A reader asked me recently what happened to these gloves. I mentioned in the first post on their maker, Warsaw artisan Czeslaw Jamrozinski, that they take around two weeks to make. He wasn’t late, but I was: a queue of posts kept on pushing this back.

So here they are, unlined calf leather gloves made bespoke in Czeslaw’s Warsaw workshop, commissioned two months ago during a visit there. The fit is very good, as I hope the pictures illustrate, as is the make. I’ve always had a hard time finding gloves that fit, so I was always likely to be happy with the result. But then I’ve also had two other pairs made bespoke and the fit was far worse than this.

I shouldn’t have had such a long gauntlet (the wrist section). I thought this would make them stay on the hand better, but in fact the opposite is true – this wants to slide up the hand whenever it can, creating a little looseness in the palm.

The fit is also not perfect. I would add a millimetre or two to the length of the index finger and the thumb. But that’s all. And when you’re having something made that fits so closely – rather like a waistcoat – you tend to focus on these tiny imperfections.

Overall, a very impressive fit and an extremely good value at about £30. You just need to get to Warsaw to be measured.

Original post with details of Czeslaw Jamrozinski here.