To wear enroute from town to country

Esquire, March 1935: “That caption doesn’t mean a thing. We just thought we ought to tie up with the illustration somehow and that was the best we could do. We aren’t bragging about it, just explaining. You could do much better.

“But suppose we look at the man – he’s wearing a double-breasted Harris tweed overcoat in a lovat mixture, with a fleece lining of a light tan colour. The suit is single-breasted grey Glen Urquhart Saxony, the shirt is a green and white striped broadcloth with tab collar, worn with a black and green even stripe rep tie.

“Three touches that redeem this outfit from the risk of being considered commonplace are afforded by the yellow buckskin gloves, the white ash cane and the rough finish of the derby hat. The suit coat may be worn with odd grey flannel slacks and for outdoor wear, say on a week-end in the country, a sleeveless sweater could be worn in place of a waistcoat.”

Little analysis from the Esquire commentary there, but it’s interesting how the accessories turn an otherwise conservative outfit into something worth mentioning. It’s all about the little touches.

Incidentally, I had a question from a reader recently looking to find just such yellow/cream buckskin gloves. Usually unlined, they are a beautiful yet subtle highlight to a winter outfit. I found a vintage pair up in York, but haven’t found anywhere that produces them today. If anyone knows anywhere, please let myself (and that reader) know.
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You might try Chester Jefferies for such gloves, they have a nice collection:

Miguel M.

Or come to Lisbon and go to Luvaria Ulisses ( The website doesn’t do justice to the shop – they do carry men’s gloves and they’re a treat for sore ready-to-wear-sick eyes!

K. A. Adams

I picked up a pair of unlined yellow suede peccary / boar gloves from Sermoneta a couple of years ago. They’re quite nice

Try Pickett in the Burlington Arcade

Randy Ventgen

I ordered a pair from chesterjeffries (based on a post on asuitablewardrobe and they were well done; have two pair of other gloves including hogskin from them pending.


Chester Jeffries will do made to measure for little extra cost and incorporate changes in style, where possible, at a very reasi=nable cost.

If using them I would urge going this route as I find their standard patterns too short in the fingers for me, and I don’t have large hands.