PSC1, the red with white motifs, has already sold out.

Anyone interested in other orders, please email [email protected]

UPDATE 2: PS3, PS4 and PS5 have now also sold out

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Hi Simon,
Sorry, this is an off-topic comment, somehow related to your recent posts, though! I guess you have got the opportunity to see the dispatched pics taken on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Style Forum. Interestingly enough, as I have been watching them, I couldn’t help but start thinking of two remarks I had read: one made by Bruce Boyer and the other by yourself… Now, my question is this: what would be a suitable outfit for, say your reader, if he happened to attend such an event, since they occur very often in our social life? What would be the ideal dress to your eye for such an event? I assume of course, that you have your take on this issue, that may well matter for Permanent Style’s readers. Thanks.