As promised in my previous post on superlative tie maker Passaggio Cravatte, we are offering a series of vintage silks to be made to order, exclusively for Permanent Style readers. The prices quoted below also reflect a small discount to Passaggio’s normal prices, and I think are great value for exclusive, made-to-order pieces.

The first five are silks, with PS4 a rather rare printed gauze. (Readers will have seen PS5 made up in my previous post.) The second five are all wool – PSC1 and PSC3 wool and 2, 4 and 5 cashmere. Although there are some classics in there, I think you will be able to see my bias towards ties that can be worn casually, with jackets as well as suits, and with brown accessories.

There is enough of each vintage cloth to make at least two ties. There may be enough for three in a classic, three-fold construction, but not if any are chosen as a four or seven-fold. The ordering will be run on a first-come, first-served basis.

The prices are:

  • Classic three fold: €130
  • Four fold: €150
  • Seven fold: €170

Cashmere is €10 extra. Ties can be tipped or untipped. For untipped ties, add €5. As I wrote in my previous post on Passaggio Cravatte, my favourite construction for most ties is a lined, untipped four fold.

On that post you can see a red tie in that make, plus an unlined seven fold. I would only recommend having a tie unlined if the silk is substantial enough, and the cashmeres will be too heavy. If in doubt, please ask. One-piece seven-fold ties are also possible, but please enquire on particular swatches.

All orders should be made to my address, [email protected], and payment will be made to Gianni at Passaggio on confirmation of the order. He only accepts bank transfers for payment, and will confirm postage costs. Postage by UPS to the US is normally around €50 (in the Passaggio box). Details of width and length can also be confirmed with Gianni at that point. There is no specific deadline for orders, but please order promptly as many of the designs will go quickly.

Passaggio’s workers in Naples make some of the most beautiful ties I have seen (and worn). I hope you like them.

PS 1PS 2PS 3PS 4


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ed hayes

I see that it is somewhat controversial whether he is using vintage fabrics? do you think he is?


Hi Simon,

Wondered if you’d come across Seaward & Stearn’s ties please. Would you know if they have a retail presence in London?