Following a few requests from readers, I’ve been tweeting far more actively recently, and will keep it up. It has already proved to be a good forum to chat about Weston vs Berluti shoes, the merits of belts and much more.

And does anyone agree on denim shirt-jacket would work?
Twitter handle @PermanentStyle
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Dear Simon

Personally i am disappointed to hear that one, you have been asked to contribute to Twitter and two, that you have agreed to.

Nevertheless, i do hope this will not have an impact on the amount and type of information you present here at Permanent Style?

To be truthful i find the amount of ‘types’ of communication overwhelming and unnecessary, especially since everyone moans about information overload.

Time is the most valauble commodity of all so why make life harder for yourself and your readers?

As you can most probably gather such things as Twitter and Face Book do not and will never, exist in my world

Best wishes



I once owned a denim shirtjacket, for Boden of all places (back in the days when it was a quirky menswear label) and it looked very much like a prison jacket. It didn’t get much use before it got taken to the charity shop.

I can see one working in micro cord ‘lo