated SS camouflage, itself.


Son, you need to take a step back and reassess that comment. Whether the Germans are using “updated” camo or simply similar, doesn’t change that the origins are problematic given the record of the original unit.


Thanks Simon! Peplor shorts look great and good value but sold out so have pre-ordered for next batch. I bought informale linen trousers a couple of years ago but have only recently got comfortable wearing them beyond my front door – its been a long journey from having hyper conservative/repressed clothing tastes… I have found though that they work well with t-shirts tucked in. Agree doesn’t feel like a high rise especially and I’d probably be slightly less comfortable if it was.


This is a very cold, dark colour collection for top 10! I know you’ve been liking black more but the dominance surprised me.

I really like the Anfa knit, although I think I need to get some more regular polos first. And I think you’ve persuaded me on drawstring linen trousers. Now to find some more in my price range…


No need to apologise – if nothing else it’s good motivation to keep progressing in my career to the point I can buy some of these more regularly instead of just as an occasional special thing!


You could check out Luca Faloni’s linen trousers for a less pricey alternative.


Aaron, You could try Uniqlo. At least until you get round to something higher end. I bought a pair which I thought I’d trash through lot of wear and a holiday this summer. They have held up really well after washing and softened nicely. Just a thought.
A good this about PS is , as a minimum, it provides great ideas. Some investment proves to love and cherish, and other ideas to copy less expensively.
Just a thought.

JJ Katz

Thought I recognised the fabric on those shorts! It’s an old (1960s) camo scheme for the Esercito Italiano.

Arno di Pieto

I love these AWMS Espadrilles, but have very hairy legs and find the straps can catch and pull.
Do you have any suggestions how I can avoid this happening please Simon?


It would be great to see more on knitted t-shirts, I love the look and feel of knitted polos and t-shirts but they are almost always too warm, much as they like to advertise otherwise I’ve never discovered a wool that isn’t too warm to be worn in that way.

The espadrilles are much more fashion than I expected from you too but interesting to see, kind of half way between ballet shoes and something for morris dancers.


Hi Simon,
May I just ask you elaborate as to why the Rubato striped Polo is a favourite and what size you take on this?


Hi Simon, will you do a more in depth review of the new rubato polo shirts? I really liked the casatlantic Anfa knit, but missed out on them. They sold out fast. Was considering the Rubato. Also, the all black look you showed is great! I think you really nailed it! And I think your tattoo actually looks parte of the look, it blends beautifully!


Hi Simon, may I know which size did you get for the Rubato polo? Do you know if there is any shrinkage after wash? Thanks.


The questions is mostly the fit. Does it fit like their knitwear? Or a little bit longer (seems like it from the pictures)? Also, for you what is the most versatile color ? I really like the brown, although most of my shorts and summer trousers are earthy colors (kakhi, brown, Olive), do you think it works well in tonal looks? Or the blue (also very good looking) would be more wearable with those bottoms colors? Thanks for the help!!


Thanks a lot Simon. When I said the brown and blue, I meant the Stripes they launched recently, I just realized my questions as not clear . I think I Will go for the brown Stripes, which was the One that caught my eye instantly


I have to say, I went for the brown striped polo, and it is absolutely fantastic. The photos don’t do justice on the quality of the knit, the style and quite how versatile the colours are.

I did question if it would be worth it, but I have to say my decision to buy this one piece instead of a few cheaper pieces really feels like the right one. It really is unparalleled.


You are considering dropping SKr 4400 or about £350 on a polo shirt? It seems like absurd pricing for what it is. Factory made. Sold over the internet. With no distribution to actually try stuff on apart from a busy pop up once in a blue moon. Yes, its in a cotton silk mix, but then I’ve seen cotton silk fabric mixes even on the British high street for 1/10 of the price (in Mango for eg who sometimes use it). I get that places like Loro Piana might charge more, perhaps even double that, but Rubato isn’t Loro Piana with its own production facilities, retail distribution, or more importantly its brand name. Also lets face it a LP is really just selling to the itinerant oligarchy class where the higher the price the better anyway. I suspect what is going on is the pool of (hashtag) menswear fanatics is the audience and without retail distribution, or big marketing spend, you cant really appeal to a wider demographic and therefore you have a limited pool of customers. Therefore, with a potentially small number of units you can shift you have to charge more per unit to make this kind of business a very profitable venture. Saw a similar thing with a stoffa (who’s new products are all at lofty sky high prices), rubato (with all their nonpareil range which a quick google search told me meant ‘unrivalled’ which begs the question why all the products are not made to the highest standard in the first place) etc. Simon Id be interested in you doing a cost breakdown of these brands costs and so on similar to what you have done in Bespoke so people can see if there is any value in them. Finally just to say that I guess if you like the style enough, & you have the money you can just buy such things. Frankly it would leave a bitter taste in my mouth & a feeling that I had been well and truly done every time I wore it)


Fair points & this is why Id be interested in a cost breakdown of these ‘casual’ clothing items. You’ve done similar for bespoke tailoring which was very insightful. I get the quality of fabric may be better at one of these niche / high end brands than on the high street, but how much of that & the make factors into charging 5 times the price for the finished item.
I guess my feeling on this whole area is that casual clothing is meant to be worn .. well casually .. & therefore you should be able to wear it in the park, throw a frisbee around in it, or sit around on the beach on holiday and generally wear carelessly. That lifestyle angle seems to be understood by the makers, who market the products as being worn in that way. However do a lot of people want to pay £350 + Taxes on a casual style top to do those sorts of activities? … or do they wear these things in a prim and proper setting where aesthetic is everything? I wonder if they come back home & instead of throwing a polo shirt in the washing machine as I would do after a hot day in the park, sit over a bucket hand washing their silk and cotton hand wash only luxury fibre top? I guess you’re going to tell me there is a market for everyone these days, & you’re probably right that in a mature economy where there is production of everything & then some why should all these needs not be catered for. As I said in a comment below, as we go into a recession I wonder how much of these luxe menswear will survive & how much will just evaporate or contract to serve the very rich elite who are shielded from the financial issues of everyday folk.


to be honest I second an article to justify 350£+tax for a cotton-silk polo. i guess it’s law of diminishing returns, primarily super small batches, something to do with 4ply? plus a good make?

but still. I got 2 knitted polos from Spier and I’ll stick to them to judge how durable they will end up for me before looking to upgrade..


I guess that is exactly the hard thing to wrap my head around. for most people, wool should be more…luxurious? than cotton. but here you have lambswool knitwear 150-200, but cotton silk shirt sleeved knitwear….350! hand framed? does it really double the price? wool ws cotton? does nice cotton really costs that much more? or they are using just decent but not the best wool? 4ply?

but regards durability… I’m not saying to judge luxury by how durable things are. but would be good to understand before buying to avoid disappointment. (like you responded once to one guy, “if this is how you want to treat it, maybe better look somewhere else?”)

but I’m still of an opinion, when trying something new, it’s not really nessecary to buy the absolute best. better to buy cheaper and figure out if it works for you. for example after buying Uniqlo rollneck I figured that wool knitwear that can be worn on skin or over t-shirt is really not for me. unfortunately I didn’t follow my own principle there and got pwc rollneck before that.


I guess I just didn’t think cotton can be THAT expensive… I’m kind of used to wool being expensive, cashmere being even more expensive, and cotton being, well the cheap option!

Peter Hall

I know you are keen to have more design based features,Simon , and the design of casual clothing, would I think, be quite an interesting starting point.
Another point on casual clothing -is we should really begin to value it more. My preference is Ivy,so tend to be quite a casual dresser, but that does not prevent me from caring for it.


A late comment on this, but…

When you’re paying for a small, niche brand like Rubato, part of what you’re paying for is the quality and design. Quality here doesn’t always mean durability or hand finishing (though those usually factor in) or the most luxurious materials, it can also be things like an unusual make, or a combination of material. Zegna or Brioni might sell their polos with the argument that they’re the finest, softest lightest possible make as their claim to quality. Rubato feels quite different; their knitwear is substantial. To me, that’s part of the quality of their knitwear. Their polo is a 4-ply, likely quite different in feel from most luxury brands. Their design and the cut it has led to is also very different than most brands. And of course, because those differences are valued by a smaller group of consumers, they will be made in smaller batches.

Does that justify the cost? For most people, probably not. That’s why you don’t see big brands making more robust, shorter, boxier knitwear like Rubato does. But for some people, like myself, those differences are worth a lot. That knitwear looks far better on me than the slimmer, longer models in lighter makes that most brands sell.

As for the casual aspect, I don’t think most people buy luxury cotton-silk polos to play sports in, and I wouldn’t recommend it for my friends with small children. I don’t wear my Rubato knitwear when walking my friends (large, fuzzy, slobbing and very friendly) dogs. But summers in the office in a casual industry, going out for lunch on a warmer summer day, or just relaxing in a friends garden, I could see a Rubato polo being the perfect thing to wear.


You can’t go wrong with the classic Sunspel Riviera Polo. The design and make are fantastic and the fabric is comfortable on the hottest day and holds it shape very well. The same holds true for the company’s Riviera t-shirt. I highly recommend both and they last a long time.


I just received two of them, in black and gray, and they are lovely pieces. Very comfortable, perfect length, and also good to hot weather. I also like the collar, which as we all know can be difficult to pull off. Now, I hadn’t seen that they have a Riviera T shirt. Will have to try that.

On another topic, this was a great piece on summer wear. Keep it coming, Simon.

I wonder what kind of undershirts people are wearing in this hot weather?


A great line-up as usual Simon. Love the use of so much black—but do you ever find that you regret that color choice when the sun really starts burning down?

Also, do the swim shorts have a liner in them? (I dislike liners but find that they are often included.)

Dan James

Increasingly tempted by the drawstring linen trousers after today’s and yesterday’s posts but still a little too informal for work. Could you (or any fellow reader) recommend some equally lightweight linen trousers more suited to work and preferably in dark olive?
Thank you.


Dear Simon, how do you like the look of the new Casatlantic sunglasses?


Yes, I was worried about the size. I ordered the all black and honey/green. I am curious if they will suit me. And yes I also think they should be understood as an unusual and bold piece, so they fit the occasion and the outfit.



What distinguished good quality sunglasses from great one? In particular, what do you look for when assessing their make considering that over 99% are made from acetate?


Simon, that blue and white striped short-sleeved shirt that you wore at Pitti looked like an ideal summer holiday shirt. Would you mind sharing who made it for you and if it was linen or cotton?


Yesterday I was still wondering if there would be a summer top 10 list again this year….ooops, there it is!


Dear Simon,

are you wearing the shorts just for swimming, or are they made for sunny holiday days? I am pretty unsure about the sizing….


Hi Simon, what will you match the pherrows with? It will be great if you can let us know the different combinationS you had, like previous years.


Hi Simon,
As always with these top ten’s some great tips here.
In particular, I have been looking for cool linen drawstring trousers for those unbearably hot days where even lightweight chinos feel like a heavy wool blanket. How would the linen compare to seersucker for summer? I saw some seersucker ones at Trunk a while ago but didn’t buy as I was not sure about how cool they might be.
Re the crepe cotton polo I bought five or fix different colours from Filippo de Laurentiis early this year and have worn them throughout the recent few balmy weather periods. The crepe cotton let’s enough air flow through that now, in warm weather, other cotton polos feel far too heavy and hot. In fact, the PS merino polos are cooler to me than some of the (non crepe) cotton ones.
I was going to get an A&S linen shirt. I take an XS in most of their offerings and you are taller than me so I will have to try it on in store. If it is too large, any alternatives at the same level?
Many thanks.


Hi Simon,
Great, will look out for more seersucker as well then because I do love the look of it for casual wear.
Yup that Merino is spectacular and versatile. Wore it in grey to the office this week and then Navy is coming out to play again on Saturday for dinner.
Noted re the A&S. Will try them on and/or pick up something else.
Many thanks.


Hi Simon, I like the look of the Peplor shorts/trunks as a summer alternative. Are you able to comment on sizing? I see they offer two sizes that overlap (given elasticated waistband, I assume). I’m normally a 33/34″ waist so arguably could take either.


Hi Simon, thanks for reviewing these summer pieces. You mentioned the size is forgiving on the peplors, how’s the rise?


What do you think of wearing the Peplor as shorts, maybe with a knitted polo and espadrilles, for a sort of louche relaxed summer look?


Ahh, it´s huge shame that “Anfa” knit is truly sold out. Great recommendation, Simon. Hope they could do something about it next year. Fit and design looks very interesting!


Have you seen the “talented mr. ripley shirts” from Scott Fraser? I think they look amazing. Unfortunately I could not persuade myself that I would have any ocasion to wear something like this.

Peter Hall

During lockdown and weekends,I wore his track pants constantly.
His tailoring seems very good value, considering the fabric options .


What’s your opinion on classic polos such as those from Polo and Lacoste?


Hi Simon. Great article. I’m considering the navy blue linen drawstring trousers from Anthology and need some advice on size. How do they fit? True to size. I typically take a size 52 in a pant (Incotex for example) and have them taken in at the waist by 1-2 cm. I need the leg room in the thigh. Please let me know your thoughts.

Also, would you pair these pants with a pair of sneakers – a pair of cream Superga’s? What other shoe options exist


Hey, Simon! Nice list, thanks.
As you have been writing on knit polos quite a bit here and in the past, I was wondering – have you ever tried Gran Sasso knit polos? I find they are made up in really but sturdy cotton, are very breathable, and keep shape both during wear and after wash. And they meet the high standards of make, quality, and pairing well with tailoring, I’ve found mine performing very well under the collar. I think they’re a great option, but haven’t seem them mentioned here. Would appreciate your views. Thanks!


How is the Perro polo in terms of fit (length and body width) compared to the Smedley Adrian? The Smedley fit me well, but I do see your point regarding the material.


Does that mean Smedley is more convention ie longer in length than the Perro? … or have I got that the wrong way around?
Generally would you say Perro has a slight vintage look to it, & the look is meant to be looser with a fuller high waist trouser which look like they do? How would you tackle sizing for them & could I ask what size you opted for with them (& perhaps what do you take in a Ralph Lauren Polo size for purposes of comparison)?
Thank you)))


Simon, what do you make of this phenomenon of niche menswear brands setting up what are often essentially ‘mail order’ brands. It definitely seems to have become more noticeable than 10, 20 years ago. With all these popping up, I guess with lower fixed costs, & ability to use factories to make small batches its relatively easy to set something up, will they be able to survive with a whole load of them competing with one another?
Secondly, sort of a related point, I don’t exactly understand the pricing of these niche online brands like Rubato for instance. I get they are making small batches but they don’t have a fixed premises, a large staff as most of their production is outsourced, & they operate online. However they are selling products at high prices. In the old days the advantage of mail order brands as I put it was they were cheap(er) but this doesn’t seem to be the case here. Whats going on?


Hi Simon, it will be interesting to see what happens as we go headlong into what looks like will be a proper global recession. I think you’re right that there will be a shakeout. Also the types of clothes people buy Im guessing will change, less jet set rivera style to perhaps more workwear orientated style as they decide to start mowing their own lawn) Anyway interesting times ahead & I guess well see how social trends affect menswear & style over the next few years.


Would you tend to wash or dry clean knitwear?


I bought an expensive boggi wool polo and the rolling pin washed it . It shrank


Great article Simon, some nice bits in here this season. Earmarked a couple myself if not for this year, next year. The Rubato knit polo’s are great, particularly like the navy + white/ecru stripe, although a little pricey (relative) I’m sure it’s justified.

As an aside, what’s your take on the new Colhay’s? The collegiate sweaters seem very handy for those days/evenings where full cashmere isn’t the most practical, very useful. The Colahy’s dark olive is possibly one of my favourite shades of olive, works so well in a cold colour wardrobe, looks great with well worn denim and a navy bomber/harrington. Also cracking with black.


hi simon have you tried anthology terry polos and would you consider wearing something like that with shorts in summer?


Yeh agree . When Connery had that toweling suit in sky blue didn’t it look fey


Personally I find the polo model works well in all seasons, it’s just a question of fabric. The design is simple yet very sophisticated. I’ve worn the Smedley Dorset model for the Autumn/Winter months and the Sunspel Riviera for the Spring/Summer seasons in multiple colors for several years now and both have served me extremely well. Recently however, I’ve become interested in long sleeve polos with button cuffs from Luca Faloni which I’ve really enjoyed. I really like the idea of rolling up the sleeves. I also just ordered the Permanent Style button down Friday polo in navy and am particularly excited about this garment. I suspect it’s an improvement in quality over LF. If the PS polo works out I’ll order the remaining colors. This sartorial interest that we have is so much fun!


The best polo is the original smedley but they tell me it can’t be produced anymore


Along the lines of the A&S linen shirt you included here, what are your thoughts on the linen shirts from Luca Faloni (namely the Portofino linen shirt) for the same use case?


Hi Simon,
Did you machine wash your Anthology linen drawstring trousers? Recently bought a pair and label says dry clean only.

Hywel Jones

I ordered the olive linen anthology trousers last weekend and they arrived on Thursday. I wore them for the first time yesterday. The shade of olive is really nice, not too light in colour. The weight feels substantial but they wear cool and are perfect for this heat. I sized up to a 52 and glad I did (following advice above). Being single pleat they look neat but casual which is a nice balance.

I need to think about what to wear with them on top and for next year will ask Simone Abbarchi to make a linen Cuban/guayabera type line shirt in a light beige, probably long sleeve.


Have you machined-washed your Anthology linen trousers? If so, how did they hold up?


Hi, Simon! What colour is the Perro polo you bought? Having eyed it for a while and having read positive reviews from you and others, I bought their number in cream, also to fill my gap after navy and blue. Unfortunately it is too transparent. My nipples show, pardon the vision in your mind, and the fabric folded over on the inside of the placket contrasts too much with the body of the shirt. The fabric itself is nice and felt like it would perform very well in heat, but this was just not the colour for me. Mind you, my complexion is fairly light so perhaps the nipples (apologies again) stand out (that pun was NOT intended).


Right, thanks! I actually have basically zero chest hair, so that one’s less of an issue.
How does your own cream perform in this regard?
I did find also that Perro is not top quality in terms of make – was this your impression too?


No, I hear you. I guess it could be the self-conscious thing. I feel similar about light trousers, if pockets can be seen I assume my underwear can be seen. I’m not overly hirsute, but being of a lighter complexion and darker hair and nipples (they really should come up with a less embarrassing word here) I feel a bit too aware that that might show.


Hey Simon can i ask what is your sizr in the perro crepe polo and the ps short sleeve shirt?


Thanks simon do you feel you could do with a size larger in the perro? The measurements in their size chart for a medium look tiny (shoulder 41 cm chest 102cm)


Just received the Peplor trunks after ordering them off the back of this post. They’re great; fantastic fabric and fit and beautiful packaging.


Thanks for the nice list. Which size are you wearing in the Anthology linen drawstring trousers?
I have also read in another article that you are wearing a Large in the Anthology knitted Tshirt. Would you still recommend that knitted Tshirt and do you need the Large or would a Medium work too?


Simon, two questions, if I may?

  1. What is your opinion (and tip) on combining linen with linen (e.g., linen trousers with linen shirt, or, linen shirt with your linen Harrington)?
  2. Regarding the Anthology’s drawstring linen trousers: I find their drawstring very prominent and not easy to wear with any kind of shirt/t-shirt/polo, unless tucked in. How do you handle this?

Thank you very much for your guidance.


Have you found the navy Anthology drawstring trousers to be as versatile as the olive? If you had to buy only one color, which would it be?


Thanks. This is a bit of a crossover with another question in the loafer post. I’m trying to figure out what shoes to wear with casual clothing such as the drawstring linen trouser. Would you wear a Sagan Classic loafer in a brown suede with them, or are they too smart? What are some good shoe choices?

Andrew Hughes

Hi Simon,
Do the Anthology linen pants fit true to size? I am a size 30 waist.


Thanks Simon


Would you ever wear you bespoke long sleeve linen shirts which has higher collars without a jacket and only with jeans just like an Oxford shirt?


Hi Simon,
I’m getting a privacy error when I attempt that link to the Perro crepe cotton polo, and can’t seem to find them elsewhere. I thought I found their Facebook page which links to, but that is also a dead site. Am I missing something?


Hi Simon,
How did you find the sizing on the Casatlantic ‘Anfa’ knit please?
(am presuming the SS23 polos fit the same)


Thank you Simon, noted, and much appreciated!


Hi Simon, are you still liking the Rubato knitted tee? I see they have some this year in high twist cotton and I was thinking of picking up the raglan version.
Did you find it TTS? The measurements look pretty oversized (although, I don’t know if this is the same block as last year)


Going by most of the comments, it feels that knitted polos in cotton are not really suitable for the hottest of weather. Do cotton knitted polos feel warmer then most cotton jersey polos available in the market and whether it is suitable to wear it in the hottest of weather in tropical countries?


Does knitted polo also have a risk of looking affected in the same way a knitted t shirt look (a bit affected)?


I have been afraid of wearing knitted polos with linen trousers and simple canvas sneakers or loafers as i am afraid it could come across as a bit costumey. Does such a combination holds this risk?


I read it on reddit that knitted polos with trousers could have associations with 1930’s style and therefore a bit unsure.
I am sorry but I did not understand what you have said in the last line.


Hi Simon,

How do you recommend styling the rubato knit t-shirt? For instance, if you were to wear it with their rubato jeans, would you tuck it in?


how would You wear with a pair of Black drawstring trousers (informale)? do You think a pair of doek and a grey t shirt (tapered allevol from ps) could work?
but what about if it gets cooler at night what kind of extra layer would work?


Then I am glad that I also got a black PS tee 🙂
and thanks for the evening advice.