A shopping tip for those in or visiting London.

Whenever you are around Bond Street, or that end of Oxford Street, it is worth popping into the Paul Smith sale shop on Avery Row. Tucked away down a little alley off Brook Street, it contains all the stock from the brand’s London stores that haven’t sold. With 30%-50% off.

Now the disadvantage of a sale shop is that it contains everything that no one else wanted. There are therefore a fair number of shiny suits, checked trousers and odd cufflinks. But there are nearly always one or two things to tempt you: of the eight to ten suits there in your size, one or two will be desirable; of the five or six pairs of shoes that fit you, one will probably fill a need.

I’ve probably only bought something there 10% of the time. But I’ve still managed to buy two pairs of shoes. No guarantees, but it’s always worth popping in. Map here.
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