The Drake’s shop is open and looking simply lovely. The blue tiles and engraved threshold are particularly nice touches. And it’s such a pleasure to be able to try on pieces.

Do pop along. 3 Clifford Street.

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I went to the shop the other day. It was great to see the selection but the prices are something else. Somehow I don’t mind spending £100+ on their ties when I know almost no-one else will have one (and I’ve bought a few of their scarves in the past too), but £245 for a shirt seems too much when I could get one bespoke for less from top quality materials. Same for the jackets, which, from recollection, were £1,100+. I hope it succeeds but was surprised by the prices.


Just a pity their shop prices are higher than online


There’s nothing like a sunny day in London. And with such a great store to explore!


I’ve been there on Saturday and was pleased to discover that a former saleswoman from Emma Willis was now working there!

I took one RTW tie, 2 handkerchiefs, 1 scarf and ordered 3 bespoke ties (125 GBP each); hope the bespoke quality is good