We’re coming back to New York (and bringing Seiji)

Friday, September 15th 2023
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The pop-up shop we did last year with Rubato and Taillour went really well, so we're coming back to New York in October, with the addition shoemaker Seiji McCarthy (shoes below).

This time we'll be on Christopher Street, with J Mueser kindly letting us use their spaces across from the shop. It's a beautiful location, as I'm sure you all know, and I look forward to a really enjoyable four days seeing everyone.

The details are:

  • October 18-21, Wednesday to Saturday (Seiji limited availability on the Saturday)
  • Open 11am to 7pm
  • At 14 Christopher Street, Suite 1
  • Opening drinks on Wednesday 18th from 5pm
  • No RSVP is required, but if you would like time with Fred and Seiji specifically, please do make an appointment through them

The run-down on what the brands will be bringing is as follows:

Permanent Style:

  • All current products, in all sizes, as try ons only (to order online afterwards)
  • New products, including the new raincoat and hopefully double-breasted winter coat


  • All current products, in all sizes, with most available to buy as stock, on site
  • Special run of the Permanent Style-collab brown chinos, exclusive to NY
  • Two new styles

Taillour/Fred Nieddu:

  • Seeing bespoke customers for fittings and new appointments
  • Also bringing a small number of sample garments, as last time
  • Feel free to come and see and say hello, no pressure!

Seiji McCarthy:

  • Seiji makes bespoke shoes (below) that pair an American sensibility with Japanese craftsmanship, in formal and informal styles. Covered on PS here.
  • He will be offering:
    • Bespoke (personalised last, trial fitting) - from
    • MTM (adjusted house last, no fitting, make as bespoke except for machine-stitched outsoles) -
    • MTO (as above, but no last adjustment)
  • Prices are:
    • Bespoke: JPY517,500 (today $3,530)
    • MTO and MTM: from JPY332,000 ($2,265) plus $50 per area of adjustment
  • Payment is via invoice over email after ordering

There will be a London pop-up (just Permanent Style) a couple of weeks after New York, and outerwear will be available to try on at William Crabtree from October 1. Details on both soon. 

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Just out of curiosity are the Permanent Style-collab brown chinos different from Rubato’s standard dark brown officer chinos?


Hey Simon,

Always super envious of these events. Hopefully, you my schedule can align with a pop-up one day.

Would you ever consider doing a pop-yo one in Japan (Tokyo)? Please 🥺


“Permanent Style-collab brown chinos, exclusive to NY”. Exciting! But so unfair to those of us not there!


All good Simon. I may be jealous but am not disapproving.


Hi Simon, Thanks for update on the London pop up and to the nice people at William Crabtree for the opportunity to try on outerwear.
Looking forward to seeing the raincoat soon!


Hi Simon,
Is there any sort of RSVP required for this? I will be in NY during these dates and would love to stop by.
Thank you!


Seiji’s style and make is stunning. Just look at those loafers!
This double-breasted winter coat you are teasing about…. Something covered already somewhere?


Unrelated to this article but did I imagine something or was there not an article on caps posted today?

Leo O-W

Fantastic! Will the same makers be with you at the London popup (Seiji especially…)?


I attended the PS NYC Pop Up last fall. I had a wonderful experience — Simon was very engaging and generous with his time! Looking forward to attending this Pop up in NYC next month as well. Fingers crossed that the tweed double breasted ps x private white overcoat will be available to try on in a size 3 🤞.


Great news about New York Simon. Will you have the Fielding coat that you collaborated on with Cromford? Travel safe!


Hi Simon! Very excited for the pop up, will you bringing one of your trench coats in a XL (54/6) and XXL (56/7) to try on?


I would if you could bring the extra large please!

Victor Kernes

So excited for this Simon. Just booked my trip to NYC just to visit the pop-up!


Hi Simon,

Do you think that your Wax Walker will still be in stock when you visit? I would really like to try on before ordering. Thanks

Paul B

Hi Simon, looking forward to the London pop up. Would have been great to have Seiji and his work in London. Next time I guess. Any idea if the finest crewneck will be available by then? Am on the waiting list but would be good try on in situ…


It would be useful to have Seiji’s schedule and timescales for those who live in or near London. I love his style and quality but would not wish to wait over 6 months to receive the finished commission.

John V.

Hello, do you expect to have the light grey Donagal Overcoat available to try in Size 5 (large). Thank you.


what is Fred’s pricing please?


Hi Simon,
A report worth sharing:
Bad news for the menswear industry!


Hi Simon – will you be bringing the luxurious cardigan in different sizes to the NYC pop-up so folks can try them on? Interested particularly in the medium and small (I think). Thanks!


It would have been rather cool if you, Rubato, and co would have been a part of the New York Super Trunk Show and Shoe Shine Competition (with Kirby Allison and co). This could have spared me making two trips into the city.


Hi Simon,

I just sent you an email but figured I’d ask here as well:

I have a New York trip scheduled for Oct 12–18, departing late AM on the 18th – in other words, leaving town *just* before the pop-up opens. So I wanted to ask – any chance at all I could come in the afternoon or evening of the 17th, or else (less ideally) earlier the morning of the 18th?

No worries if that wouldn’t work for whatever reason – but I figured no harm in asking. Thank you!



No worries – hopefully another time!


This pop up was a lovely event and I enjoyed meeting Simon. Great to try on many sweaters and coats. Certainly will be placing orders now that I know my perfect size.



If and when additional colors are offered in the thin gauge crewneck sweater (I have and love the Navy blue) – which colors are expected?