Thanks to Ville Raivio for featuring Permanent Style in his Finnish menswear site Keikari over the weekend. That link will take you to the site, but it’s all in Finnish so unless you happen to speak the language, the interview will not be readable. I thought I’d reproduce in English, therefore, one question  that Ville asked right at the end:

Many of my readers are young or have only recently opted for a more formal style. What tips would you give to someone who has only recently become interested in classic style?

1 Invest in quality. It’s very frustrating when you start but as good things last longer, your wardrobe accelerates as you get older rather than standing still. It’s also satisfying to know you are pushing against the global greed of replacement and waste.

2 Try to have suits, at least jackets, cut for you. Don’t worry too much about the quality of the make, but hand cutting makes the biggest difference. And spend more on shoes.

3 Start by dressing simply. As personal as style might be, every style icon in history has agreed on several things. And one of them is that dressing with well-informed discretion is the base to any personal aesthetic.

4 You have to wear clothes to feel comfortable in them. Hats are a classic example. No one feels comfortable the first time they wear one, because nobody else is doing so. But the third day you wear it, it will feel natural. And practical.

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