Shirtmakers and details announced for the Symposium

Monday, December 4th 2017
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I'm pleased to say we have all the details confirmed for our Shirtmakers Symposium in Florence this January. 

Please do RSVP to [email protected] if you would like to attend. We expect it to be quite packed. 

The location is Palazzo Gondi, in the centre of Florence. So no walking south of the Arno this time. 

And the shirtmakers we will be featuring are:

  • Darren Tiernan, Budd, London
  • Luca Avitabile, Naples
  • Paolo Maffeis, Emanuele Maffeis, Bergamo
  • Justin Chang, Ascot Chang, Hong Kong
  • Jack Sepetjian, Anto Shirts, Los Angeles

I was keen with this Symposium to get a range of makers from different locations - hence bringing in both Hong Kong and the US. But I also wanted to keep it to five speakers, as six has felt a little too many in previous years for everyone to get really involved. 

Each of the five will be making a shirt to display at the event - with the theme 'Smart/Casual'.

The idea is that they will be the makers' interpretation of a shirt that can work in a modern, casual office, and also transition to the weekend or another informal occasion. 

Alongside this, sponsors Albini will be presenting their latest development in a separate area. 

It should be really interesting. I'm looking forward to digging into all the details of shirtmaking - and discussing people's views of the future. 

See you there.