Troubadour leather bag

My latest column for How to Spend It looks at Troubadour, the luxury leather goods brand that combines some beautiful veg-dyed hides with contemporary style and colour.

The column, called Inside Track, aims to highlight the craft or the stories behind companies that often escape broader luxury-brand coverage.

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Dear Sion

I assume that was you I passed this morning, deep in conversation outside G&H. Lovely coat -have you written about it?


Congratulations on managing to adapt to his pace – is all I can say…

Joe Cardoza

Hi Simon,

Do you have any experience with luggage by Brics?

nabeel khalid

Dear Simon,
I have been searching high and low for a travel bag (cabin size) which fits my requirements, and whilst I have found beautifully crafted ones from the likes of Bertoni, Berlutti, Adenay, and any number of “designers”, I find one thing common to most : they are boring! The same colours, the same types of leather etc. etc. Searching through your site did not yield many entries related to this particular aspect of traveling, so I am turning to you to help me and possibly others out there.
Simply put, I am looking for something with simple, clean lines (no unnecessary pockets/bulges), but with flair (by virtue of discreetly employing patina/burnish/different leather textures etc), with an understated luxury look obvious only on scrutiny, and YES, (gasp!) with wheels.
Since a number of years, I have been traveling only with carry-on luggage (regardless of length of trip, the only exception being when I am forced to travel with my wife) to avoid having to lug heavy totes/carry cases (no matter how stylish) on the endless walkways in airports, and also to avoid delays at baggage carousels, not to mention loss of or damage to expensive luggage. There is also, I hate to admit it, the getting-on-in-age factor…..simply can’t/don’t want to do it.
Would you point me in the right direction for such a ready-made product? I’d be very grateful indeed. Something tells me, however, that my type of item is not readily available, if at all, and I will have to go bespoke. Even there, your guidance would be most helpful and appreciated. My budget is in the region of Pounds 2,000-.
Looking forward to your comments.
Kind regards,

nabeel khalid

Thanks for your input, Simon.