For those that are interested, I was recently asked to appear on BBC World for a piece on the growth of menswear. Part of the Business Edition, the interview was shown just after a vox pop of men in Mayfair and how they buy clothes – hence the reference at the beginning. 

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Haha, surreal to see you on the BBC after following you online for a few years. Congratulations.

Al Dufferin

Nice work. Is that your Langa suit?

Rob o

Congrats Simon, great interview. The BBC will start to use you regularly now if they see you as a safe media option. Which sports coat are you wearing by the way?



Saw a photo of Luke Carby in The Rake…would you two be twins if he had a thicker beard?!

Interested reader

Dear Simon,

What do you mean by “vox [?] pop [?] of men in Mayfair and how they buy clothes” – does this refer to the store employed buyers?

Interested reader

Your jacket sleeve and back are quite wrinkled (a remedy were to simply pull them flat?) but the brown blue contrast refreshing, although not on the edge.

Interested reader

You replied to a question if you steam your linen, no. Mr Tattersall at Regent recommended to me SuperSteamer – do you know any of this manufacture? When you say you don’t steam, you refer to linen. What about other cloths? I suppose your wrinkling tolerance is in fact a secret pleasure, licensed by linen? Do you have a favourite mixture of another cloth, wool, cotton, silk with linen for jacket or suit?

Interested reader

Dear Simon,

I don’t know any tailors in the jungle I roam who offer pressing. Those who do exist dislike British tailoring and deplore losing government subsidy for tailor school. Here any request for pressing a jacket at the dry cleaner means paying at least CHF18 for cleaning, regardless. You don’t reveal your means of steaming, so I suspect your spouse has a super iron, not SuperSteamer. Yes, I knew there are two souls in your breast, so linen is an excellent excuse. My final question is what you think of linen mixes out of which a suit could be made. Perhaps you are a purist, compromising when cashmere is added, and observing kosher guidelines reject and wool linen mix as unkosher. I have my eyes on a RTW jacket of 50% wool 50% linen, but unfortunately don’t have the least experience with any such mixtures of linen.

Interested reader

Dear Simon,

I just read elsewhere that blends of wool and linen wrinkle. Unfortunately, there wasn’t mention to what extent the proportion of mix is a factor. Is it true a Yorkshire blend 50% wool 50% linen wrinkles as if it were pure linen? I couldn’t find this question by blog search here.


Hi Simon,
I was looking at your shirt in this interview and noticed that you appear to not be wearing collar stiffeners. What is your advice with regard to collar stiffeners? To wear or not wear? Plastic or silver? etc.


Would be great to see more videos from yourself.


The tobacco linen looks superb.


Nice gig, Simon. Congrats.
On the subject of steaming, a useful article in future would be care and cleaning for bespoke clothing; what you can do yourself to remove stains, reshape, etc, or what to avoid. Sponge and press is pretty elusive outside the capital, and ‘a decent dry cleaners’ is hard to know.


Obviously you commented that your Langa was closer to bespoke. Would this be because they offer such a good quality service, or because they know you are v influential and so they up the service for a better review?


Sorry! Meant Lasa.


I love the interview, I love the suit and I love how the blue tie suits with the suit and shirt, congratulations

Greg Watson

I also thought that it was a great interview. Very well done indeed. Your staff and family should be really proud of your achievements in getting on a programme like this. Cheers, Greg.