Vestirse Por Los Pies interviewed me recently on how I started blogging, the future of social media and my life outside menswear. Do not be put off by the slightly awkward English introduction – the answers themselves are mine, while the intro is David’s Spanish presumably translated automatically.

Apparently I am the “wild card” that could trump the “four aces” of interviewees such as Luca Rubinacci, Luciano Barbera, Xavier Aubercy and Lino Ieluzzi. But then I am also a “visionary entrepreneur and messiah menswear shows; Elegant, nearly, very proper, ready, handy, modern, realistic, edgy”.

I jest, of course. The interview is very well meant and David’s English is a lot better than my Spanish. I hope you find it interesting.
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You know you’re a force in the menswear world when you’re up there with Luca Rubinacci and Lino! It won’t be long until you’re all over The Sartorialist.


Firstly congrats on an amazing website. Certainly the finest of the ones that I regularly read.

I’ve become fixated with style (not fashion) since ordering tailored shirts over the net and buying a Made to Measure suit from Hong Kong.

However given most peoples limited means I would be most grateful if you could write a little on developing style whilst on a budget.
For example best place for a good suit for under £500, shirts for under £100, Chinos for under £100 etc. Or if my budget is unrealistic to advise where to start with and how much to spend .

And whilst recommending to also state what could be had for a little more.

On an additionally point could you guide those of us on a budget thru the fused v canvas debate and is it even possible to buy a floating canvas chest piece off the peg.

Many thanks