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A lovely if slightly bizarre experience on Saturday, when I showed two Brazilian mega-bloggers around Savile Row. We went through the bespoke process at Gieves & Hawkes, visited the workshops, and popped into both Gaziano & Girling and Anderson & Sheppard. Although Brazil is as brand-hungry as you’d expect a newly emerging wealth centre to be, there are some encouraging signs – not least Kadu’s (above) interest in hand-sewn canvases.

On Instagram Kadu said the experience was one of the best of his trip (if my Portuguese is up to scratch). The shots were certainly popular, with around 1,500 instant likes. The things I could do if I was that good looking…

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Ernest McCracken

He may be better looking , he may have more hair and his shoulders may be much more masculine, but does he own bespoke adelaides though??


I’m afraid that look is the antithesis of how I would wish to present myself to the world. Will normal broadcasting resume soon? 😉


Gotta love Kadu’s enthusiasm! Just as I did years ago, my first stop to London featured a long stroll down Savile Row.

But Simon, seeing photos of Kadu like this are the reason why I will continue to daily read your content:


I’m sure he’s a nice guy but his Instagram photos do paint a picture of someone a tad self absorbed, with a clear lifestyle focus. I much prefer your focus on craft. Also, in addition to the Adelaide’s you have a killer Liverano in purple. I don’t think the boy in the white trainers has one of those either.

I’m definitely looking forward to the linen suit details. I saw a photo of a blue one on the Cacciopolli website a few weeks ago and it made me go …hmmmmm.