As Nassau remembers the Duke of Kent

Esquire, January 1936: “Largely as a result of the Duke’s visit last winter, the outfit sketched on the right may be expected to serve almost as a Nassau uniform, for boating, golf and even tennis, this coming season. The shorts are of gabardine, the rest of the rig consisting of a ribbed polo shirt, canvas espadrilles and a sailing cap.

The other figure typifies the dress for general wear at Nassau. The jacket is of natural tan gabardine, of a silk-like quality that makes the fabric irridescent. The lapel rolls to the top button and there are eight-inch side vents. With this coat the sketched figure wears grey flannel slacks, a dark blue polo shirt of light-weight silk, a large cotton handkerchief and the popular Nassau hat of coconut straw with a cotton puggree band. The shoes are the brown and white Norwegian model, as introduced last season in London.

Both outfits are also suitable for Bermuda later in the season.”

I’m not sure seeing the present Duke of Kent in that outfit would be inspiring, but it seems to have been enlightening for the Americans of the day. I’m intrigued by the light-weight silk polo shirt, though. Light and comfortable, certainly, but suitable for that outfit? Perhaps it is in some weave that is not visible from the picture.
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