Another short piece in GQ last week, this time telling the world about next Monday, October 11, when Savile Row will be turfed and covered with sheep.

Perhaps more importantly for those interested in bespoke tailoring, there is a whole roster of events being put on by the Savile Row houses, including talks, tours and live cutting, embroidery and knitting. So if you’ve always wanted to walk into Huntsman or Poole but weren’t sure quite what to say, pop along and get the tour. All details on the Field Day website.
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Sam Harvey

those bah bah’s need some trees for shade. what do you think?


Shade? From the blazing October heat?


This is great news, Simon. I think it’s hilarious that people would criticise you for being in GQ. Do they not want it to have good writing, or feature the bespoke tailors they love?


Rob O

Is this press only or is there a chance for lay people to come and view the presentation?