Kirby Allison over at The Hanger Project in the US has been pioneering the development of the best hangers in the world over the past two years. But it was probably inevitable that someone like that, with the restless urge to improve design, would turn his attention to other accessories in a man’s wardrobe.

So a quick update. Since we last profiled The Hanger Project, Kirby has introduced luxury garment bags and mother-of-pearl collar stays.

The former are made from a premium 12-ounce 100% cotton twill fabric and entirely made in Dallas, Texas. The cotton breathes better than the synthetic materials such bags are normally made out of, and the outside is brushed for softness, while the inside is kept rough to prevent. The bag, at 30-inches long and 25-inches wide with a four-inch gusset, is designed to be just long enough to accommodate suits in double-rack closets. The gusset is fused to add extra structure to the bag, preventing it from collapsing onto the garment. The bag can be fused because it has a diagonal zip, which has the added advantage of making access to the garment easier. The close-up image here of the hook shows that it comes through a large buttonhole, which is a far cleaner and stronger seal than the wide slice most other bags use.

I told you he was geeky.

The collar stays are just made from lovely mother of pearl. The only technical part is that the stays are relatively thick (1.8mm) and rounded to stop them piercing the shirt cloth. I’ve had that happen to me, and it’s a pain. I ended up using one pair the wrong way round.

Another addition to Kirby’s collection is a 15.5-inch wide hanger – an extra small size for those with a narrower physique (below a 38-inch chest). That brings the total to four widths of hanger. Also look out for Saphir Medaille d’Or shoe polishes and other products, coming in October.