The something special is our next collaboration: the Permanent Style club tie. Made by Drake’s at their new facilities on Haberdasher Street (I know, right?), the tie is a navy twill with the Permanent Style paisley woven into the front blade. It is not only a sign of fealty to the site, but a beautiful tie and one of the most versatile a man could own.

Only 100 will be available, all individually numbered. They will go on sale on the site on Thursday, and will also be available at the Drake’s store on Clifford Street and Trunk Clothiers in Marylebone. I will go into more of the background of the design and the final product in a Thursday post.

The first 10, that is numbers 1 to 10, will be available at the grand opening of the Drake’s factory and shop at Haberdasher Street on Thursday night. First come, first served.

See you there.