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For anyone that hasn’t noted it already, Permanent Style on Instagram now contains a fair bit of content that doesn’t make it to the blog: preview shots, extra shots, little diary things. 

Over the past few weeks you would have seen the frankly ridiculous back to my Edward Sexton overcoat – although we haven’t gotten round to the full post on the website yet – and some off-diary moments like the shot above, plus The Finest Menswear in the World in various book stores

A few of the posts lead to some interesting conversations in the comments, and while I’d always rather keep content in one place, it is good to engage with an audience that often hasn’t heard of the blog. 

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The books, by the way, are still available: The Finest Menswear in the World to buy through me, and Permanent Style 2015 on the Hanger Project website

The former is also in all good book shops (and some bad ones). Man I love that line.

Photo of James Priestley (Priestley & Priestley agents), myself in Langa linen suit, and Mats and Tim of Trunk Clothiers. Photo by Luke Carby


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I’m still waiting for answer to my question; what are you doing with special numbers?


What fabric for Sexton coat?


Simon – I hope I speak for all of your readers when I say please don’t apologise in response to such a rudely phrased question as the first comment. The online equivalent of clicking ones fingers at a waiter.



I second your comment.

Omar Ali

Here here

Darren K

Hi Simon,

Was leaning toward having my next bespoke suit (navy) having patch pockets. Does the breast pocket need to be patch pocket or can it be a more formal style. I believe on your Cifonelli jacket, you have mixed the two types. I know some will frown on this (perhaps you included), but I thought if I am traveling, I could use this slightly more casual jacket as an odd-jacket in a pinch. Thank you.


I think that your Instagram account is cultivating the follower you want e.g. the comment on your Stile Latino post by nueggahplz – “this some pimp sh1t”. Nice.

Reuven Lax

What are your thoughts about the finishing on Sexton garments? You’ve said before that Cifonelli and C&M are the best – how does Sexton compare to those?