Permanent Style 2015

We received the first few copies of Permanent Style 2015 yesterday, and they look fantastic! They’re thick, they’re substantial, and the production is beautiful.

Relief, pleasure, excitement: all bundled into one. 

The official launch of the book will be next Wednesday, the 29th, in Milan. Vitale Barberis Canonico, who kindly sponsored it, will be holding an event at their new exhibition space below A Caraceni – 16 Via Fatebenefratelli.

If any Permanent Style readers would like to come, there are 10 places available. Please email me at [email protected] to reserve one: it would be great to see you there. There will also be an event in London (and probably Beijing) though, so there will be other chances. 

Permanent Style 2015 will be limited to 2000 copies, and each is individually numbered. (Although I really wish I’d considered how long it takes to hand-number 2000 books. Clue: it’s a really long time.)

The books will be available to buy online soon after the launch, and there will be distribution from both the UK and US – cutting down on shipping rates.

It is also being stocked in small numbers by the shops of those included, so you should be able to see a copy whether you live in Melbourne, Madrid, Florence, Beijing, New York, Hong Kong, London or Paris.  

Thanks again everyone. This is what a labour of love looks like.

UPDATE. A few people have asked about how and where the book will be available, so to clarify:

  • It will be available to buy primarily online, through Permanent Style and the Hanger Project (who are doing all the delivery and fulfilment)
  • It will also be stocked in around 20 shops worldwide, as mentioned above. A full list will be published next week. Thanks


Signing the annual


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Dear Simon,

would you please be so kind to share the shops that will be carrying your book in Paris? I already look forward to getting a copy and hope there will be enough on stock.

Thank you for the great work you put into your blog, I highly enjoy your articles!




From Beirut, well done, sir!!


Congrats on the book !
On a wider point , I notice the blog has moved more to luxury goods over the years. Is this the long term aim ?
If so , don’t forget those lower down the rungs who value your expertise on quality clothing and menswear , generally.


Hi Simon,
It would be a very good idea, indeed!
Congratutations for the release of the book and the coming events! Sounds exciting!

Nick Inkster

Congratulation Simon, I hope I can get my hands on a copy. I have many pairs of trousers made from VBC cloth, including a really wonderful hopsack and, as I am sitting in a hotel room in Milan as I write this, you have tempted me to step out and have a mooch around!


Hi Simon,

Where in New York would I be able to find a copy?


Simon, will any shops in the United States carry your book?


A must have Simon – well done
I could not bare to not have a copy all for myself – where can i get my greedy paws on one?

John Vesey

I would like to buy your book when it is published. Please let me know where and when.

Ken Yearwood

Congratulations Simon! Given the 2,000 limit, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if they are in very short supply by next Friday… I will certainly do my very best to get my hands on a copy.

Ian Guild

Congrats Simon. Who is the publisher? I will try and order a copy.
Ian from Downunder


Can’t wait. Was relieved to see Melbourne in the official stocklist. Just out of curiosity, who’s carrying it?

Stephen Short

Dear Simon,
You mention a potential event in Beijing. Is there any additional detail you can share, such as where it might be. And where can I find the book in Beijing and also in Hong Kong?
Best regards,


Hello Simon,
Congrats on the book, thats very exciting! In a related post you mention a Thames & Hudson book later this year and a British brands work…could you please elaborate a bit on what those are?
Thanks again and best regards,


Hi Simon,

This is written regarding your post on the Vitale Barberis showroom from The Rake – At the showroom, can an individual buy VBC fabric, or is it strictly tailors only?


Can’t help noticing that some people are now name-dropping cloth merchants’ names like brands. It’s enough to tell us it’s a worsted or a fresco.


Yes exactly, Simon. By the way, I’m wearing my new G&G Oxfords made with leather from Tannery Du Puy. Not sure where the laces were made.

Nick Inkster

It would be a shame if you were to stop writing your occasional pieces about cloth merchants and brands, Simon, as I have found them to be pretty interesting, particularly the many on VBC themselves.

Nick Inkster

Fully agree with your final point, and for me my go to cloth would be anything from Yorkshire. But I’ve got Mediterranean blood in my veins, so Italy and Sicily have to get a bit of a look in!

Malcolm Howells

Thank you Simon
Like many people I’ve looked forward to this publication. Many congratulations.
Will you please sign a copy when I order it next week (probably on-line)?
Sorry to put you on-the-spot.

Malcolm Howells

That’s understandable… I will content myself with the glorious content…

Take care


eric bagot

Hi Simon,

Congrats on your website which is incredibly informative for style conscious individuals. Nearly every time I log in I learn/discover something new and it is just great. It is very well done indeed.
Please do not forget Singapore when it comes to selling your book. Among its 5 million residents, there are quite a few which would like to buy it. I suggest the bookshop chain Kinokuniya as your sales point.
Eric Bagot

Ken Yearwood

Come on then Simon, put us out of our misery when will you book be available to order…

Hope the Milan Launch went well but you still have a few left for the rest of us.