The past 10 days have been a whistlestop tour of four US cities. Not all on menswear business, unfortunately – but look forward to a series of posts on American tailors, shoemakers and shops.
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Jeff H

Really hope we have a Despos visit in there somewhere. Chris is the man.

Ashish Joseph

I spent a number of years in Austin and there is a lot of fun stuff to do there especially if you’re a fan of live music. Highly recommend you check out the Elephant Room on Congress Avenue if you’re fan of live jazz. Also, visit Trudy’s near the UT Austin campus for some great Tex Mex food and their signature Mexican Martini!

– Ashish


Dear Simon,

today I have read an interesting and touching article about the NY based tailor Martin Greenfield. His vita is astonishing, he survived Auschwitz and is today one the best known tailors in the USA. He tailored for a lot of presidents and left small advices inside the jackets.
Do you know him?