Good discussion on Radio 4’s The Today Programme yesterday, on what makes British style and whether taste has really declined. Interesting points include the fact that Anthony Eden was considered suspiciously well dressed, cared a bit too much and was perhaps too ‘European’, rather than being a style icon in Britain. Also the argument that young men care more about what they wear today than they did 40 years ago, given the reduced cost of clothing.

The discussion can be heard here. Not sure whether US audiences will be able to listen as I know BBC iPlayer can’t be accessed abroad.
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I was able to listen from the States, FYI. By the way, I’m loving the Anderson & Sheppard blog. Thanks for recommending it.


For the past five years that I have lived in London and worked in Mayfair, I am certain the (professional) men are much better dressed than the women.

In fact, I assume this to be a truism. I wonder what others think?


It plays in Canada as well, though it seems to end abruptly at five minutes, just as the mods are being mentioned. Pity.