A reader asked me recently what happened to these gloves. I mentioned in the first post on their maker, Warsaw artisan Czeslaw Jamrozinski, that they take around two weeks to make. He wasn’t late, but I was: a queue of posts kept on pushing this back.

So here they are, unlined calf leather gloves made bespoke in Czeslaw’s Warsaw workshop, commissioned two months ago during a visit there. The fit is very good, as I hope the pictures illustrate, as is the make. I’ve always had a hard time finding gloves that fit, so I was always likely to be happy with the result. But then I’ve also had two other pairs made bespoke and the fit was far worse than this.

I shouldn’t have had such a long gauntlet (the wrist section). I thought this would make them stay on the hand better, but in fact the opposite is true – this wants to slide up the hand whenever it can, creating a little looseness in the palm.

The fit is also not perfect. I would add a millimetre or two to the length of the index finger and the thumb. But that’s all. And when you’re having something made that fits so closely – rather like a waistcoat – you tend to focus on these tiny imperfections.

Overall, a very impressive fit and an extremely good value at about £30. You just need to get to Warsaw to be measured.

Original post with details of Czeslaw Jamrozinski here.

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something a bit creepy about the gloves simon .. maybe because there are no hands in them .. those long spindly fingers and elongated hand .. maybe you could rent for horror movies or something & recover price paid.

Coşkun Hürsel

LOL! I think this tells a lot about how good the fit is.


Millimeter-ish imperfections notwithstanding, they appear to fit like a second skin. Look fantastic.

With that snug fit, are they hard to take off?

Kurt N


I have a pair of Dent gloves based on a previous article of yours. I like these very much too. I also like the watch in the last pic too – whose is it?

Maybe a watch-style-related post would be good?!


To me these look abit to much like ladies’ gloves. I think that is because they are lacking the traditional 3 “stripes” (I am unsure what one calls the three seams that most men’s gloves have), why did you choose to leave these out?


Peter S

Hi Simon,

I had a few pairs of gloves made by Czelaw. I got measured in Poland. The gloves are beautiful, however, I feel like the fit in the pinky finger is too small. The area between the ring and pinky finger does not touch my skin like the rest the other fingers. What is your opinion on this? What makes a good fitting glove? I am in the process of sending him some Peccary hides to commission another order, but I want to make sure I have my fit down.


Peter S

Thank you for the reply Simon! I agree, they are a bit tight around the fingers. I think he is pretty close to getting my fit down. I would opt to add a little length to the pinky finger to allow the glove to sit flush with the space between the ring and pinky finger.


Following a search on your site regarding gloves (before your more recent Cadet post) I’ve contacted Mr Jamrozinski and commisoned a pair to a great effect. I have oddly shaped hands and ready to wear options are merely a costly substitute for an accessory that feels genuinely comfortable and after spending about £50 with postage I admit that this is the best fitting pair I ever had. Granted I never paid much for gloves before anyway but the pair made up was cleanly and rigidly made and all agreed instructions were followed to the letter.
You will need a Polish translator but this might be one of those hidden secret bargains. How bizarre that craftsmen of this sort exist still in certain countries where rent, business rates and glamour do not define ones business.