The Weekend edition of the Financial Times carried a piece by me on Saturday. It suffered a little in the editing (I wouldn’t refer to Richard James the person as a Savile Row tailor, though of course the house does bespoke), but it is interesting how much silk is popping up in RTW jackets at the moment – as a mix with linen or wool, rather than 100% as the image suggests.

I also recently wrote about France’s tailors in the FT, here.
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Jerrell Whitehead

Hello Simon,

What are your thoughts on wool-silk blends for a suit that is to be worn regularly? Does the intrinsic sheen make it a casual piece? Or do you think such a blend is better in a blazer, e.g. a linen-silk blend for summer.

Kind regards

Carmelo Pugliatti

I hope in a comeback of dupioni (the real thing,matt with slubs).