The inside pockets of a jacket can be fairly dull. I went through a phase of having the inbreast pockets made to perfectly fit my wallet (which is rather long) and my iPhone (which is rather narrow and short). But I never seemed to put the right one in the right pocket. And then I got a new wallet.

Although of relatively narrow application, this was one of the reasons I was interested in a collaboration between Henry Poole and Aston Martin to produce an old-fashioned driving suit. It is to be worn by Aston Martin designer Marek Reichman at the Goodwood Revival this weekend and is based on an old model worn by racing driver Nick Cussons in 1969 (above).

The inside pockets are all cut to fit: a series of spark plugs, separated by leather dividers (apparently it’s always the first thing that goes); a tyre pressure gauge; spanners; and an oily rag. Each is fixed by a leather flap with the Aston Martin logo embossed on it.

Although it may seem impractical to have them in a jacket, rather than just a bag in the next seat, Marek has already driven in the suit and says this way they are much quicker and easier to access. And time is of the essence in a race.

As you might expect, the jacket has an action back to make it more comfortable to drive. The breeches are cut to allow enough room to work the pedals. And the waistcoat is cut off square so nothing sits in the lap when driving. The tweed is a Porter & Harding grey with brown Prince of Wales check.

Quite a nice little get-up, I thought. Below: Marek, Nick and Poole’s Simon Cundey.

Photography: Lara Platman