A lot of readers ask what I wear at the weekend – ie things apart from tailoring. As mentioned, the Style and the Tailor series was one attempt to highlight some inspiration in get from people I know. But another way to illustrate this is to pick out items from Trunk Clothiers
Almost everything they stock I would say falls into my ideal casual wear – classically designed, high-quality materials and with fit a constant consideration. Most of the pieces I show here are expensive (the Camoshita cardigan above is £800, the Nigel Cabourne Cameraman jacket below, £1100). But think of these things in the same way you do tailored suits. Buy them to last in terms of style and the construction will reward you in the same way. 
There are of course much cheaper things too, such as the North Sea Clothing jumper at the bottom, which has a fantastic fit not quite apparent from a straight-on shot. And I include a pair of Common Projects trainers in grey suede, as favoured by myself and recent interviewee Michael Browne.
Perhaps most excitingly, Trunk now has its own online retail – the site launched last month. I know this was a complaint of readers on previous Trunk posts. There is even a good Facebook and Twitter feed

Nigel Cabourn cameraman jacket in military green
Common Projects Tournament Low in grey suede
North Sea Clothing Explorer shawl neck sweater