Well, there aren’t any pictures available from last night’s MTBA annual dinner. Or at least none I could convince anyone to hand over. But readers would have been more impressed at the standard of dress than at the summer ball, I think. Edward Sexton’s tailoring on himself, his apprentice and Anda Rowland was exquisite. John Kent was wearing some particularly natty tartan trousers in a cloth gifted to him by the Duke of Edinburgh. And the senior cutters were uniformly well, if conservatively, turned out in single-breasted black tie and waistcoats – Patrick Murphy and John Hitchcock amongst them. Angus Cundey did a great job at stepping in as chairman at the last minute. Get well soon Cameron.

A pair of Cleverley bespoke shoes were auctioned off for £2500, all going to charity, after a bidding war between the cloth merchants (sorry Douglas) and guest speaker Sir Tim Rice was impressive at weaving tailoring allusions into his Australia, cricket and Lloyd Webber-related gags. And I swear that was Brix Smith-Start from Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix in the corner. Which was nice to see, given the amount she’s done to highlight British craft through factory visits in that series.
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Thank you for the compliment Simon. You negated to mention how dashing you looked clad in velvet.

Dominic (aka Edward’s apprentice)