In Paris this week visiting all the big tailors, interviewing Jean Grimbert of Arnys and looking at slightly odd watch straps. Look out for posts over the next few weeks.

Below, my Wilfrids from Pierre Corthay (slightly dusty from the Tuileries Gardens) sit below cream Bresciani cotton socks and cream linen trousers. And beside my trusty Alfred Dunhill briefcase. It’s amazing how much you can get in there. 

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Dear Simon

Looking closer at the shoes you are wearing in this photograph made me think about laces and how to tie them. When one buys shoes invariably they are threaded in varying ways and i wondered if there was a correct way to do this?

Incidentally the bag looks lovely and a full photograph of it at some time would not go amiss with your readers i am sure.

Look forward to the forthcoming Paris posts




Hi Simon,

I’ll be interested to see if you visited Alain Stark, since I rarely see his name mentioned as one of Paris “big ones”.


Straight across is the English way, criss-crossed the American way.


I would agree with Bradley above – a full picture of the bag would be appreciated.


Hi Simon,
Bienvenu à Paris!But unfortunately, I am right now off to Germany. Otherwise, it could have have been an opportunity to meet you.
The area – where the first pic has been taken from (Sèvres Babylone and Arnys indeed off the newspaper shop at the corner) – is quite nioe. At Arnys, take a look at their ties.
Not far away, Le Bon Marché would give you an idea of what a LVMH’s take over translate into a big megastore.
Since it is quite hot in Paris these Paris, I would have suggested: for a drink Le Flore, Les Deux Magots, Le Bonaparte, and for a diner, … a wide opened Thai restaurant Le Mandarin (3 rue Montfaucon, next to the metro Mabillon).
Of course, Le Marais could be also interesting.
I assume that the guys you are going to meet would have better ideas, though.
Have a good time!
PS: For sure, Corthay is one of the great French shoemakers. Yet somehow I feel more attracted by Dimitri Gomez’s shoes.


A humble pair from Corthay.